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Found 1 result

  1. Okay, so I've been wanting to ask someone about the pairings I chose and how good they are (Both support/story/personality wise and optimization wise). I've played the game for a while now and wondered how good my pairings are. So I wanted to get a chance to ask other FE:A players about them. How good are my pairings good optimization wise and support wise? (I tried balancing them both out, not doing the worst optimization pairings or doing crack pairings) Alright so here are my pairings and the skills they passed down to their children: Chrom x Fem!MyUnit; This one just kind of...happened. At the end of Chapter 11, apparently my Avatar had the highest supports with Chrom, so they got married. I didn't reset it cause it's my first time playing, so now I want to say I don't regret it. Children: Lucina- Chrom passes down Aether and Fem!MyUnit passes down Ignis. Male!Morgan- Chrom passes down Rightful King and Fem!MyUnit passes down Galeforce Fredrick x Sumia; This one was sort of based on personal opinion. Since Fem!MyUnit was with Chrom, Sumia had a romantic option cut out, leaving Fredrick, Gaius, and Henry. For some reason I didn't like Gaius and Henry's hair colors on her so I went with Fredrick (And I had plans to pair Henry with someone else). Plus, imo, the supports were super adorable. Also, I couldn't find anyone better to pair Fredrick with at the time. I heard it's the worst pairing for Sumia stat wise; is that true? Children: Cynthia- Fredrick passed down Aegis and Sumia passed down Galeforce Virion x Sully; This one was truly based on my opinion. As soon as I saw them in Chapter 1 with their hilarious dialogue, I wanted to pair them up. I don't know if this is a good pairing or not stat wise for Kjelle. It's one of my favorite couples in Fire Emblem: Awakening, but is the optimization for Kjelle really bad? Children: Kjelle- Virion passed down Bowbreaker and Sully passed down Aegis Stahl x Cordelia; For some reason, when I saw the two together do so well in battle, I wanted to pair them up. That wasn't a bad choice; I later found out Stahl is one of Severa's best fathers. I might keep this pairing, unless you guys think there are better couples for Stahl and Coredlia respectively. Children: Severa- Stahl passed down Aegis and Cordelia passed down Galeforce Vaike x Lissa; I had a hard time with this one. I found it super hard to find a good husband for Lissa. Her options were limited at the time, so I did some research. I found out Vaike was a pretty solid father for Owain, so I went with it. The supports helped with my decision as well. Are there better husbands for Lissa though? Children: Owain- Vaike passed down Counter and Lissa passed down Galeforce Donnel x Nowi; Found out this was one of the best pairings for Nowi since Donnel passes down Aptitude to make a super strong Nah. Plus, the two look cute together, and I found Nah's hair to match her red cloak quite nicely. Children: Nah- Donnel passed down Aptitude and Nowi passed down Swordbreaker (Nah also learned Lancebreaker once I made her a Griffon Rider) Lon'qu x Olivia; ...I seriously had no purpose with optimization for this pairing. I went with it because I thought it was super adorable. Both are quiet and quite awkward around other people (women for Lon'qu), so I thought it'd be cute if they both got married. Plus Inigo looked good with Lon'qu's hair color, and the supports were pretty good. This pairing isn't bad stat wise, is it? Children: Inigo- Lon'qu passed down Vantage (because I did NOT want to go through the whole Myrimdon line) and Olivia passed down Galeforce Ricken x Miriel; One of my last pairings. Since both are magic users, I figured they would make Laurent an even powerful mage. The supports helped a bit too, although I did this one mainly because of the high magic stat. Children: Laurent- Ricken passed down Lifetaker and Miriel passed down Dual Support+ Gaius x Panne; ...This is seriously the last pairing I created. It was either Gaius or Kellam. I went with Gaius because I didn't want him to be forever alone'd he has good speed and skill stats, which Taguels excel in. Supports were freaking hilarious. Is Gaius better with someone else? I heard he's one of the best fathers. (Although I really don't care about the Galeforce thing with Gaius...as you can see, most of my characters already have Galeforce) Children: Yarne- Gaius passed down Astra and Panne passed down Lethality. Gregor x Cherche; This pairing I just went with the flow. Gregor's hair color looked good on Gerome, and both parents have really good stats. Plus I heard Gregor was a great father for Gerome, which was even a bigger reason why I went with it! Children: Gerome- Gregor passed down Armsthrift and Cherche passed down Deliverer (so I can avoid the whole Griffon Rider line) Libra x Maribelle; Both have high magic stats as well as being healers. That's why I ended up making Brady into a Sage. Supports also showed Maribelle's kind side that some people don't seem to notice. Children: Brady- Libra passed down Lifetaker and Maribelle passed down Galeforce Henry x Tharja; Both are magic users (although I found out later on that Noire is an archer). I found it kind of hilarious to pair both dark mages up; it makes sense to why Noire is bipolar. I felt like this pairing wasn't as good optimization wise as I thought, but it wasn't really bad. Children: Noire- Henry passed down Lifetaker and Tharja passed down Vengence. Kellam got forever alone'd cause I'm mean. /Brick'd Children pairings don't matter to me right now, I really want to focus on first gen pairings. If you comment, thanks for helping! I really appreciate it. (Also sorry for the long explanation; I get carried away sometimes )
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