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Found 1 result

  1. Continuation of the FE4 manga will be on this thread, but please refer to the other FE4 manga thread for Holsety Scans' work for the first five volumes and first two chapters of volume six. Holsety Scans and Fala Scans are composed entirely of different people, and we therefore take no credit for the work they put into their scans/translations. All credit for their contributions goes strictly to them (I've had confusion in the past where we mistaken for also being the old team by people new to the manga). Chapters hosted on Mega. ~ Current situation as of 10/11/2021: Chapter 70 is up. This project is still in progress! The translation has been being worked on for a while now! We've gone through our share of long delays for releases for numerous reasons over the years and we've been backed up with cleaning, but currently the translation is going smoothly and we're in volume fourteen for translation! I know it's been literal years since we started this and we've had horribly erratic activity since we stopped being able to update monthly. It's been in the works, just quietly behind the scenes for a while. I appreciate everyone's patience more than I've felt I was able to say (especially because I've been insisting the project hasn't been dropped for goddamn years and we've essentially had nothing to show for it, hence this update to assure y'all it's still in existence and not in some otherworldly, other dimensional plane of existence). I'm currently in talks with a couple of people regarding additions to this project (avoiding specifying particulars at the moment in case we don't go through with it, but I'm hoping to expand in a sense, basically), so if there's any fruit to those I will post about those when they're confirmed! Quality updates are as before still held off until we get some newer releases up. Basically that's when I go back and edit small sections for cleaning or typesetting to make it look better and try to keep it more up to date with our current style/progress as a team. This was our very first project, so I prefer to edit some of our older work where possible to make it look better (unfortunately we're not redoing everything, so some of the oldest stuff from us is still gonna be meh... like some of volume six). That's basically our lowest priority right now. Thank youuuu so much for sticking around and letting the team know you've appreciated our work! 🙇‍♀️ ~ Note: Chapter 66 is currently unavailable. It will be re-added soon. To clarify what happened, because I had not been able to get onto the Mega account that held these files for an extended period of time, the data on the account was deleted by the website. I had these chapters on my old desktop's hard drive and I'm not sure I'll be able to manually pull those off the hard drive at this time. This may also mean in the future that another means of hosting these chapters will be necessary, as Mega will eventually delete the data on the account if I stop logging in for an extended period of time. Someday I may have reason to stop logging into the account, such as all our active projects being completed or the team being on break once the major projects are completed, and the account will be deemed inactive. I will try to eventually find another solution, but Mega is still fine at this time. When things change if they do, I'll let you guys know. ~ Note: If there is not an update date beside the chapter, it has not undergone thorough changes since the date it was released or since the dates listed in the bulk updates section. They may still be updated at a later time even if they don't have a date beside them yet. These updates are for a variety of things such as to fix the color levels, to fix the typesetting, page rotation, if there's been any translation change (which can range from something as small as an sfx to a major change, but any major changes will be noted in a new post), etc. This being the team's first collective major project, we've changed how we manage levels, typesetting, etc since we began. To keep the older chapters as up to date as possible, I eventually go through and edit them. We will not redo entire chapters, so some will still have a different look to them (such as chapter 38 - since it was our very first release, we weren't set on our styles yet but it would require redoing it over from scratch to really fix it now), but I will update them as best I can. Volume 7 and onward have not received their quality updates. This will happen at a later date. Volume six: Volume seven: Volume eight: Volume nine: Volume ten: Volume eleven: Volume twelve: Chapter 68 (Updated 10/10/2021) Chapter 69 Chapter 70 ~ JD's edits: NOTE: Some of these changes may or may not be gone due to an incident regarding Mega (as explained above). This means it's possible the versions I have available at this time uploaded here (as I cannot currently access the files on my old desktop - I'm not sure if this will change, but I still have the hard drive in case I work something out) are not the final versions. Please inform me if chapters are missing any pages! Text positioning/size and minor grammar error edits were done to volume six on 12/21/15. Major edits done for volumes six through nine (chapter 53) on 9/2/2016. Chapters 38-40 edited (date unknown). Major leveling and typesetting edits will be done to all volumes where needed later on. ~ Other information: Current team members are: Jugdral Defender (scanner, cleaner, typesetter), ChildofDain (cleaner/redrawer), kitsudori (cleaner/redrawer), PatMagroyn (cleaner/redrawer), S3RAPH (cleaner/redrawer), and LeifOfLeonsterTranslations (translator). Please note we are always accepting new cleaners! You'll probably notice some blurry edge lines. That's because I did not (and will not) debind my books. We do our best to make it look nice without working with separated pages. Volumes one through six are also very thick volumes, so spine blurs will not be quite so defined as of volume seven and onward. Lastly, please feel free to notify us of any errors (typos, possible missed words, etc.). We'll fix them as soon as possible after hearing about them. Enjoy your share of FE4 pain and all the pain to come!
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