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Found 3 results

  1. Übelburg is the first location shown in my original srpg studio game Demon King's Heir, where the Demon King lived until the legendary hero Mordred slew him. I'm quite proud of this illustration.
  2. (Thread permitted by eclipse - apologies for my blunder earlier) Twitter ・ Website [includes demo link!] What is Bright Blades? Bright Blades is an SRPG Studio game I'm currently working on. As the blurb implies, It's a casual, retro-style game. My goal was to create something that was cute and accessible, something that newcomers to the SRPG genre would be able to pick up without intimidation. I think a lot of developers want to focus on creating something really deep and challenging and fair play to them, I think there's a good audience for that, but me? I just wanted to make something bright and adorable: with a tone somewhere between an old school NES game and a Saturday Morning Cartoon. A demo is available on my website, covering the first seven chapters (including the prologue). Click here to head over and start playing - and please let me know your feedback! What's it about? "Once upon a time in the land of Aethara, gods and mortals lived in harmony. But Mankind shattered that peace, raising the Kingdom of Oberon to make war upon the gods. Alone and broken, the last goddess fled to the city of Titania and blessed her knights, the valkyries, with the power to safeguard creation. 1000 years later, the war still rages on..." Bright Blades follows the story of Titania's Princess Freya. For centuries, her people have used their divine might to resist Oberon's invasions. When the Kingdom suddenly turns the tide, sacking her city with creatures called "Godslayers", Freya is charged by her mother with finding a Bright Blade; a legendary weapon whose power may be Aethara's last hope. What can I expect? As you've probably guessed, Bright Blades is not a very serious game. It's not a comedy but it is an intentionally lighthearted story about good, evil, and magic swords. We're using a "Mostly NES" colour palette for everything; only bending the rules a little here and there, to replicate the look and feel of 8-bit games. I've been doing the bulk of the game work myself: doing the maps, writing, development, UI, animations, battle backgrounds... Basically, everything but the character designs and portraits and the soundtrack (which was composed by Johnathan Johnson of Brilliant Shadows and Women of Xal fame). A lot of our graphic work is still being developed, but I wanted to make sure that our game had a different look from most SRPG Studio projects right out of the gate; so I didn't want to show off the project without at least getting something down for everything. We want to make something small and manageable, which also extends to how we've designed the game. Small inventories and party sizes, as well as finite shop stocks, mean you can't just load up a few units with all your best weapons, and we've tried hard to differentiate the 20+ character classes. Templars can heal and protect their friends on the frontlines, Bards support allies and weaken foes with mystical songs, Cannoneers blast targets to bits from a range, and Witches fly through the air raining magic upon their foes. There will be at least 25 maps, each with unique mission objectives: from routing armies and seizing castles to freeing prisoners, finding ancient relics, and saving enemy villages from forced conscription. We want to avoid repetition in chapter goals, ensuring that each level has its own unique feel. As part of that, most missions also have hidden events dotted about the place: which can power up your units, shed new light on the world of Bright Blades, or even unlock special new weapons and abilities.I'm hoping to release a demo soon to show people what we've been working on but, until then, here's a few pics of what we've got so far. Hope you enjoy, and by all means tell me what you think so far! What does it look like?
  3. I figured I'd post some of my non-FE related written works here. The following 1800+ word prologue is a brief introduction to the FE-inspired JRPG I'm working on ( may put up a topic soon ). I have written some FE stuff, but the majority is AU. It has quite a few parallels to PoR.
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