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Found 7 results

  1. So, you own a hat now. It's a pretty cool hat honestly, you had gone to Target get some stuff your friend asked you to get, but when you were passing the personal apparel section... you saw it. The hat that you own now. Maybe it was a reckless purchase, It did cost 30 bucks you could've used for food or your friend's stuff or something. But it's no use worrying about that now, it's a pretty cool hat, one that you could wear to work or to a wedding even, you probably could use more clothes like that anyway. Your past impulse purchases have tended to be not great and ill thought out. But this one feels different, you've never been so sure about anything in your life, is this... what love is like? It's been a few days now, since you bought your hat, and things have been going pretty well. Everyone at work has been complimenting you on it, and you even got a raise! When you get back to your apartment you throw your mail on the counter and put your hat in it's special spot. Which is.... A.) On the open window sill of your third floor apartment. B.) Also on the counter. The hat is king and the letters are its subjects! C.) Nice try, if you set it down somewhere there's a chance some crime thieves could steal it. It never leaves your head. D.) On the couch or something. E.) In the fridge of course.
  2. You are you, you're pretty average except for one defining characteristic, you barely know anything about traditional Texas style barbecue. A.) Learn more about it by going to the library. B.) Enter a barbecue contest. C.) Search for a grill master to pass on the ways of the Q. D.) This really isn't that important, learn how to play piano instead. E.) Oh, wait, you just remembered you hate Texas, learn about Carolina style barbecue instead.
  3. You've just woken up in the hospital. You don't seem to be very physically hurt, but you're quite disoriented. A.) Yell for a nurse. B.) Adjust your bed C.) Try to remember the last 24 hours. D.) Die.
  4. Hello FE community, I am a fairly new member to Serenes Forest. Fire Emblem Recreation is a project I started independently last summer which I have worked on on my free time. Fire Emblem Recreation will be an open source java engine for Fire Emblem. The goal is to make it easier for the community to work together and add whatever they want to their fan games. Since you can play around with the source code, you can add anything to the games. Smarter AI, new victory conditions, new map elements, pair up, and so on. The only limiting factor is the ability of the programmer. The code is far from finished. Hell, there aren't even battle animations or dialogue. The reason I am sharing the engine at this stage is to allow others to use what I have made, because even though I plan on working more on it, I don't have much free time. Even at this early stage, modification is extremely easy. One can change the terrain of a map (but the appearance needs to be changed separately, lol), add enemies, classes, and items by simply changing a text file. Of course, new functionalities and mechanics need to be programmed in. Anyways, on to the good stuff. Here is a link to a google drive folder with the source code: FE_R_Google_Drive . Go wild. The to run the code simply run the class file, FE_R_Main.class . I use Eclipse to work on java, and Eclipse has a different way of organizing the files so I simply rearranged them to run normally on a separate folder. Feel free to ask questions on how it works, I will gladly respond. I will also try to make a list of instructions on the basics soon, but don't let that discourage you from asking a question. Of course, if you improve the code share your work in this topic. Happy coding.
  5. Hello, I have gotten to the end of Chapter 1 in the game and at Sofia Castle there is a chest with Knight in it. When I walk up to it, it says "This chest held knight. Area Reclaimed! Knight reverted." It doesn't show up in my items at all. What do I do???
  6. DISCLAIMER: Even though this roleplay has started, feel free to sign up and join late! Welcome to the Magic Valley High School You have been recognized for having an exceptional aptitude for magic and are now given the opportunity to attend the most prestigious magic school of your generation. Please fill out the student application card below: [spoiler=student application card] Name: Gender: Age: Race: Element: Dream for the future: Greatest fear: Personality: Back story: Please attach a picture of yourself: Thank You, Headmaster Barron About the world; [spoiler=Races] Elves - highly intelligent, but weak physical stature. - excels in ranged and elemental magic, but does poorly in close combat situations - are born pure of heart and take on a more human appearance, if corrupted they take on a more demonic appearance - are considered to be the nobles of the magic world Humans - highly varied intelligence and strength - neither excels or fails in any school of magic - the most wide emotional range of all the races - often seen as weak by the other races because of their attachment to each other Fairies - small and speedy with average intelligence - excels magic involving trickery, stealth and healing - they share a strong bond with animals and nature - close allies of the elves, look higher upon than humans but less than of the elves Giants - below average intelligence and extremely strong physically - excels in magic that enhances physical strength - wanders and often travels alone, a less populace race - regarded as outcasts, more allied with the humans than the fairies or the elves [spoiler=Elements] Fire - weak to water, strong against air Water - weak to earth, strong against fire Earth - weakt to air, strong against water Air - weak to fire, strong against earth Light - weak defensively to shadow, but strong offensively to shadow Shadow - weak defensively to light, but strong offensively to light [spoiler=Rules] NO MARY/GARY SUES/STUS No controlling the actions of any character but your own Keep a primary focus and give slower posters the time to catch up and reply If you want to drop-out of the RP write a death scene Please post all OOC comments in this thread and leave only rp posts in the rp thread Use common sense *If rules are broken multiple times the RP Master will kill your character off*
  7. But yes, I'm starting a new hack. Now, now. Calm down. All of this forum's complaining members will jump on me and talk about how bad it will be and how It'll never be good and how it's not creative. I know that. And I probably agree with them. But, you know, I've gotta start somewhere. Basically I've got a lot of plot planned out, and one of the largest themes is: And no, I'm not a Shaman hater. In fact I'm anything but. But yes, basically the first half focuses on this band of thieves and the main character is a new recruit to the team. I'm going to need some learning in terms of eventing and things like that, wish me luck. Thanks for reading.
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