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Found 1 result

  1. "Do my best!" So, in year 1, we were blessed by the Olivia with the best art and VA (cause lets be honest that art is great), and as a fan of Awakening and her charcter I had to go and get her. I was unlucky and lucky enough to get 2 units (one of which was horrid and the other manageable). Now that her rerun has passed and I've had time to invest more into her as time went on, I dove in, merged her and boosted her up. Since I've posted this elsewhere (other sites) but never here, I'm going to post my 2 major builds for her and 1 weird experimental build. First off, stats though. Can't showcase a unit's build until I post their stats now can I? The Statline HP: 34 Atk: 28 Spd: 34 Def: 16 Res: 28 BST: 140 The Skills Weapon: Dancer's Fan+ Assist: Dance Special: None A Skill: Distant Def 3 B Skill: Blaze Dance 3 C Skill: None So baseline she's a useful and very viable mage tank alongside being a reliable support unit as are most if not all dancers in the game once invested into. However, in my time using her (and this is before Mystic Boost was implemented) I always found that, she couldn't really do much else aside from tank mage hits. I would have preffered to be able to fight units at melee range (as daggers do in Fates), and I loved using her so I had to invest into her somehow. Then came along our free Takumi and his sacrifice was not in vain! For she's come in handy in a million different events. So, here's 1 pricey, 1 budget, and 1 experimental build I've decided to brandish her with (one of which, the last one, depends on my luck in the current Hero Fest or later this month, the LHB). Note! "I run Summoner Support! Thus her stats are slightly boosted. Keep that in mind when doing calcs regarding how she's built." Build #1 The Tactician's Guard Build #2: The Cheerleader Build #3 Mojo Blocker PS: Last Build seems awfully inefficient given my Olivia's IV"s (+atk -res at +8) and how she's mostly rocking the first setup 90% of the time and as such is mostly just me thinking aloud. If you have any ideas on it, go ahead and lemme know why I'm crazy or if it's even good overall. Also, if you have any advice, or are just curious about something go ham and ask away. PPS: Any grammar errors lemme know. A lot of text and it's easy to F-up somewhere. Edit #1: A lot
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