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Found 4 results

  1. I did heard some people mentioned that some of the movie theaters are coming back to be open in their area. I was thinking of planning on going back to AMC Theaters to see the Sonic movie (that was the movie that I missed seeing before Pandemic started and I did planned on going to see it during at March before they announced they're shut down), Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back (Empire Strikes Back is my least favorite Star Wars movie, but I probably feel like I wanted to see it in the theaters for experience), Beauty & the Beast, and Back to the Future I. I just wanted to know that does anyone know which movie theaters are opening back up in North America? I did tried to look at AMC Theaters website, but the problem in their websites that they keep showing up it's temporary closed and I don't see their opening schedule anywhere in their website nor in Google Maps. But, I keep seeing the Movie Showings showed up as August 20th. Does anyone know if there's other Recommended Theaters that are open incase if AMC Theaters are still shut down?
  2. Subtitles are in another language, but voices are english.
  3. Hey everyone long time lurker first time poster i just recorded the intro scenes to SoV and got some help subbing them i didnt know where else to share so enjoy :)
  4. So, Gamexplain just uploaded a vidoeo of the English Fire emblem Fates conquest opening video (With title screen): I think it looks rather Neat, what about you guys?
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