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Found 1 result

  1. So uh...this is my first topic excluding the introduction, so be gentle. What is this thread you may ask? A QOTD, or "question of the day," is a thread where the OP (myself) will ask questions on a daily basis and anyone who comes across the thread is free to answer it. While I'll try to post general questions frequently some may be very specific to the point you might not be able to answer the question at all. Given the nature of this thread, I will eventually run low on questions so if anyone has any questions they want asked through this thread, feel free to PM me or just drop it somewhere where I'm likely to see it. Thus, without further ado, let us begin with the first question: 1. What is your favorite animal? Personally, I'm torn between fox and wolf. Since these are both essentially canidae, and thus very similar species of animals, I think I can safely say I like both equally (I guess I like wild "dogs," so to speak) [spoiler=Question List]1. What is your favorite animal? (Page 1) 2. Which countries have you been to? (Page 2) 3. What is your biggest pet peeve? (Page 4) 4. How was your weekend? (Page 6) 5. You are caught in a situation where you are driving a runaway train and are unable to stop it in any way. In its path are five people that will not be able to get away in time and will die. However, before hitting them you can go down a path and kill a single person who also would not be able to get away and time and will die. Would you choose to turn and kill the one or just stay the course and kill five? Why? (Page 7) 6. Like the previous scenario, there is a runaway train about to run over and kill five people on the tracks, which this time is a single straight track with no alternative paths. However, you are no longer the driver of the train and there is absolutely no way to stop it internally or externally, save one... As an onlooker, you see another individual who, due to any sort of reason you can think of that would make it possible for that individual's body (AND NOT YOURS, SO NO SACRIFICING YOUR BODY TO SAVE THE FIVE) to block the train and stop it just enough to save the five people. By pushing that person onto the track (or whatever method, since it doesn't matter as long as the person ends up on the tracks), they will most certainly die but will save the five. Would you push the person over or not? Why? (Page 9) 7. What's the most ridiculous excuse you've heard from someone going AFK (or real-life equivalent)? (Page 10) 8. What’s the one word you find is misused the most (from your anecdotal experience)? (Page 11) 9. What gaming consoles do you own/have you owned? (Page 12) 10. What is your proudest accomplishment? (Page 13) 11. Do you like to debate? Why or why not? (Page 14) 12. What is your favorite dessert? (Page 15) 13. What is your favorite book and/or book series? (Page 17) 14. What is your ethnicity? (Page 18) 15. What's your favorite movie? (Page 19) 16. If you could make a "back in my day" saying, what would you say? (Page 21) 17. What food do you cook for yourself? (Page 22) 18. What is your ideal meal? (Page 23) 19. What browser do you use? Why? (Page 24) 20. If you could change one past event, what would it be? (Page 26) 21. What is one piece of "futuristic" technology you think will exist within this decade? (Page 28) 22. What would you do if you came across a large amount of wealth? (Page 28) 23. What is one piece of technology that you think will become obsolete within this decade? (Page 30) 24. What are your computer's specs? (Page 30) 25. How do you handle “bad” days? (Page 31) 26. If aliens of an unknown intention were to visit Earth and you met them, what would you do? (Page 33) 27. What's your favorite board game? (Page 34) 28. What was a favorite childhood hobby that you rarely/never do today? (Page 36) 29. What kind of people do you really like? (Page 37) 30. Did/Do you play an instrument? If so, which one? (Page 39) 31. How do you typically spend your weekends? (Page 41) 32. What one thing would you link to help restore someone's faith in humanity? (Page 42) 33. What’s your favorite cartoon show growing up? (Page 43) 34. What's your favorite ice cream flavor?(Page 45) 35. What fictional device(s) from games/movies/shows etc would you like to have? (Page 47) 36. If you could live for a fixed duration of time, how long would you live for? (Page 49) 37. Have you been to an amusement park? If so, which one did you like and why? (Page 50) 38. How do you like your steaks cooked? (Page 51) 39. What made you choose your name? (Page 53) 40. What is one myth/urban legend (or equivalent) that you know of? (Page 55) 41. What is the most enjoyable class/course you took? (Page 56) 42. What extracurricular activities did you do while growing up? (Page 58) 43. Did you ever try to cheat or cheese your way through an assignment? (Page 59) 44. What is your favorite season? (Page 60) 45. What fantasy location(s) would you want to live in? (Page 62) 46. What kind of music do you like? (Page 64) 47. If you could meet one or more person(s) from the past, who would he/she/they be? (Page 66) 48. What time period would you go back to? (Page 67) 49. A question of perception (part one) (Page 69) 50. What would your dream home look like? (Page 70) 51. Which fellow SF members would you like to meet and why? (Page 72) 52. What do you fear? (Page 75) 53. How long do you sleep for on average? (Page 78) 54. What are your thoughts on fast food? (Page 80) 55. What operating system do you use? (Page 83) 56. What activity would you never do under any circumstance? (Page 85) 57. What question(s) would you like to see asked in this thread (Take One)? (Page 86) 58. Which video game have you spent the most time on? (Page 87) 59. What is one of your bad habits? (Page 90) 60. What player character's ability from a game would you want in real life? (Page 93) 61. What NPC ability from a game would you want in real life? (Page 94) 62. Do you have a sibling or siblings? If not, do you like being an only child or did you want to have siblings? (Page 95) 63. What is your favorite monochrome screenplay (or show or sketch, etc)? (Page 99) 64. What is/are your favorite thing(s) about autumn? (Page 99) 65. What do you dislike about autumn? (Page 101) 66. Who’s your favorite superhero? (Page 103) 67. What is your favorite quote(s) from a novel or novels? (Page 105) 68. What activity do you do more often now than you did as a kid? (Page 106) 69. Why did you join Serene's Forest? (Page 107) 70. What is your favorite color (yes really this is question 70)? (Page 109) 71. How often do you shower? (Page 112) 72. How long does your typical shower take? (Page 114) 73. How would you try to survive the zombie apocalypse? (Page 117) 74. If you had a day left to live, what would you do? (Page 119) 75. What is your favorite book genre? (Page 120) 76. Do you want to have kids? (Page 121) 77. What three adjectives best describe you? (Page 124) 78. How many languages do you know? How proficient are you in each language and when did you initially learn it? (Page 126) 79. What language(s) do you want to learn/become proficient in? (Page 128) 80. What are some modern technologies/products that you don't actively use? (Page 130) 81. What is your religious belief? (Page 132) 82. If you could describe happiness in one phrase, what would that phrase be? (Page 136) 83. What is one thing you like that a lot of people seem to have a hatred for (excluding video games in general)? (Page 138) 84. What is one thing you hate that a lot of other people seem to like? (Page 140) 85. Do you donate to anyone or anything? (Page 143) 86. What is the best gift you have ever received? (Page 145) 87. What is your greatest or otherwise noteworthy accomplishment? (Page 146) 88. What is one change you would make for the Serene's Forest Forums? (Page 147) 89. What is your favorite word or a word you find inordinately interesting? (Page 149) 90. What kind of movies do you like to watch? (Page 151) 91. What is your weapon of choice? (Page 152) 92. What RPG class/archetype do you typically play or is one you're most likely to play? (Page 155) 93. Have you ever preordered anything? (Page 157) 94. Who from the gaming industry would you want to meet and why? (Page 159) 95. How good are your navigational skills? (Page 161) 96. What methods of transportation do you use? (Page 163) 97. What are you doing for Halloween? (Page 164) 98. What kind of journalistic works do you read? (Page 166) 99. What is on your bucket list? (Page 167) 100. Describe your ideal video game in detail. What aspects of genre, storytelling, gameplay, graphics, features, etc. would you like to add? Do you have ideas on what kind of plot or characters you'd like to see? (Page 169) 101. What are your thoughts on space exploration? (Page 171) 102. Describe your ideal social center (town, village, etc). What would it be like? (Page 172) 103. What do you do to get to sleep? (Page 174) 104. How long have you gone without sleep? (Page 176) 105. What is the most notable pickup line you've heard? (Page 177) 106. What meme(s) do you dislike? (Page 179) 107. What meme(s) do you like? (Page 181) 108. What gender character do you like to play as? (Page 182) 109. What did you do for Armistice Day? (Page 184) 110. If you could make yourself absolutely fearless, would you do it? (Page 185) 111. If you could choose to suffer no pain, would you? (Page 186) 112. What do you think of the recent Youtube comment changes? (Page 188) 113. Do you have or have you had any pets? (Page 189) 114. What sort of exotic animal would you want as a pet? (Page 191) 115. What is your favorite taste? (Page 192) 116. Do you use social networking sites? Why or why not? (Page 194) 117. What is/are your favorite television show(s)? (Page 196) 118. What kind of television shows do you dislike? (Page 197) 119. How well do you think humanity as a whole could survive without technology? (Page 198) 120. How well do you think YOU could survive without technology (see above question)? (Page 199) 121. What specific technological things could you survive without? (Page 200) 122. What is your favorite strategy game scenario or campaign? (Page 201) 123. What is the worst movie you have ever seen? (Page 202) 124. What do you find yourself searching on Google (or other search engines) for the most? (Page 204) 125. What are you doing for Thanksgiving/What is your favorite national holiday? (Page 205) 126. What are your thoughts on Black Friday? (Page 207) 127. If you were forced into a survival situation, what environment would you want it to be most (besides urban)? (Page 208) 128. How often do you fly? (Page 209) 129. What slang word(s)/phrases do you find yourself using most often (IM lingo counts)? (Page 210) 130. If you could describe the Internet in a sentence what would it be? (Page 211) 131. What do you consider a “necessary evil?” (Page 213) 132. If you could give (serious) advice to a person new to the Internet, what would that advice be? (Page 215) 133. If you could give (sarcastic) advice to someone new to the Internet, what would it be? (Page 216) 134. What are your thoughts on “pirating” (the act of illegal downloading)? (Page 217) 135. What's the worst typo you have ever seen? (Page 219) 136. Have you ever been robbed? (Page 220) 137. What do you think of cheating (adultery, etc)? What if your SO cheated on you? (Page 222) 138. What is the most common grammatical mistake you've seen? (Page 223) 139. What are your thoughts on filing a lawsuit for having one's life saved? (Page 225) 140. Do you think humanity as a whole can work together? (Page 226) 141. What drugs have/are you taken/taking? (Page 227) 142. What kind of strange food combinations do you enjoy? (Page 228) 143. What card games have you played or are you currently playing? Which is your favorite? (Page 229) 144. What are your thoughts on an open relationship? (Page 231) 145. If you could choose to forever be finished with school and work, would you do it? (Page 232) 146. What are your thoughts on the Harvard bomb threat? (Page 234) 147. What do you think is the largest source of financial waste? (Page 234) 148. What is/are your favored method(s) of learning? (Page 235) 149. What are you doing for the holidays? (Page 236) 150. What are your thoughts on the methods used for evaluating knowledge and which do you prefer? (Page 237) 151. What are the most pleasant and unpleasant smells you have experienced? (Page 237) 152. What did you give and/or receive for Christmas? (Page 238) 153. What kind of clothing do you like and dislike? (Page 239) 154. Who (besides yourself) do you believe would make a good role model? (Page 241) 155. What are your thoughts on public breastfeeding? (Page 242) 156. Have you ever used Omegle, Chatroulette, etc? (Page 243) 157. What's the longest time you've taken to download something? (Page 244) 158. Out of the seven deadly sins, which do you find yourself the most prone to? (Page 246) 159. What is your New Year's resolution? (Page 248) 160. Would you want to be euthanized? (Page 250) 161. As you grew up, how did you parents discipline you and/or your siblings? (Page 251) 162. What antivirus software do you use? (Page 252) 163. What are your views on cheating in video games? (Page 254) 164. What action(s) would you make illegal or enforced that isn't/aren't already (according to law)? (Page 255) 165. What is your favorite riddle? (Page 257) 166. What animal best describes you? (Page 259) 167. Would you rather have to watch several short ads or a longer ad while watching content? (Page 261) 168. What is the best book title you can think of (preferably an original one as opposed to one taken from an existing book)? (Page 261) 169. What is your shoe size? (Page 262) 170. What are your thoughts on cloning? Would you want a clone of yourself? (Page 263) 171. Where do you shop? (Page 264) 172. What nicknames have you gone by? (Page 265) 173. What file(s) take up the most space on your computer? (Page 267) 174. How often do you get your hair cut? (Page 268) 175. Do you make purchases over the Internet? What, where, why? (Page 270) 176. What is your sexual orientation? (Page 271) 177. What is your favorite web site (besides Serene's Forest)? (Page 273) 178. What makes you cringe? (Page 275) 179. What web sites would you want to remove? (Page 278) 180. Do you even lift? (Page 283) 181. How often do you exercise? (Page 286) 182. What is your ideal course syllabus? (Page 287) 183. What is, in your opinion, the worst superhero power? (Page 289) 184. What is your favorite paradox? (Page 291) 185. What is one thing that you used to like but hate now? (Page 292) 186. What’s the most interesting glitch you’ve seen in a video game? (Page 294) 187. What computer programs do you use most frequently? (Page 295) 188. Where do you see yourself in 10 years? (Page 299) 189. What chores do/did you do around the house? (Page 300) 190. What is one thing you used to hate but like now? (Page 301) 191. If you could have someone narrate your life, who would it be? (Page 303) 192. What is your favorite sport? (Page 306) 193. What is the most frequently used non-word from your experience? (Page 310) 194. If you could invent a job, what would it be? (Page 311) 195. If you could go on a game show, which would it be? (Page 312) 196. What is your favorite drink? (Page 313) 197. What is your alcohol tolerance and how much do you drink in a sitting? (or) Have you drank alcohol and why? (Page 315) 198. What is your "theme song?" (Page 317) 199. What do you think is crazily complex or senseless without sufficient reason? (Page 319) 200. Who is your favorite internet celebrity/personality? (Page 320) 201. What habits do you have in video games? (Page 321) 202. What is your favorite tree? (Page 323) 203. What are you doing for Valentine's Day? (Page 324) 204. What is your favorite candy? (Page 327) 205. Do you know any martial arts? What martial arts would you want to learn, if any? (Page 329) 206. What is your favorite (non-tree) plant? (Page 330) 207. How good is your vision? (Page 331) 208. Which year do you consider your favorite? (Page 332) 209. What would be your ideal afterlife? (Page 334) 210. What is your favorite quote from a movie or show? (Page 335) 211. What was your least favorite year (that you lived)? (Page 337) 212. What are your thoughts on global climate change? (Page 338) 213. How do you think humanity will end? (Page 339) 214. Do you believe aging improves wisdom? Why? (Page 340) 215. What is your favorite video game quote? (Page 341) 216. What is the greatest prize you have won? (Page 342) 217. If you could represent yourself as a Dungeons and Dragons character, what would be your highest and lowest ability scores? (Page 343) 218. What is your favorite gaming myth? (Page 346) 219. What is the worst injury you have sustained? (Page 348) 220. What is your favorite junk food? (Page 349) 221. What do you think could be improved within the gaming industry? (Page 350) 222. What comics have you read and which is your favorite? (Page 351) 223. What movie(s) do you consider highly underrated? (Page 353) 224. Do you watch/read reviews? If so, from who? (Page 353) 225. Do you have a personal motto and if so, what is it? (Page 354) 226. Do you live in an area that follows daylight savings time? Do you think it should be abolished? (Page 356) 227. What title(s) would you give yourself? (Page 357) 228. What do you consider the best prank? (Page 358) 229. What is your favorite fairy tale or fable? (Page 360) 230. The End (Page 361)
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