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Found 4 results

  1. This is a passion project of mine that I have been working on for the past three months or so. It is less of a fanfic, as it is not in a story format, and instead arranged to replicate the chapter, and support scripts found at the back of the Awakening Art Book and various other places. The Story can be found here, and will be updated periodically. Fire Emblem: The Oracle of Veles A few things that should be known before diving in are these. 1. It is set within the Archanae Universe, as lore wise I felt it was the most rich and is my personal favorite. 2: Words like Veles are taken from either Slavic history and folklore, and/or German history (such as the class Landsknechht.) 3. Due to it's place long, long after the ending of Awakening, I have introduced many more Rennaissance inspired aspects, cheif among those being early firearms. 4. I, as the author, am a major history buff, specifically centered around medieval to renaissance Europe, so many of the things that may feel less "Fire Emblem" were done to better fit within a historically inspired setting. 5. Spoilers are written in white text, and can be read vie highlighting them. Finally, I enjoy all feedback and criticism, so feel free to express you opinions below. And, On top of this, feel free to suggest Supports between characters that are not in the storyline at the moment, as I'm just working with the ones that could be considered "Canon", but I'd love to see your choices. Thank you for reading all the way down, and I hope you enjoy the journey. P.S: This will operate as a Reply topic as the full document will not be posted in the replies.
  2. The Legend of Zelda: The Age Forgotten Since my main project has been put on hold for now, I thought I'd share an older story I finished a year or so ago. Its a story based upon the mythos of my ither favorite franchise, The Legend of Zelda. I enjoy all feedback and criticism, and I hope you enjoy the story.
  3. This is the Feedback Topic for my finished Zelda story. As usual, feedback and criticism is appreciated.
  4. So I've been working with Adobe illustrator as my primary form of art for about a year now, and I feel I've gotten quite good at using it. I suppose its only appropriate I post my namesake first. The character is, as I'm aure you guessed, Sir Wolfram of Vallora, a Landaknecht. You can find information on him here.
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