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Found 3 results

  1. Post your out of context pictures here, for example
  2. Introduction Good evening world! I come before you with a new RP for this site, one aimed at new and less experienced players. How fitting! For this will be the first Fire Emblem RP I shall have the honor of hosting! Fear not though, for this RP has an...experienced volunteer to assist, the great and mighty Shin! Below, you shall find all the information you need to sign up and begin your journey! This is a spreadsheet. It will contain a lot of useful numeric information. In addition to the spreadsheet, there will be a skype room set up for this RP, in which planning and discussion will take place. In-Character actions will be done in a dedicated In-Character thread. As that might imply, you will need a skype for this. But really, that’s not a problem, because if you don’t have one, you really should get one anyway. It’s a really useful and jolly good fun. I got it, my grandmother has it, it’s good stuff. I am looking for a relatively small group of people. I reiterate that this RP is meant for less experienced roleplayers, meaning having never participated in an RP before, or having only participated in one, and not necessarily extensively. In addition to offering a gateway to the roleplaying community, Treasure also aims to provide a place for these roleplayers to grow and improve their roleplaying skill. Currently, there is no limit to how many players I'm looking to participate, but I would like to have at least six before beginning. General Gameplay World: How You Come In Character Creation: [spoiler=Pegasus Rider] HP: 15 (40%) Strength: 2 (10%) Magic: 1 (10%) Skill: 3 (30%) Speed: 5 (40%) Luck: 0 (0%) Defense: 1 (10%) Resistance: 2 (10%) Move: 7 SP: 15 Base Points: 10 Growth Points: 140 Available Weapon Types: Sword, Lance, Axe, Tome Effects: All terrain costs 1 movement to traverse Weak to arrows and wind magic [spoiler=Wyvern Rider] HP:18 (55%) Strength: 2 (20%) Magic: 1 (10%) Skill: 3 (15%) Speed: 2 (15%) Luck: 0 (0%) Defense: 3 (15%) Resistance: 0 (10%) Move: 7 SP: 15 Base Points: 10 Growth Points: 140 Available Weapon Types: Sword, Lance, Axe, Tome Effects: All terrain costs 1 movement to traverse Weak to arrows, wind magic and thunder magic [spoiler=Thwomp] HP: 20 (60%) Strength: 3 (30%) Magic: 0 (10%) Skill: 3 (10%) Speed: 0 (10%) Luck: 0 (0%) Defense: 5 (40%) Resistance: 2 (20%) Move: 4 SP: 20 Base Points: 10 Growth Points: 120 Available Weapon Types: Sword, Lance, Axe Effects: Weak to armor slaying weapons. Speed Base cannot exceed 5 [spoiler=Thief] HP: 15 (40%) Strength: 0 (10%) Magic: 0 (10%) Skill: 3 (20%) Speed: 6 (50%) Luck: 0 (10%) Defense: 2 (10%) Resistance: 0 (10%) Move: 6 SP: 20 Base Points: 10 Growth Points: 135 Available Weapon Types: Sword, Lance, Bow, Tome Effects: Can steal items from enemies if speed is higher than theirs Can unlock doors and chests without keys Uncovers items from deserts without fail Regardless of weapon type chosen, they will not be slowed by desert Skills: Promotion: How to Sign Up Shin If you need help, ask Shin. I mean, I’m going to ask Shin for help, so you should to.
  3. DISCLAIMER: Even though this roleplay has started, feel free to sign up and join late! Welcome to the Magic Valley High School You have been recognized for having an exceptional aptitude for magic and are now given the opportunity to attend the most prestigious magic school of your generation. Please fill out the student application card below: [spoiler=student application card] Name: Gender: Age: Race: Element: Dream for the future: Greatest fear: Personality: Back story: Please attach a picture of yourself: Thank You, Headmaster Barron About the world; [spoiler=Races] Elves - highly intelligent, but weak physical stature. - excels in ranged and elemental magic, but does poorly in close combat situations - are born pure of heart and take on a more human appearance, if corrupted they take on a more demonic appearance - are considered to be the nobles of the magic world Humans - highly varied intelligence and strength - neither excels or fails in any school of magic - the most wide emotional range of all the races - often seen as weak by the other races because of their attachment to each other Fairies - small and speedy with average intelligence - excels magic involving trickery, stealth and healing - they share a strong bond with animals and nature - close allies of the elves, look higher upon than humans but less than of the elves Giants - below average intelligence and extremely strong physically - excels in magic that enhances physical strength - wanders and often travels alone, a less populace race - regarded as outcasts, more allied with the humans than the fairies or the elves [spoiler=Elements] Fire - weak to water, strong against air Water - weak to earth, strong against fire Earth - weakt to air, strong against water Air - weak to fire, strong against earth Light - weak defensively to shadow, but strong offensively to shadow Shadow - weak defensively to light, but strong offensively to light [spoiler=Rules] NO MARY/GARY SUES/STUS No controlling the actions of any character but your own Keep a primary focus and give slower posters the time to catch up and reply If you want to drop-out of the RP write a death scene Please post all OOC comments in this thread and leave only rp posts in the rp thread Use common sense *If rules are broken multiple times the RP Master will kill your character off*
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