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Found 2 results

  1. I watched The Hidden World yesterday and I think it was a lovely ending to a overall well done trilogy. Apparently the author of the original books, Cressida Cowell, named Hiccup and Astrid's kids Zephyr(girl) and Nuffink(boy). Omg I squeed. I love it when things show a canon romance develop and then show the resulting kids. I've loved dragons since Spyro, so of course I had to watch the first movie when it came out. Loved it. Some of the "dragons" don't really look much like dragons imo but that's not a big deal. Ruffnut and Tuffnut reminded me of a couple Fire Emblem OCs I've had for awhile: twin wyvern riders, one male and one female. As time went on they started to show some differences. Most obvious one is riding one two headed dragon instead of two separate ones. And now I'm seeing that my Cerai is a bit smarter than Ruffnut, but I can see her annoying her way out of a prisoner status too. Difference is she wouldn't lead the villain right to where he could strike, she's smarter than that. Villains/antagonists seem to be less memorable than the heroes' side. I remember the Red Death and Drago in name alone basically. Grimmel is probably gonna be the same way. Most memorable thing with him even now is how he died. That had to be planned. Hiccup lost a leg and got a metal replacement in the first movie, and in the last movie he detaches it to make Grimmel fall to his death. Nice. Stoick's death was touching, even if I forgot who killed him/how. I want to say Drago but not sure. Valka is badass momma. EDIT - I was reminded what killed Stoick.
  2. As requested by Aethern, I want to know who you think is the better waifu. Lissa, with her canon cuteness, or Olivia, with her non-canon shyness that is loved by many. Oh, and for Rey, I included the japanese waifus as well.
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