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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys how is it going, i'm pretty new to Fe Heroes.I don't know a whole lot about builds so i kinda made my Tiki build with whatever seemed nice My tiki is +atk and -spd A-Distant counter B-Quick Riposte 3 C-Goad dragons Seal-Quickened Pulse special-Ignis Does this build seem good to you? what would you change from it?
  2. So, I'm nearing the endgame of Blazing Sword (Eliwood mode, on Chapter 25 rn), and I'm planning on following it up by playing Binding Blade. I've heard a few things about the game, and I'd like to hear your opinions on what the game is like. Stuff I've heard around or want to know includes: Roy is a terrible unit, for a Lord at least, and doesn't get promoted until Chapter 23 (I believe?), which is near the end of the game. Is he really that bad? Are his growths at least middle-of-the-road? Units in FE6 have different attributes than those in FE7. How different are these changes, and should I change my strategy based on them? What are some units I should pay attention to? What units can I feed EXP to, and which ones are acceptable to bench? What chapters should I look out for?
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