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Found 2 results

  1. Drafting: 1. This draft is for 4 players. 2. Hector, Marcus, Bartre, Merlinus, Ninian/Nils, and Athos are free for all to use. 3. This game will be played on the only mode, Hector Hard Rules: 1. Undrafted units may recruit characters, rescue undrafted units and NPCs, trade, visit Shops and Armories, and dig up items in the desert. 2. Undrafted units may not do anything not listed above, including but not limited to meatshielding, building Supports, opening Doors or Chests, talking to Fargus in Chapter 17x, or Seizing Castles in Chapter 25. 3. Gaiden chapters are all optional and don't count for turns up to 20 turns taken each. 4. Other units may do as they please without penalty. 5. Defend chapters count the last played Player Phase for turns if the timer is waited out. 6. Savestate abuse is encouraged. 7. Mine glitching is encouraged. 8. RNG abuse is allowed if needed but discouraged. Penalties: 1. Undrafted units have a 4 turn penalty, per unit per chapter. I fully expect I'll have to take this penalty at some point; go nuts. Exceptions: 1. Matthew is free for Chapter 11. 2. Meatshielding is allowed for Chapter 13x. 3. Lyn, Kent, Sain and Wil are free for Chapter 16. Teams: SwordofAeons - Serra, Rebecca, Sain, Isadora, Farina, Nino, Florina, Dart, Jaffar littlebunny - Eliwood, Fiora, Wil, Priscilla, Lyn, Guy, Karla, Legault, Geitz Rapier - Lowen, Lucius, Raven, Pent, Matthew, Louise, Karel, Heath, Hawkeye Nintales - Oswin, Dorcas, Rath, Leila, Erk, Kent, Canas, Harken, Wallace So I've been following the development of Chaos Mode since Phobia's initial LP, and it looks like a ton of fun. Reading LPs gives a sense of what the new characters can do, but I don't think there's any way to internalize BOWSWORDS other than to actually play. I've no idea if the game is even completable in a draft format, but drafts are more fun so let's do it anyway! The hack: [Link] -use the optional savegame; I'm told the Mario Kart items are VERY helpful Notes: Assassins can steal, but don't have desert-find. Base-level Bartre can be used to get Karla. There's a critical item to find in the desert. Magic users have a T3 promotion. Leila breaks her recruitment chapter; reset the game to fix. [spoiler=Units with classes and Klok's rating] Vaida - Bishop - Excellent light user. Low CON but good third tier access. Renault - Druid - Slightly better than vanilla. He's the last chance for a Dark Wizard. [spoiler=Picked units for reference] Jaffar - General - Usable general, but mainly useful for his CON rating. Dart - Monk - Has significant potential, but lackluster upon recruitment Heath - Cleric - Excellent all the way to the endgame. Best when given a stimulant. Karla - Warrior - Insane CON. Best bow user. Can also wield Armads/Wolf Beil. Karel - Paladin - Fairly usable paladin and has great RES. Comes with an Iron Rune! Harken - Sage - Fairly usable sage, and he comes with a fortify + fimbulvetr! Canas - Thief - Probably the closest thing to a perfect assassin that you'll ever get. Kent - HORSEBIRD - Overall, probably the worst playable flier character. Matthew - Cavalier - Speedy cavalier, but lackluster strength may break him in the long run. Serra - Lyn Lord - Possibly the best sword user in the game. Use all the way to the end. Oswin - Mercenary - Incredible earlygame unit. He is lackluster after midgame though. Eliwood - Mage - Incredible end-game unit. He suffers in early and midgame though. Lowen - Wyvern Knight - Great flier, with good STR/DEF. However, he has sacred weapon weakness. Rebecca - Brigand - Likely the best endgame axe unit, but shitastic res may hamper her. Dorcas - Cavalier - The best paladin candidate in the game. Awesome growths but shitty res. Guy - Knight - Excellent early and midgame unit. Can be useful up to endgame as well. Erk - Fighter - Solid early and midgame unit. Risky endgame if promoted early. Priscilla - Cavalier - Growths are 50% in all stats. Easily RNG-screwed or blessed. Florina - Nomad - Good bow user and only nomad, but horrible CON rating hampers her. Lyn - Corsair - Excellent endgame, and +4 luck on recruitment. Complements Rebecca well. Sain - Shaman - Bad bases, but great potential. Makes the best Dark Wizard, easily. Wil - Soldier - Has a custom promotion class. Insane unit once trained up. Use him! Raven - Mage - Excellent mage, possesses roughly the same potential as Eliwood does. Lucius - Eliwood Lord - Stellar unit, but made of paper. Give dragonshields where possible. Leila - Shaman - ??? Fiora - Myrmidon - Second best sword user in the game. Can use the Katti weapons. Isadora - Mage - Literally the best magic user in the game, barring none. Rath - Hector Lord - Excellent unit, but may not max STR and DEF. Lacks RES too Farina - Dragoon - Less CON than will, but for the price, a fairly good stat tradeoff. Pent - Swordmaster - Good sword user. Can wield the Rapier and Durandel weapons. Louise - Berzerker - Good berzerker, but like her husband, not suited to the endgame. Nino - Wyvern Lord - Totally insane growths. Best flier, slowed only by sacred weapon weakness. Legault - HORSEBIRD - Good upon recruitment, but growths are sorta 'meh'. Wallace - Valkyrie - Significantly better than Marcus. Definitely worth using.
  2. Hey, Fateborn here again. I'm going to do a Female!sword only run. If you are familiar with my FE8 run, then the rules will be the same, with few expectations that I have placed in poll to allow you to decide for me (I would do it myself but I like to see what you guys want to see me do.) First rule. Only women are allowed. (Unless Bartre is permitted permanently I won't use him.) And they are required to have either sword, or has promotion gain of swords. In other word... Lyndis, Florina, Fiora, Isadora, Vaida, Farina, and Karla are permitted. However, as an expectation due to low amount of units, Ninian/Nils are also permited. (If only I had a mamakute too...) If such a need arise, I won't hesitate to use a healing class or an additional female unit. But until then, I won't be required to use them. (Yeah, you heard me right. I'm WILLING to use Louise or Priscilla (Two most likely canditate of emergency if something's fucky with my run such as terribad growth on my characters since it usually happen... Fucking Tate, Vanessa and Syrene.) I also have to sell all items that are not swords and consumables (Which means, no axe, no lances, no bows, no staves, no tomes. I will however keeps few lances -for florina and fiora of course, and a couple of bow/staves for louise and priscilla in case of emergency.) As I will be unable to have any female sword users for 5 chapters of HHM, I am allowed to use Eliwood and Hector with no hestitation until I re-acquires Lyndis, to which I will then bench Failwood. (He always suck on my team no matter what happen. It'd be Lyndis who's most blessed, and Hector will be above average, that's always common for me...) I also will level up Priscilla with usages until the unnecessary of her approaches. If something is really messy between chapter 12 and 15, I will be permitted to use Marcus, but only with swords. I'll keep the poll running for 24 hours, or until sufficient votes are input. Till then, I bid you good read and entertainment of my mostly gangsta outburst and dumb references here and there of my run. (Mostly thwomp.) Now then I gotta go study a certain pattern of the chapters and see what I could do for each one (the ones between 11 and 15 anyway.) Edit: Main reason why I'd like to do LHM is so I can drag my balls through chapter 19xx :>
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