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Found 2 results

  1. Salutations! A while ago I found the amazing translations, made by Leif of Leonster Translations, of the Fire Emblem Genealogy of the Holy War Suzuki Novelization, and began making these little fan-made audio dramas by myself. These audio dramas are voiced entirely by me, and while I am an amateur (though it is my goal to improve and become a proper voice actor one day), I intend to keep making more of these videos. Reading this novelization made me super interested in Jugdral lore, and I am truly thankful to Leif of Leonster Translations for their work. I hope you may find enjoyment in these audio dramas, and hopefully, it too could get more people interested in Genealogy of the Holy War. I intend to update this topic every time I make a new audio drama related to the Genealogy of the Holy War Novelization, so be on the lookout for future parts, though I make no promises as to when! If, instead, you would like to read the translation of the novelization yourself, here's the link for Leif of Leonster Translations: https://four-loose-screws.tumblr.com/post/158382266965/fire-emblem-novel-translations
  2. I'm currently working on a Awakening novelization, narrated by an OC character. I got the idea from a friend, and I decided "why not." There will be various pairings and a few OC kid characters. The protagonist is NOT Robin, but the two characters will coexist. Why? Because the whole story kinda revolves around them, and I couldn't figure out a way to remove them, but I didn't want them to narrate, so here we are. Original Characters Vera: Lissa's handmaiden who Frederick has an odd disdain for. While she has been in the service of the Ylissean royal family for 10 years, she has been good friends with all 3 siblings since she was 5 years old. A hard worker but "too serious" she is a healer. Rue: Vera's oldest daughter who is deadpan and sulky as a result of the war. She doesn’t like to see suffering however, and inherited Vera’s skill with a staff. Lumina: Rue's younger sister who is skilled with a sword, hoping to one day surpass her father's skill. She is upbeat despite the war's toll on her family, and tries to make Rue and the others happier. Pairings What's that? Love is in the air! And also I made Flavia and Basilio get together since c'mon, they should've at least been able to in the game. Chrom/Sumia Vera/Lon'qu Frederick/Cherche Virion/Sully Cordelia/Stahl Vaike/Lissa Miriel/Kellam Tharja/Donnel Maribelle/Ricken Gaius/Robin Gregor/Nowi Olivia/Henry Libra/Panne Basilio/Flavia Whoop! (Dunno why I did that) I'll probably post the first chap sometime this week.
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