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Found 5 results

  1. So, what were some of your most nostalgic experiences with video games? Happy, sad, frustrating, scary (like how Nostalgia Critic and Joshcorcher did for media in general), or funny? Disappointment, even? For me, I have a vendetta against Riku in the original Kingdom Hearts, as he was the one of two reasons I still have not beaten the game today (other than preoccupance with other things). I had trouble with previous bosses (Anti-Sora and Dragon Maleficent in particular), but I have yet to beat him. I expect an easy rematch though, and it will be so satisfying. Other than that, I don’t think I have anything else that was truly profound in terms of emotions.
  2. Cause I really want to discuss with people. So what's your opinion on Digimon Tri so far? I have pretty much loved loved all that we saw, I am just scared for Film 3 since I heard it was supposed to be sad. Discuss away!
  3. I remember, being 6 years old. I actually didn't get Red or Blue, but my parents after they saw just how much I loved the show, got me Yellow version (and Silver version later on a birthday of mine I won't forget). I absolutely adored the game, I beat it to the max. I still get chills hearing the opening theme. I may not be as big into Pokemon now, but back then.. It was my absolute favorite thing ever, I'd play it into the night, and even as far as Pokemon Stadium 2 my Yellow team did wonders on Prime Cup. My Pikachu, Charizard, Venasaur, Blastoise, Persian (I traded for it from a friend) (later) Zapdos and Tauros were MY team. My Parents also got into pokemon for a time thanks to me, we'd get the 3 versions and do all sorts of fun stuff.. Then they got busy with life, as did I.. But it was a golden time. I still play the series, I just don't have the same love I did in the past, but I still adore this series.
  4. So if you have been around Gamestop.com lately you will have noticed that they are now selling retro titles, consoles, and accessories from the NES, SNES, Genesis, N64, PS1, and Dreamcast. http://www.gamestop.com/collection/retro-classics They are not yet selling them in store unfortunately but the prices are pretty similar to amazon and ebay if not slightly more expensive for some titles. Console packages are not too bad although NES, SNES are not in stock. To be honest it doesn't really save you any money and the prices are not the best. Further adding problems is that other than the consoles they don't detail all you are getting (manual case etc). I was kind of hoping they would move towards having this stuff in store given the surge in popularity in retro titles. While it would take up shelf space I do think it would behoove them in an age of digital downloads to sell retro stuff physically in the store. Moreover being a bigger chain company they can afford to sell these things for much less than mom and pop shops and still profit off it which perplexes me as to why they are not cheaper (yes I know they want to maximize profit but if you're offering the same price as everyone else then there is no incentive to buy your stuff over others). Anyhow check it out see if you find anything you fancy.
  5. Guys I don't think I should be having nostalgia at this point in my life. Playing Mother 1 and 3 really gave me a lot of feels and the songs too, Pollyanna and Love Theme especially. For you older users, talk about what gives you nostalgia. Feel worthy moments are discussed here too.
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