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Found 1 result

  1. First things first, thanks to everyone for not stealing this one from me - I was trying to get enough done with my Roy to be able to put some builds others might not expect and would have been sad if someone had snatched him in the meantime. Brief Overview As one of the earliest Focus Units, Base Roy isn't amazing compared to some of the newer Units or even his own alts, but he's not mere Feather fodder either like some Units out there. His Base Kit includes Triangle Adept and a PRF weapon that naturally buffs him on defense, that can also be upgraded to give him quite possibly the best B Skill in the game infused into said weapon, meaning your Roy can be a decent Enemy Phase Green/Dragon Killer almost right out of the box. His solid RES means he's also a good Magetank choice in almost any set, and his other stats aren't awful enough to ruin him. On the flipside, though, he can be a bit too well-rounded at times, resulting in a heavier reliance on Boons than some others out there. 5S Level 40 Statline(Bane/Neutral/Boon) HP - 41/44/47 ATK - 26/30/33 SPD - 27/31/34 DEF - 22/25/29 RES - 25/28/31 Builds(Spoilered for size convenience) SETUP = (Optimal\Budget, if any\Other, if any) Enemy Phase Melee Tank(General Play) Enemy Phase Ranged Tank/Sweep Breaker(General Play) Player Phase Moonbow Roy(Team-Specific Build; Details in Spoiler)
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