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Found 15 results

  1. I've been trying to make the most optimal parings for my newest Revelations run and im to determine how optimal they are. A bunch of the pairs I believe will turn out well but there are two that will be godawful. These choices are based on dozens of discussions, polls and personal experience. Any thoughts on making these pairs better? All Underlined Pairings are already married and cant be changed. None of the children have been collected yet. I'm on Chapter 13. Pairings: FeMu x Saizo - Nohr Noble Kana Jakob x Orochi - Basara / Butler Dywer (Leftover Pair) Azura x Kaze - FK Shigure Kaze x Azura - Mstr Ninja Midori Silas x Mozu - Paladin Sophie Xander x Charlotte - Paladin Siegbert Leo x Sakura (Witch) - Grandmaster Leo Benny x Peri - General / GK Ignatius Keaton x Camilla - Great Lord Velouria Arthur x Beruka - Wyvern Lord Percy Odin x Elise (Witch) - Witch Ophelia Lazlow x Hana - Swordsmaster Soleil Niles x Setsuna - Sniper Nina Ryoma x Kagero - Spear Master Shiro Takumi x Rinkah - Sniper / Kinshi Kiragi (Leftover Pair ) Saizo x FeMu - Nohr Noble Asugi Kaden x Hinoka - Basara / Nine Tails Selkie Hinata x Selena - Hero / Mstr o Arms Hisame Azama x Effie - General Mitama Subaki x Oboro - Spear Master Caeldori Hayato x Rahjat - Sorcerer / Witch Rhajat Leftovers: Felicia I found that almost all of these pairs were the most optimal based on the Growth percentages for a given childs class with the exception Nina, Rhajat and particularity Dwyer and Kigari. So If I threw Setsuna, Rinkah, Felicia, Orochi and Nyx in a pile what would be the best way to arrange them for thes ake of Nina, Rhajat, Dwyer and Kigari?
  2. OK, I never got to own a 3ds, and could only borrow one from a girlfirend I had. That been said, I just found this Citra emulator and decided to try it. Worked really weel for Fire Emblem Awekining, but there seem to be a lot of lag during cutscenes. Funny because I play the game in 720p just fine, with only small lags on loading times. Anyone with experience using Citra here, and know how to set the emulator optmized for these games? I'm planning on playing Fates and Echoes too. Hopefuly those games will hold me until Treee houses.
  3. This was mainly for the modifiers as I'll be going for skills online quite a bit but, I'd like some recommendations and opinions on theses parings None of these are set in stone because this is all just planning ahead thanks for the help <3 EDIT: HOW DID I FORGET TO INCLUDE MIDORI but, everyone is listed and I'm fairly happy with this list I would however still like some feedback Asugi!Orochi Caeldori!Orboro Dwyer!Beruka Forrest!Sakura Hisame!Peri Ignatuis!Rinkah Kana!Velouria +str/-mag or luck Kiragi!Hana Midori!Mozu Mitama!Kagero Nina!Nyx Ophoelia!Elise Percy!Effie Rhajat!Felicia Seigbert!Selena Selkie!Setsuna Shigure!Laslow Shiro!Camilla Soleil!Azura Sophie!Hinoka Velouria!charlotte
  4. Hello Serene Forest! So im almost done with optimization of my game for Revelations, about to go to chapter 13 to get the next wave of characters. (and Keaton) (and Kaden) But I have 8 units left and i'm not sure how to configure them... Heres who I have left paired with who: Odin X Orochi Niles X Setsuna Lazlow X Oboro Takumi X Elise People say its better to put Odin X Elise and Takumi X Oboro, but im not sure since ive been marrying all the royals together... What do you guys thing?
  5. Hello once again Serene Forest users, its been awhile... So by chance of luck I won a local Gamestop raffle for a charity I put money too and got a $20 buck card and used it to buy Revelations Only problem is... Who to I pair up with who? Theres like, 39 people who produce 21 kids... So i started a list and heres how it goes of what im doing. Femui X Keaton A Combination of all royal siblings being married (excluding Azura) Ryoma X Camilla Xander X Hinoka Leo X Sakura Takumi X Elise Then everyoen else i decided with: Arthur X Effie Azama X Kagerou Benny X Oboro Hayato X Nyx Hinata X Peri Jakbo X Mozu Kaden X Rinkah Laslow X Hana Niles X Setsuna Odin X Orochi Saizo X Beruka Subaki X Selena Silas X Felicia Kaze X Azura I think some of these pairings are good and some are bad Blue Means its a pair i think is acutally good everythign else im unsure of... so im reaching out to all of you to give me good advice. Well, thanks to anyone who does help me out and have a great weekend!
  6. Hello Serenes Forests users! So once again Im having troubles in my game. I followed optimizations guides, and everyone turned out good for now, and I got advice for one of my last uncertain pairings, and this was the leftover bracket.... I don't mind their story, its better than the Benny X Peri one imo, but they are pretty nice together I guess :P So Jakobs fine, its never been anything wrong with Jakob.. Its just Nyx.. What do I do with her? Her stats are ok I guess, but she keeps nearly dying or just dying and I have to restart. Any suggestions to make her and Dwyer better? Nyx stats: 10 str, 20 mag, 13 skill, 18 spd, 8 lck, 11 def, 15 res Thanks and have a great day to anyone who helps!
  7. Hello Serenes Forest users In my FE Conquest game I finished pairing everyone together in a optimal and story wise i liked fashion, people say Odin and Elise are a good pair together, and their conversations and age differences aren't weird compared to some but, I want to make them stronger. So heres my struggle: Since Elise married Odin, she can use a Partner seal to change her class to Dark Knight and Sorcerer, which both seem great but im not sure which too choose. Both are better than Strategist. Her rating is 2str 17mag 6skill 16spd 18lck 5def and 19res atm as a level 1 Strategist Odins a whole other story, he is one of my favorite characters and its my third Conquest playthorugh but his magic is very bad compared to the others. I dont know if i should make him a Sorcerer or keep him as a D.K.. Or maybe even Master of Arms or something like that. His rating is 18str 14mag 21skill 14spd 21lck 20def and 12 res as a level 3 DK And for the sake of a strong and high mag stat and continually blonde Ophelia, what would be best out of these options to optimize her? Thanks to anyone who reads this or helps me out, and have a great day!
  8. Okay, So i'm playing through fates on my birthright route, and I marry one of the female units that can marry other units beside just me.... then I notice Azama doesn't have a wife.... so... so if I marry a female unit that can marry other characters I steal a spot from another male unit so I will be unable to recruit one of the kids? In the end it is an uneven number of children if I count Mitama, so is that right? Does that mean if I want every single kid I should have married Scarlet? (and I get one extra unpaired kid?) or in conquest I should marry Flora? so I can get ALL the kids? that carries to revelations. does that mean I can have all the kids there and have every single main line unit paired up? Help would be really appreciated. I just don't get it...
  9. I'm not sure about my pairings and which skills to pass down. Any help would be great. Strategist Elise!Ophelia (Pass down Battle Command) Maid Felicia!Foleo (Pass down Tomebreaker or Live to Serve) Witch/Songstress Azura!Midori (Pass down Warp or Heathen Princess if possible) Wyrvern Lord Beruka!Ignatius (Pass down Lunge or Rally Defense) Hero Charlotte!Siegbert (Pass down Sol) Great Knight Peri!Soleil (Pass down Luna) General Effie!Percy (Pass down Pavise) Holy Bowman(?) Mozu!Sophie (Pass down Raven Strike) Malig Knight Camilla!Velouria (Pass down Deadly Breath) Sorceror Nyx!Dwyer (Pass down Malefic Aura or Bowbreaker)
  10. So I'm new to the Serene Forest forums (this is even my first post), but I'm not new to either Fire Emblem or Serene Forest. I joined to see if I could get some optimization help/suggestions considering I recently got all the awakening DLC (meaning I can grind exp/gold for this run). I made a google doc showing my setup that I plan to use. I went through the hassle to make it neat incase anyone wants to use it for reference. I need help deciding whom the children should marry. My Setup: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1i_8mRRwq0mN8WWUo6HGLJeIqO8QOfYzm2va5sfdLL9I/edit?usp=sharing [ In case it wasn't apparent in the doc, it's a M!MU run with +Skill,-Defense. ] Skillset suggestions? Pairing suggestions? Class suggestions? General feedback? --- Anything is appreciated.
  11. Hey! Just a few questions to those of you who've played the game: how easy was it to maximize relevant stats for units at 20/20? At what levels did characters begin to maximize their stats, and are there characters that weren't able to max any stat? For optimization purposes, did you guys have to resort to buying tons of expensive Eternal Seals? By all means I don't require a comprehensive list or answers to all questions; just naming whatever comes to mind is great! Thanks in advance!
  12. I haven't seen a thread like this and the regular Unit Optimization thread is super long I didn't bother to look for an avatar section of it. Seeing as how there are so many options for the avatar's optimization, I figured it made sense to start a new thread. Now, I'm new to PvP and do not yet own the game so my whole build is hypothetical and could really suck when it comes down to it. I like the male avatar quite a bit but I think having two children, while apparently not as good as it was in Awakening, is just too hard to pass up. I'll play both male and female to make a final call, but Kamui (+Spd/-Mag) (maybe + Skl?) Dark Blood Growth HP 60 Str 60 Mag 25 Skl 55 Spd 65 Lck 60 Def 45 Res 25 Not bad. Dark Blood Max Stats HP 60 Str 32 Mag 28 Skl 30 Spd 35 Lck 29 Def 29 Res 30 Also not bad. Not sure if I'd end in this class or not, but definitely a sword wielding class. Galeforce Aether Copycat Puppet Hoshido (for Aether, admittedly not the best skill choice but idk what else to do, maybe Dragon Fang or Draconic Curse) Swordfaire Most likely marrying Femui to Zero and Mamui to Camilla. Let me know what you think, suggestions, criticisms, your own builds, anything.
  13. BEFORE YOU READ: This is based on personal experience and is thus my opinion Chrom: Master Lord or Paladin Robin: Varies Freddy: Paladin Lissa: Battle Cleric Sully: Paladin Virion: Dark Knight Stahl: Paladin Vaike: Hero Miriel: Sage Kellam: General Sumia: Falcoknight Donnel: Hero Lon'qu: Swordmaster Ricken: Dark Knight Maribelle: Valkyrie Gaius: Assassin Panne: Taguel Cordy: Falcoknight Gregor: Hero Nowi: Manakete Libra: Battle Monk? Tharja: Sorceror Olivia: Dancer Cherhce: Wyvern Lord Henry: Sorceror Say'ri: Swordmaster or Assassin Tiki: Manakete Basilio: Hero Flavia; Hero Gangrel: Trickster or Assassin Walhart: Conqueror Emmeryn: Sage? Yen'fay: Swordmaster or Assassin Aversa: Dark Flier? Priam: Hero or Dread Fighter Lucina: Master Lord Morgan: Varies Owain: Dread Fighter Inigo: Hero Severa: Hero Kjelle: Hero if she has it, otherwise Great Knight Yarne: Taguel Nah: Manakete Brady: Dark Knight, Battle Monk, or Sage Cynthia: Falcoknight Gerome: Wyvern Lord Laurent: Sorceror Noire: Sorceror
  14. I've avoided FE:A and all them newfangled remakes for quite some time, only playing GBA hacks and whatnot. Then I decided to buy it, and have been absorbed into the vortex that is FE:A. I am now some hours into the game and have just beaten "Hard" mode, and plan on entering into Lunatic mode with a female MU, asset Resistance, flaw HP, and need to plan the best team for Lunatic gameplay. Here are some rules I've set for myself: -Cannot play any DLC maps before Endgame besides The Golden Gaffe (Bullion grinding, woohoo). -Can only play through the main story, Paralogues, Reeking Boxes, and single instances of each Spotpass team before Endgame. -No egregious abuse of Reeking Boxes for mass level ups. -Cannot allow any characters to die (lolwat who would do that anyways). -Only use original characters, no DLC characters as role-fillers. Stuff I want to know: -Best pairings? Reasons optional and helpful. Subjective, but what isn't? Here's a convenient pre-made template, with fill-ins for the fathers: Female Avatar + Chrom = Lucina / Morgan Cherche + Gregor = Gerome Olivia + F = Inigo Lissa + F = Owain Maribelle + F = Brady Cordelia + F = Severa Sully + F = Kjelle Tharja + F = Noire Nowi + F = Nah Sumia + F = Cynthia Miriel + F = Laurent -Recruitment times for children. All I can remember from trawling the Internet was that Lucina is the first recruited child and comes in after chapter 12. Or 13. I am otherwise ignorant of the chapter limitations before children paralogues become available, since I hadn't established many romantic relationships throughout the progress of the game. -Class optimization. Perhaps a better question to answer is: What classes DON'T my characters need to become, on account of their skills being useless for that character/their child? I'm particularly interested in long-term benefits and can play around momentary setbacks (e.g: I would continuously Second Seal a character into unpromoted classes to farm stats and necessary skills, against the benefits of a promoted class with better combat survivability). Format I used: Donnel: Villager -> Mercenary -> Fighter -> Bow Knight -> Hero -> Warrior -Inheritance. Some people make the argument that children always inherit their parent's classes, save for gender-specific stuff, so you should pass that. On the other hand, some people say that certain gender-locked skills, like Counter, are situational and unhelpful to certain characters (Counter for tanky Kjelle). In general, what should the mother and father pass to their child? I've tended to lean towards the level 15 promoted unit skills (Pass>Lethality, Swordfaire>Astra, on the basis of minimizing the amount of time a character spends in the dinky classes of Assassin/Swordmaster). -Things to watch out for in Lunatic. Is anything different, aside from the stats and skills? Are certain skills less useful or necessary? Is what I've set down thus far inherently flawed? Thanks for helping, and for any helpful information!
  15. So I've finally decided to request some pairing advice, and as much as I'd like to ask "Ross, the Fire Emblem Expert" for help (I would link to his "guide", but I don't want to drive up his PageRank), I'm not actually interested in gimping all the kids. Anyways, this is what I've got so far: The pairings set in stone are: Chrom x Olivia Avatar x Lucina Cherche x Gregor (this is for personal preference much more than optimizing) I think the way it's gonna go is probably Nowi x Donnel, Lissa x Kellam, and Panne x Fred. Mostly, I just don't know if Owain would rather have Sol and Armsthrift (for infinite Missiletainns, because swordhand) or Luna. Virion can continue philandering without incurring the wrath of his wife (although he'll probably incur the wrath of plenty of husbands). I'm fine with criticism of the other pairings, but I probably won't change anything without a really compelling reason.
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