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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, I recently got the FE Fates games and am currently on Revelations. There are many threads regarding which mother is best for which child but they involve units that I've already paired with someone. I've been pondering the following pairings: Laslow x Peri Niles x Felicia Subaki x Hinoka Hinata x Selena Takumi x Camilla Silas x Rinkah Jakob x Oboro I've recruited an Oboro!Dwyer in a previous save file and he seemed alright but I'd like to get an opinion about this pairing too. I'm really looking for any sort of opinion, apart from the Subaki x Selena fanservice. I don't mind switching around some of the girls Thanks in advance and apologies if this is an overly repetitive topic.
  2. I'mnewtotheseforumssobeniceplease. So I'm playing Birthright, and I'm a really indecisive person when it comes to pairings and I could use some help. These are by pairings: FEmui x Silas Hayato x Sakura Orochi x Saizou Hinoka x Subaki and here's where the pairings get really indecisive: Ryouma x Kagerou/Rinkah leaning towards Kagerou on this one but I heard Rinkah is okay Takumi x Oboro/Hana/Mozu Hinata x Oboro/Hana/Setsuna Azama x Bench Felicia/Maybe Setsuna Throwaway pair really but I'm open to suggestions, heard he's actually a physical unit. Azura x Kaze/Kaden/Jakob Kaze x Azura/Mozu/Rinkah Heard Mozu makes Midori OP, heard Azura can also do the same broken Miracle thing and makes for a great Shigure, Heard Rinkah helps Kaze a lot with stats or something Kaden x Hana/Azura/Mozu And Jakob can die alone. *sigh* Jakob x Flora Azura, Mozu, Kagero
  3. So as the title suggests, I'm looking for the best pairings/marriages I could do for Fe:A. I'm not planning to do DLC (not yet, anyway- maybe after I beat all classic modes for Hard and Lunatic) so please don't include the options that's only available with DLC. I understand that there are tons of forums and guides asking for the same thing but I eventually got tired of shifting through pages and pages to find my optimal pairings. And no one seemed to agree on specific pairings except some :/ I don't mind grinding to level up and get specific skills cause I want to make all my units the best they can be - I'm sort of OCD that way xD The pairings that I think are good and decided are in bold and the rest are my thoughts so please provide opinions^^ It would be great too if you could give me some ideas as in what skills to pass down. Chrom and FeMU – Pass down Rightful King and Galeforce/Ignis for Lucina, Aether and Galeforce/Ignis for Morgan Stahl and Cordelia – Pass down Aegis and Galeforce Gaius and Tharja - Pass down Lethality/Counter and Vengeance Henry and Sumia – Pass down Vengeance and Galeforce Ricken and Miriel – Pass down ? and ? Libra and Olivia – Pass down Renewal and Galeforce Gregor and Panne – Pass down Sol and Beastbanes Nowi and Donnel – Pass down ? and ? Kellam and Sully – Pass down ? and ? Vaike and Lissa – Pass down Counter and Renewal Lon’qu and Cherche – Pass down Astra and Swordbreaker Frederick/Virion and Maribelle – Pass down Luna/Prescience and Galeforce What else was there? @[email protected]
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