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Found 2 results

  1. Title says it all what fire emblem fan pairings have you seen that make absolutely no sense to you. Like for me I have no clue why xander and laslow are shipped together so much. I mean from what I gather from their supports their relationship is purely platonic and more like liege and servant than potential lovers. I don't know am I missing something or what? I mean I get inigo x gerome but I dunno.
  2. Okay so I’m writing a fanfic on the future kids and their life in the future and how they ended up traveling through time. I’m having trouble coming up with pairings for this fic. I mean I’m already using ChromxSumia because canon but I cannot decide on who I want male robin to be with. For obvious reasons whoever ends up being robin’s kid and Morgan’s sibling is very important to this story. Like I can’t decide between RobinxCordelia, RobinxLissa, or RobinxOlivia. I’m probably thinking too much in to this cause it’s just a fanfic but eh. Like I love all those pairings but I can only use one. As for other pairings feel free to make any suggestions you wish.
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