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Found 86 results

  1. Prologue: Matrimonial Mondays Welcome, one and all, to "Matrimonial Mondays". Basically, I thought it'd be cool to do a weekly series discussing and rating all the potential pairings in Genealogy of the Holy War, generation 1. This is nothing new - everyone has favorite pairings, and plenty of ink has been spilled over which matchups are best. That said, one thing I haven't really seen is comprehensive discussion - that is to say, looking at every possible pairing, even the ones we'd normally write off right away. For good reason, perhaps, but I'd like to take a look at all the options. As such, I'm breaking this down week-by-week, looking at one marriageable maiden each week. There are seven eligible bachelorettes, and thirteen unconfirmed bachelors, making for 91 total marriages. A large number, but definitely doable. I want to inspire discussion, but I'll also be rating each pairing. These ratings consider the ease of matching up and the effect on the parents, alongside how the kids benefit from each different daddy. Ratings assume going for a "ranked run", so elements like leveling your Dancer and keeping everyone alive matter more than they might in a more casual run. Here's the scale I'll be using: (*): The single-best matchup for the woman in question. This pairing will usually be easy to set up, will provide benefits to both children, and may even help out the parents as well. (A): A very good matchup, usually offering something that the "best" pairing is missing, but has some flaw holding it back. (B): A matchup that provides something of value to at least one child, but may harm the other child or simply be difficult to set up. (C): A matchup that offers little-to-nothing of value to either child or parent, and is generally not worth pursuing. So, let's get right down to it! Chapter 1: Edain Edain is the second woman to join Sigurd's company, after Ethlyn, sister of Sigurd and wife of Quan. As such, she is the first playable female unit whose partner you can choose, and therefore the first one we'll be talking about. She joins at the start of chapter 1, as a level 3 Priest, on the run from Verdane's fiercest forces. She joins with a Mend staff and 5000 gold to her name. She has a B rank in Staves, and possesses minor Ullr Holy blood. Her stats are as follows: In the second generation, her children are Lana and Lester. Lana joins from the very start of Chapter 6. She joins as a level 1 Priest, able to use B-rank staves, with a Heal staff. She inherits items and minor Ullr holy blood from her mother, but may also inherit skills and minor Holy blood from her father. Lester joins not long after, on turn 3 of Chapter 6. He starts out as a level 1 Arch Knight with A-rank Bows and an Iron Bow. He inherits minor Ullr holy blood from his mother, and inherits items, skills, and potential holy blood from his father. For each of these units, their growth rates will depend on the pairing at hand, while their base stats will depend on their parents' stats at the end of the first generation. Now, who makes the best father for these two very different child units? i. Naoise Naoise and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Naoise adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. From this pairing, Lana receives the Accost and Critical skills. Neither is of particular use to a healer, and Accost may actually do her more harm than good, giving enemies more chances to hit her. That said, they can be decent combat skills after promotion. She'll have a very healthy 110% HP growth and 40% Defense growth, but her 32% Magic growth is a bit lacking. As for Lester, he also gets Accost and Critical. Accost can be a double-edged sword, but Critical is generally to his benefit, barring scenarios where he needs a soft touch to set up the kill. Outside of Accost, he'll have no way of hitting more than once. 125% HP, 50% Strength, and 50% Defense are all solid, but 35% Speed isn't great. Since his father cannot wield bows, he will not inherit any weapons. Rating: C. Edain/Naoise is tricky to set up, for little benefit. Neither parent particularly benefits from the pairing. Lana will rely on staff inheritance from her mother for her performance. Lester will get pretty good growths, but will lack the all-important Pursuit skill. ii. Alec Alec and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Alec adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana gets the Pursuit and Nihil skills from her father. Pursuit is irrelevant until she promotes, but at that point, it will help her in the arena. Nihil is exceptionally niche for her. 75% Luck growth is very strong, but 32% Magic growth is very lacking. Lester also receives the Pursuit and Nihil skills. Pursuit is excellent for him, as even with an Iron Bow he outspeeds enemy Axe-users, Lance-users, and Dark Mages, letting him reliably get a second hit in. Nihil is niche, but can be useful against foes with effective weaponry or dangerous combat skills. 115% HP, 50% Skill, and 45% Speed are all workable, but 40% Strength and 40% Defense aren't the best. Rating: B. Edain/Alec isn't very easy to set up, and it doesn't benefit either parent. That said, it gives Lester the Pursuit skill, alongside passable stats for physical combat. Lana will rely on inheriting good staves from her mother. iii. Arden Arden and Edain start with 0 love points together, and gain 2 points per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Since they both have 5 move, it will not likely be difficult to keep these units adjacent to each other, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana receives the Vantage skill from her father. This is utterly worthless before promotion, and worth little afterwards. 115% HP and 40% Defense are good growths for her, but 32% Magic and 25% Skill are both miserable. Lester also receives the Vantage skill from his father. Being locked to 2-range attacks, it benefits him very little. That said, Lester can actually inherit weapons from this pairing. A promoted Arden can use B-rank Bows, such as the Killer Bow, which he will then pass on. As for growths, 135% HP and 50% Defense are great, as it 60% Strength. 20% Skill and 35% Speed are disappointing, however. Rating: B. Edain/Arden is a touch easier to set up than the prior pairings, although the game offers you few favors on that front. This is a very poor pairing for Lana, but as usual, her performance largely follows her mother's. As for Lester, while he lacks Pursuit, he has some good growths, and he can inherit the powerful Killer Bow from a promoted Arden. iv. Azelle Azelle and Edain start with 120 love points together, and gain 1 per turn. In chapter 1, Azelle can converse with her, thus building 50 love points. In chapter 4, if they are married, Edain can acquire the Rescue staff from Azelle. Their movement is very similar before promotion, so it should not be difficult at all pairing these two units together. Lana inherits the Pursuit skill from Azelle. This is of no use before promotion, but can help afterward. Minor Fala holy blood means also means that she can wield Elfire after promotion, for a higher-might spell. Although Edain received Rescue, Lana cannot inherit it, because she is limited to B-rank staves before promotion. As for growths, 65% Magic is excellent for a Healer, while 55% Speed can help her dodge and double after promotion. On the flip side, 30% Skill and 30% Defense are less impressive. Lester inherits the Pursuit skill from his father. Since Azelle cannot wield bows, Lester will not inherit any weapons from him. In terms of growths, 65% Speed is his standout area, while 12% Resistance sits above usual. However, 20% Strength and 30% Defense are very disappointing. Rating: A. This pairing is exceptionally easy to build, and grants Edain the earliest possible access to the Rescue staff. Lana appreciates her heightened Magic growth, in terms of being effective with healing and status staves. Elfire and Pursuit are a nice post-promotion bonus. As for Lester, his high Speed will combine well with the Pursuit skill. Unfortunately, his low Strength and lack of Bow inheritance will leave him doing little damage. v. Lex Lex and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Lex adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana inherits the Paragon and Vantage skills from Lex. While Vantage is of little use, Paragon is excellent for her. When using staves, she'll receive twice as much experience as usual. This will hasten her path to promotion, while also lessening the need to spam staff uses for the sake of EXP. As for growths, boosted by minor Neir holy blood, 125% HP and 60% Defense give her great durability, but 32% Magic is certainly a letdown. Lester inherits Paragon and Vantage as well. Despite their similar looks, Lex cannot wield Bows, and thereby cannot pass them along to his son. Vantage is again iffy on a ranged combat unit, but Paragon is always welcome. He'll grow more quickly, not just on the field of battle, but in the Arena as well. And not needing to buy the Paragon Band opens up his purse to other purchases (say, the Pursuit band). 135% HP, 50% Strength, and 60% Defense are certainly good, but 30% Skill and 35% Speed are lackluster. Rating: B. This isn't a particularly easy pairing to build up, and many other mothers want Lex more. That said, any pairing which passes down Paragon is at least worth a look. Lester will have very good combat stats, but at the cost of Bow inheritance or any chance of doubling. Lana becomes surprisingly bulky, too, while Paragon helps her to promote sooner and with less effort. vi. Finn Finn and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Finn adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana inherits Pursuit and Miracle from Finn. Pursuit is only useful after promotion. Miracle improves her survivability in the field, but can really stand out in the arena once she promotes. As for growths, 85% Luck is excellent, but 32% Magic is the usual amount of disappointment. One more thing - in chapter 7, after seizing Darna castle, Finn can speak with Lana, granting her a whopping +5 Magic. Lester also inherits Pursuit and Miracle from his father. Unfortunately, he cannot inherit any of his father's weapons. Despite this, Finn will begin chapter 7 with just an Iron Lance. Pursuit is great on him, while Miracle can help him get through scary arena opponents. A 95% Luck growth is a real standout, but 40% Strength isn't the best. Rating: B. This isn't the easiest pairing to set up, especially in light of Finn's early departure in generation 1. Still, Lester enjoys any pairing that gives him Pursuit, especially in conjunction with a not-terrible Strength stat. Both kids get great Luck stats (in a game where Luck means little), while Lana enjoy a surprise boost to Magic by speaking to her father. Miracle can be great in the Arena (and situational outside of it), but this pairing does mean Finn loses all his items before generation 2 starts. vii. Midir Midir and Edain start with 120 love points together, gaining 1 per turn. In chapter 1, Midir may speak with her, building 100 points together. In chapter 4, if they are married, Edain can give him the Brave Bow. Midir is much more mobile than Edain, but Canto might help him end his turn adjacent to her. Lana gets Pursuit and Accost from her father. Again, Accost is more likely to hurt than help early on, but Pursuit is great after promotion. As far as growths go, 50% Speed is pretty nice, while 32% Magic is still bad. Lester also gets Pursuit and Accost from his father. These are great for him, ensuring he hits his target at least twice, and often more. In addition, Lester will inherits his father's bows. This can include the Brave Bow, letting him strike up to four times before even considering Accost, and the Killer Bow, which is light and accurate. As for growths, 55% Speed is great for him, while 55% Luck is a bit lower than usual. Rating: *. Without a doubt, this is the best pairing for Lester. He gets the ability to reliably double, and he can inherit powerful weapons, including the Brave Bow. Speaking of which, getting to use the Brave Bow in the flier-heavy chapters 4 and 5 is very cool. This pairing is one of the easier ones to set up, particularly with the chapter 1 conversation. As for Lana, she'll rely on her mother as usual, but Pursuit at least is nice once she promotes. viii. Dew Dew and Edain start with 0 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. In chapter 1, after seizing Genoa castle, Dew can speak to Edain, building 50 love points and awarding her the powerful Warp staff. With similar mobility, it's easy to keep them together, especially in early chapter 1 when they're on the run together. Lana gets Bargain from Dew. This is one of the skills that's actually a big help to a healer, halving the cost to repair her staves or to buy new ones. With enough money, she can also comfortably buy rings, like the Magic Ring or Paragon Band. As growths go, 50% Speed and 80% Luck are both good for her, but 95% HP is kind of low for this game. Lester similarly gains the Bargain skill from his father, letting him buy valuable rings and bows more easily. He doesn't inherit any weapons and can't double without the Pursuit band, however. In terms of growths, 50% each in Strength, Skill, and Defense is great, as is 55% Speed - but again, 95% HP isn't the best. Rating: B. This pairing isn't very hard to set up, especially with how these two start out together in chapter 1. Lester will decry the lack of inherited weapons and combat skills, but Bargain can help him make up ground on this front. As for Lana, Bargain allows for cheaper staff repairs and ring purchases. Not the best for either kid, but worth considering. ix. Jamke Jamke and Edain start with 250 love points, and gain 1 per turn thereafter. Their first conversation in chapter 1 is where Edain recruits him, while in their post-marital conversation in chapter 4, Edain gives him the Brave Bow. They both have infantry mobility, although Jamke maintains a 1-move advantage. Lana gets the Adept and Accost skills from Jamke. Accost may become an issue, while Adept can become a less reliable Pursuit after she promotes. As growths go, 115% HP and 80% Luck are both good, while 30% Magic and 25% Skill are no good. Lester also gets Adept and Accost from his father. Not only this, but he will also inherits his father's bows, which can include the Brave Bow and Killer Bow. This can ensure that, even without Pursuit, he gets at least two attacks in, while he's got a good shot at securing even more shots. As for his growths, 135% HP is tremendous, while 60% Strength and 80% Luck shine too. Then again, 20% Skill puts his reliability into question. Rating: A. This is another relatively easy pairing to set up, starting from a very high love level. Jamke enjoys the Brave Bow just as much as Midir before him. This pairing also creates the second-best Lester possible - he has great Strength, and while he's missing Pursuit, starting with the Brave Bow makes up for it. Both kids have good bulk, but as usual, Lana will depend on inheritance from her mother. x. Chulainn Chulainn and Edain start with 0 love points, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Chulainn has similar mobility to Jamke, so it's not that hard keeping tied to Edain. Then again, they'll have to make up for missing chapter 1 together. A Lana fathered by Chulainn will be one of the rare child units with no skills. Minor Odo holy blood doesn't help her weapon ranks, but it affects her growths. 135% HP and 75% Skill are both solid, while 32% Magic is still bad. Like his sister, Lester receives no skills from this pairing. He also receives no weapons, as his father is locked to swords. His growths are impacted by minor Odo holy blood. 155% HP and 90% Skill knock it out of the park, while 65% Luck is on the low side for Lester. Rating: C. There is very little reason to go for this pairing. Chulainn can't pass down his Swords or the Luna skill to either child. Lester will have pretty good growths, but he'd rather have Pursuit and/or good bows. Lana will have good durability and post-promotion hit rates, but she gets little else out of it. xi. Beowolf Beowolf and Edain start with 100 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. As a mounted unit, it may be difficult to keep Beowolf adjacent to the foot-locked Edain, which is necessary if you wish to pair them together. Lana receives the Pursuit and Accost skills if Beowolf is her father. Accost can hurt more than it helps, but Pursuit is welcome once she promotes. Now, for the growths: 110% HP is good, but 30% Magic is bad. Lester also gets Pursuit and Accost from his father. As with Midir, this can help him get in enough hits to kill his target. But unlike Midir, Beowolf will not pass any weapons on to his son. Lester gets some good growths out of it, such as 125% HP, 50% Strength, and 50% Skill, but 65% Luck isn't great for him. Rating: B. This pairing grants similar skills to Edain/Midir, but it's harder to set up. It also fails to pass Bows along to Lester. Lana gets next to nothing out of it until promotion, while Lester gets some good skills and stat growths. It's far from the best, but it's not the worst for him either. xii. Lewyn Lewyn and Edain start with 50 love points together, gaining 2 per turn. They have no notable conversations together. Lewyn has just 1 point of movement over Edain, however, so it's not too hard to keep them adjacent. With Lewyn as her father, Lana gets the Adept and Critical skills. Neither of these will be of any use until she promotes. When she does, however, her minor Sety holy blood will open up a new possibility - she will be able to use the Elwind tome in battle. As for growths, 115% HP and 75% Speed are both very good, while 45% Magic is a cut above that granted by most physical fathers. 30% Defense isn't the best, though. Lester gets Adept and Critical from the crown prince of Silesse. As such, he has a good chance to deal bonus damage, but he can't do so reliably. He inherits major Sety holy blood, alongside a Forseti tome that he can never use. Looking at growths, 135% HP is great and 105% Speed is hilariously good, while 20% Strength returns on the hilariously bad side. Rating: B. When thinking of whom to pair with Lewyn, Edain isn't at the head of anyone's list. His son wants bows and Pursuit - instead, he gets an unusable Forseti tome, taunting him. But it's not all bad news - Adept and Critical may let him achieve success in spite of his Strength. As for Lana, she gets better Magic and Speed than usual - combined with Elwind access, she can make a much more competent combatant than usual. xiii. Claud Claud and Edain start with 150 love points, and gain 3 per turn. They don't have much time together, but they do have identical mobility. Should they get hitched, Edain can speak with Claud in chapter 5 to gain the Rescue staff. Unfortunately, Lana doesn't get any skills from her father. What she does get is something better: minor Blaggi holy blood. This boosts her Staff rank to A, letting her inherit the Rescue staff, and potentially Fortify, from her mother. This enables strategies that would otherwise not be possible in chapters 6 and 7. It also impacts her growths: 50% Magic is great, as are 85% Luck and 30% Resistance. 30% each in Speed and Defense, though, not so much. As for Lester, he's coming off a hard time being considered Lewyn's son - but hey, it could be worse. He could have no ability to double or crit, alongside no weapon inheritance. That's the picture if Claud is his father. He does inherit one item - a Valkyrie staff that he can't use. Let's get growths out of the way: 20% Strength, 30% Skill, 30% Defense. He can barely hit, and when he does, he'll barely dent the foe. Some good news: 115% HP, 95% Luck, and 52% Resistance. That's right, this Lester is a mage-"killer", with heavy quotes around the "killer" part. Rating: A. We all like to think our parents don't choose favorites. But in the case of Edain/Claud, it's clear that they've picked Lana as their golden child. This pairing creates the best possible Lana, making her a staffbot as potent as any the series has seen. On the flip side, it creates the worst possibly Lester, able to do little more than chip damage. He'll be immune to status staves, but that's about it. A great pairing if you want the blue-haired Arch Knight to lead a life of suffering. Anyway, what do you think? Are these ratings fair? How would you rate the pairings in question? I hope to read your replies soon!
  2. Hi all, tl;dr: I am looking for a save file of FE4 at the beginning of chapter 6 with the pairings of Ayra X Dew, Raquesis X Beowulf, Adean X Midayle, Sylvia X Claud, Briggid X Holyn, Tiltyu X Azel (selene's forest's best pairings) I am a very stupid man. I installed retroarch to my game's folder and uninstalled it when I saw that it sprayed its file gobbledygook all over the folder. I did not know that uninstall.exe called "rm -rf" and lost 700 gb of games. Most were beaten already or generally worthless. But I lost one very valuable thing. My invincible wife, Ayra. I lost the hours spent making sure none of my cherished friends died. I lost the hours having my favorite boys and girls dance after the battle was won. I had just begun chapter 6 when this occurred. I found another save file, but I was immediately shown an abomination. The Not-Children of Ayra staring me down, mocking me in my failure. I cannot continue with that save file any longer. Please help me, Selene's Forest. You're my only hope. tl;dr: I desperately need a save file of FE4 at the beginning of chapter 6 with Ayra's kids, Lakshe and Shakaher, not the default replacements, Radney and Roddlevan. Thank you very much for reading my plea for help. Best, Dew
  3. I did a pseudo-draft with a friend of mind on Hard Classic, but she doesn’t have the game on-hand anymore. So the way this worked is that I picked a unit to draft, then she picked a unit I couldn’t use, and we went back and forth like so. I also let her choose my pairings at the end of the draft. My question is, what are some fun combinations I can do with these pairings without much grinding (as little grinding as preferable) 1. Chrom x Village Maiden 2. Bachelor Male Robin (+Mag, -Str) (No Morgan) 3. Sully x Virion 4. Sumia x Frederick 5. Panne x Gaius 6. Tharja x Gregor 7. Cherche x Stahl 8. Lissa x Libra The other units I have are Vaike, Basilio, Flavia, Walhart, Yen’fay, and Priam. I’m very excited for the challenge, but I was wondering if anyone had any advice on skills that can be useful for these units/pairs. And yes, these pairings and units are set in stone
  4. If you've seen my first post, this is an addendum to that. I'm planning on starting Awakening over, this time on Hard/Classic, and I'm willing to grind and reclass this time, preferably with the SpotPass bonus boxes since I can't afford DLC. This time, any skill the parents can have is fair dinkum. I don't care how long it takes to get it. I'm in quarantine and have nothing better to do. I also have some ideas on what skills I want to pass, but I just want to confirm with you guys if these are good ideas. Which ones are the best to pass down to each kid? (Also, keep in mind that my avatar's asset is Magic and his flaw is Luck.) My current plans: Lucina: Aether and Galeforce (Chrom x Sumia) Morgan: Any male-exclusive skill (preferably Wrath) and Vengeance (Ryan x Tharja) Owain: Galeforce and Aptitude (Lissa x Donnel) Kjelle: Aegis and Hit Rate +20 (Sully x Stahl) Laurent: Tomefaire and Acrobat (Miriel x Henry) Cynthia: Galeforce and Aether (Sumia x Chrom) Brady: Galeforce and Swordbreaker (Maribelle x Lon'qu) Yarne: Lancebreaker and Pavise (Panne x Frederick) Severa: Galeforce and Luna (Cordelia x Kellam) Nah: Swordbreaker and Aegis (Nowi x Ricken) Noire: Tomebreaker and Counter (Tharja x Ryan) Inigo: Galeforce and Swordfaire (Olivia x Gaius) Gerome: Swordbreaker and Bowbreaker (Cherche x Virion)
  5. So, I got Awakening for Christmas, and I've been playing it almost nonstop. I'm currently up to Chapter 11, and I'm already planning my child units. For my first playthrough, I decided to go in semi-blind and not worry too much about the best combinations of skills. I wanna save eugenics for my second playthrough, or whenever I or my mom has enough money for the DLC. I'm playing Normal/Classic, and it's already pretty easy, so I don't wanna ruin it even more by making overpowered war babies. I'm just planning pairings that I think would work well from a character standpoint and/or be funny. Even so, I still want to improve my children's battle performance somewhat and acquaint myself with how inheritance works by passing on skills that their parents learn through their normal class progression. What skills should each parent have in their bottom slot before beginning the child paralogues that they can unlock without excessive grinding and with minimal to no reclassing? For context, here are my planned couples along with their current/default classes: Chrom (Great Lord) x Sumia (Dark Flier) Ryan (My Unit; Tactician) x Tharja (Dark Mage) Sully (Cavalier) x Stahl (Cavalier) Lissa (War Cleric) x Lon'qu (Myrmidon) Nowi (Manakete) x Donnel (Mercenary) Panne (Taguel) x Gregor (Mercenary) Maribelle (Troubadour) x Vaike (Barbarian) Cordelia (Pegasus Knight) x Kellam (Armour Knight) Miriel (Mage) x Henry (Dark Mage) Olivia (Dancer) x Gaius (Thief) Cherche (Wyvern Rider) x Virion (Archer) So, what skills can be obtained without too much effort that are worth passing down? I've already got some figured out. For example, I know I want Lucina to inherit Galeforce from Sumia because it's such a broken skill, I'm planning to give Nah Aptitude so her growth rates become absurdly high, I want Brady to have Despoil to help get some extra gold once he promotes to War Monk, and Armsthrift seems like it'd be a good skill for Yarne because it might help save money on Beaststones. I'd appreciate some input on what naturally-learned skills are worth passing down. Thanks!
  6. I just started playing Genealogy of the Holy War, and I gotta say, I'm loving it. I'm currently up to Chapter 1, and I've already planned my pairings. I know that kids inherit the items in their parents' inventories, and that the only way to trade items is by selling and rebuying them, so item management is much more important than it is in Awakening. I'm just wondering, what items should I give to the parents so their children can perform the best? Here's the pairings I'm planning on doing: Sigurd x Deirdre (obvs) Quan x Ethlyn (also obvs) Lex x Ayra Midir x Aideen Beowulf x Raquesis Lewyn x Erin Azel x Tailte Holyn x Bridget Claude x Sylvia So, what items should each unit have before the end of Chapter 5? I'll use a guide so I know where items like the Brave Axe and Pursuit Ring are located, and I'm planning on buying everything from the armoury that I can, so obtaining the items isn't a problem. Thanks!
  7. So yeah title, I wrote an Apotheosis pairings guide. There's a lot of info on Apotheosis pairings out there, but it's seriously scattered - among 300 pages of the Pairing Thread, across GameFAQs guides and forum posts, and there's one gem I found on like page 1'200 of a TVTropes thread. Not to mention all the stuff with next to nothing out there that I had to bring together myself. No one's ever really bothered to bring it all together before, so I gave it my best effort. Here's the link. Any feedback would be appreciated. In any case, I do hope it proves of some use to you. That's why I wrote it, after all. https://docs.google.com/document/d/13b2KxYlWGqnMPbXMqjGj850dKa88sAytTCCJw7gpaS4/edit?usp=sharing
  8. Hello and welcome to a part fanfiction, part headcanon for FEH. The following Supports are of course completely fictional and nonsensical to a fault because these supports will never happen in game and only make some sense as they are based on The Crazy Summoner on A03, so feel free to follow it up in the link in my signature, which will lead to all of my Fanfic stuff. Feedback will be linked in the spoiler below: The supports will follow the following Format: C Support B Support A Support (And for pairings only) S Support The Supports are naturally going to follow the heroes I have summoned, so spoilers for The Crazy Summoner if you haven't already read it yet. Without futher ado here's the first support: Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support C Morgan: Hya! Ha! Tsa! Phew, that's enough for now, I gotta keep up with Mum and Dad, and that means training and studying. Grima: ... Morgan: I have get better! Grima: ... Morgan: Ah damn it! Every time! How did Mum get through this! Grima: Though the same process of trail and error the same way anyone learns. Morgan: Dad! Herm...I need to work on my obser- Grima (rolls eyes): You work on enough. Your Mother bids you to join us for the midday meal, insisted actually. Morgan (eyes widen): What?! Midday already! But I only just got started my studies! Grima: Humph. You need awareness of time. Morgan (sighs): I guess I do...still I... ~*~ Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support B Morgan: I don't get it. I mean I remember some things about Mum but not Dad...I wonder why? I know we were all happy, Mum used to smile so much. She still does, even more than I remember. So how could I have forgot Dad? Grima (watches Morgan): ... Morgan: Herm. I can't figure it out. Maybe if I studied more I might figure it out. But... Grima: Perhaps it would be wisest to focus on the here and now and not the past. Morgan: Dad! I guess that means I can get started on the get memories of Dad back! Grima: Did you not hear a word I just said? Morgan: I did but this is important to me. I don't like having lost- Grima (rolls eyes): We all lose something as we travel though life and other worlds. But we also gain new things in their place. If we dwell on the past we lose sight of what is before us. Morgan: I never thought of it that way... Grima: With time you will learn. Now, your mother has called for the midday meal and wants us all there. Morgan : Really? I guess she loves having us all together as a family huh? Grima (mutters): Of course she does. It's a thing of hers she won't budge on. Still...I suppose it is...nice to have time spent with our offspring... ~*~ Father/Child Conversation Grima & Morgan M Support A Morgan (looks at the stars in the sky): It sure is nice tonight. I wonder if Mum ever looked at the stars...heh, maybe that's how she came up with some great strategies- Grima: No. She does like the stars I must admit, but not as a time to think up strategies. She does more than that. Morgan: Dad?! Grima: She often times said that the stars give her peace, that they are what connect her to her world, if nothing else. Morgan: ... Grima: It's true she loves her family dearly, and she would hate for you to think otherwise. Sometimes even the wisest thing is to learn to let go of the past. Only then can you look to the future with new eyes. Heh, your mother is a wise woman. But she did not be that way on speculation alone. She observed the world around her and drew her own conclusions, even if they were wrong. Morgan: Is that really how Mum works? Grima (sighs): Somehow. Even I find it difficult to keep up with her. She works on as much gut instinct as she does careful thought, a dangerous combination if you ask me. But a combination that...is far more powerful than even Chrom could ever hope to be. Your mother helps people to see the good within themselves and make the choices they choose as themself. Food for thought I suppose. Morgan (looks surprised): Did Mum really? Grima (softly): She did for me. And perhaps proved Zephiel wrong about humanity as a whole... Morgan: Did you say something Dad? Grima: No, now come, it's late and you should be in bed. Morgan (tries to plead): Aww five more minutes? Grima (sternly): No. Morgan (tries to look extra cute): Please Dad... Grima (growls): No. Your sister tired that trick yesterday, it is already late. Bed Morgan. Morgan (deflates and sighs): Yes Dad. Grima (watches as Morgan leaves to go to bed, then quietly): I wonder if he's actually going to bed this time... ~*~
  9. Since I am redoing my Lunatic Classic Awakening run, with the men and women left, I would like it if people were able to finish the roster of the future children because I am somewhat at an impasse on which pairings to do (somewhat). The following couples are set in stone: Chrom x Maribelle Avatar x Lucina Cordelia x Gregor Sumia x Henry An honorary mention is that I won't be picking up Donny due to his beginning frailty. Otherwise the pairings are fair game. Who knows maybe they might take on Apo XD Thanks in advance 😄
  10. So, I plan on making some written works here, and I decided to make his so you can understand who I have paired up with who. All of these stories will take place in the same universe... sort of. Basically, in this universe, there are: -2 separate Awakening timelines -2 separate Fates: Revelation timelines -1 Smash World that brings them together. This accommodates for each Corrin and Robin of each gender. Before we get to the pairings, a few notes in the spoiler below. Anyways, the pairings: Awakening: Robin timeline Awakening: Reflet Timeline Fates Revelation: Corrin timeline Fates Revelation: Kamui timeline If there are any thoughts and concerns about the details here, let me know.
  11. I'm so sorry if I start anything or broke any rules in advance I'm sorta new here With Fates being released some months ago, we probably know a lot about the characters as well as the pairings and supports from them by now. It's enough time to tell which pairings are already well-liked or not. However, the massive popularity might be too tiring for others. With that being said, what pairings in Fates do you think are overrated? Maybe I should start: Subaki x Selena: Honestly, this pairing is a little unsettling for me. Selena was annoyed at her mother's perfectionism, so it's weird to see her marry a male version of her, only to give birth to an exact copy of her. I know a lot of people ship this because of the extra tidbit she has with Caeldori, but it's not my cup of tea. Odin x Elise: This is probably the only popular Elise ship, but I honestly am not that fond of it. Just like Subaki x Selena, Odin is basically marrying someone who's almost identical to his mother. Heck, Ophelia with Elise's hair looks almost exactly like his mother with her hair down. Sorry, not into it. Hayato x Sakura: While I found the C-A support to be pretty cute, it does seem like a lot of people ship them because Sakura seems "too young" for everyone else, just like why Lissa is usually paired with Ricken. Even though they ship Elise with an adult *shot* I honestly can't really picture Sakura as that young, but it's probably because she doesn't show her childish side as much as Hayato or Elise do. That's just me, though. Kaden x Azura: I'm sorry to say this, but I found the support to be lacking. Yes, Azura could use some time to loosen up, but the support was all like "omg can I pet your fur". Then again the "touch fluffy tail" happened because of the JP support... Sorry, not shipping it. BTW, they don't have to be ships that you dislike. Hell, I ship Xander x Charlotte and Takumi x Oboro, but I haven't found anyone who doesn't ship them.
  13. So, I'm replaying Genealogy of the Holy War again and was wondering about the Valkyrie staff. I've never used it before (either because I never had to or wasn't able to pass it down) on my past playthrough, so I don't know the details of how it works. I've looked some stuff up, so here's what I understand: - it can only be used at the very start of a turn and the user has to be in the base castle - it can be repaired and reused - it can be used on anyone who has died within the current generation Correct me if any of this is wrong, but my question is this: does the revived character return with all items they had when they died, or are they lost and their inventory emptied? I made a pairing that I've decided I don't want, so I was going to kill them and revive them to undo this. I forgot to empty their inventory before killing them, so I want to make sure I've not lost those items. Also, as a side note, I know that killing them will remove the pairing, but when they are revived, do they return with love points cleared, or should I wait to form a new pairing before reviving them? I'm pretty sure that lover points are cleared for the revived character, but I'd appreciate a definite answer. Thanks.
  14. I decided to create a survey out of spite to see what first-generation pairs in Awakening are peoples' favorites. I know the hype for this game has died down, but I'm still very curious. You can take it here: https://goo.gl/forms/wVO8FrU1ew1avT6E2 Posting comments on why you voted a certain character is optional, but encouraged. Notice how I word the questions as well; you can vote for non-canon ships homo or heterosexual if you select "other."
  15. I'm trying to plan out my Gen I pairings and am a bit stuck. In what ways can I improve what I have here? Pairings (Gen I): Sigurd (Seliph) Deidre (Julia) Quan (Altena) Ethlyn (Leaf) - Silver Sword - Money - Gae Bolg - Light Brand - Thunder Sword - Silver Lance - Return Ring - Skill Ring - Pursuit Ring - Speed Ring - Shield Ring - Elite Ring - Leg Ring Midir (Lester) Aideen (Mana) Ayra (Larcei) Lex (Ulster) - Brave Bow - Recover - Flame sword - Silver Blade - Killer Bow - Warp - Steel Blade - Money - Extra Stave(s) - Effetive Sword Beowulf (Delmud) Raquesis (Nanna) Sylvia (Leen) Dew (Corple) - Shield Sword - Heal - Prayer Sword - Money - Thief Sword - Mend - Knight Ring - Power Ring - Extra Stave(s) Fury (Fee) Claude (Ced) Bridget (Faval) Holyn (Patty) - Brave Lance - Valkyrie - Yewfelle - Sleep Sword - Steel Lance - Reserve - Silver Bow - Brave Sword - Javelin - Elf-tome - Bargain Ring - Wind Sword - Elf-tome - Steel Sword - Barrier Ring Taillte (Tinny) Lewyn (Arthur) ******************Finn******************* - Elf-tome - Forseti - Silver Lance - Magic Ring - Elf-Tome - Javelin EDIT 1: a. Swapped Shield Ring from Delmud to Seliph b. Swapped Finn's Brave Lance with Fury's Silver Lance c. Swapped Dew!Ayra and Lex!Sylvia to Lex!Ayra and Dew!Sylvia c. Added Knight Ring to Sylvia d. Added Reserve to Claude
  16. Here are my planned pairings at the moment. I haven't looked at any statistical maps on what is technically best, but I have looked up "pairing recommendations" for each unit and tried to find a happy middleground for those who won't get their "best" pairing. With all that in mind, I mainly want the best for the children's stats etc etc. I honestly don't understand it in depth and it seems like a lot to get into, so I just want to hear opinions. Also keen on opinions for MU pairing (preferably offspring pairing), he is very single at the moment and needs a waifu.
  17. I know this question has been asked many times but I'm looking to find if someone has made an optimal pairings list for good children or what is are good pairings to produce good children characters. Edit: who would femu be good with? (+str/-luk)
  18. Been wondering about this for a while now. What would be the best way to play Conquest? Which characters should you use? Which pairings should you use? Which classes should you use? I'm sorry, I realize that this is a very big question to ask, but I'm just super curious and I think that others would benefit from this information as well.
  19. I decided to marry a child for the first time in all of my Fates playthroughs. So here are pairings: Dominic [Corrin] (+Magic/-Luck) x Ophelia Odin x Elise Xander x Charlotte Keaton x Camilla Niles x Azura (these two always seem to find themselves near each other) Leo x Felicia Arthur x Effie Benny x Beruka Laslow x Peri Jakob x Nyx Kaze x Mozu Silas x Selena I may use the Boo Camp DLC to only help grind some of the supports out for my lesser used kids (mainly the last 3 on the bottom). My main kids that I will using this run is Nina, Ophelia, Velouria, Percy, Forrest, and Siegbert. So basically the ones in BOLD. I may add Ignatius to that list, but that depends on how well Beruka is going. She will be going to Fighter after the chapter Benny arrives. Dominic's secondary class is Diviner, but you could probably figure that out because who he's marrying. Odin will going to Samurai to get Duelist Blow and Vantage and then he will be going to back to Dark Mage.
  20. I just finished doing a two person draft of conquest with one of my friends. I know that a two person draft seems kind of useless, but we just did this for fun. I have a weird thing in which I want everything that I do to be as good as it can be. Since I am used to playing with the entire party available, I think I may need some help with this. Drafted Units Corrin-F-Kana-M Camilla Azura Jakob-Dwyer Beruka Silas-Sophie Niles-Nina Kaze-Midori Shura Arthur-Percy Peri Gunter Nyx Flora I would like to know what the best thing I can do for each of these characters will be in regards of pairings, classes, skills, etc. I also have some rules to go over, and that I would like to follow. 1.Conquest Hard Classic Mode 2.You must bring as may characters as you can in every chapter. No low-manning. 3.No DLC or bonus items 4.No other people's my castle buying 5.No Capturing I would like to know which pairings I should use to create the best kids, as well as support both of the partners. I am fine with using A+ friendship supports instead of S supports, but only if it is the very best option. I would also like to know which classes all the characters should end in. I am completely comfortable with dipping into other classes for skills, but keep in mind the limited number of seals. Because I forgot to mention it earlier, I also used a randomized avatar and I got +HP, -Lck, Dragon talent. I am honestly fine with anything I am given as long as it fits my rules, and you truly believe it is the best option possible. Thank you in advance
  21. Over a long period of mix and matching I think I have finally come up with a decent fire emblem fates pairing list. This list will be based on solely competitive optimization of the children's stat mods and their end classes. I will explain each pairing and state the class I plan on ending the child as. The chosen parent with be on the right while the child's name will be on the left, i.e Kaze!Shigure. Any advice and suggestions are greatly appreciated as I am not 100% sure of these pairings and would like to hear some of your input. Kaze!Shigure - Kaze has been chosen as the father of shigure because of the insane +7 spd and +4 skill mods that Shigure ends with. He does have -1 str and -3 def but the strength isn't that significant and the defense is covered by the insane speed that Shigure will cap at. I will probably end him as either a master ninja or a swordsmaster if he gets a+ in support with hisame. Azura!Midori - Midori is pretty much an identical twin to Shigure stat wise and has pretty much the same reasoning as Shigure, but she will probably be ended as a master ninja since her speed stat amazingly complements the class's naturally high speed stat. She'll also be a possible candidate of the Awakening skill but i'm not sure of which female child I should give it to as of yet. Setsuna!Dywer -N/A Peri!Soleil - N/A Oboro!Sophie - Kagero!Shiro - Makes a great spear master with a +5 str mod, +2 skl and +1 spd, only bad side is -2 def but spear masters are naturally bulky. Mozu!Kiragi - Makes a great sniper with +5 skl, +2 str and +1 def along with the fact that it makes takumi's neg spd mod neutral. Sakura!Asugi - N/A Hana!Selkie - Hana gives selkie the samurai tree along with +3 str, +5 spd and +4 res which makes an exceptional swordsmaster or nine-tails. Drawbacks are the -1 skl and -4 def but it's all mitigated by the beastone and the amazing spd stat. Selena!Hisame - Hinoka!Mitama - N/A Rinkah!Caeldori - Someone had to take the rinkah and the irony lies in rinkah ruining children's perfection. Ending her as subaki's wife is only fitting along with the fact that subaki is the only one that doesn't completely get butchered by rinkah's bad mods. She leaves caeldori with +1 skl and + 6 def with -1 str which is acceptable but the classes she provides are hot garbage, literally! I'll prob marry her to Ignatius for her to get the knight tree and prob end her as a general or great knight so that she can ride Ignatius to victory! Orochi!Rhajat - N/A Charlotte!Siegbert - Charlotte makes this kid a complete savage with +6 str and +2 spd and her -2 def is neutralized by xander's +2 def. Many say that he's good as a paladin while others say to make him a hero, not so sure myself, but boy does he have a lot of great classes to choose from! Felicia!Forrest - N/A Beruka!Ignatius - Apparently best mother for ignatius and I can see why with the +3 skl, +6 def and +1 res. Prob best general in the game. Camilla!Velouria - Great +5 str, +1 spd and +4 def for a wolfssenger and also makes vel have cute purple hair. Effie!Percy - N/A Elise!Ophelia - Ophelia gets +5 mag,+1 spd and +1 res but an unfortunate -2 def. However, the low defense doesn't stop her from becoming a crit machine. She will prob be ended as a witch since witch's have higher speed caps then sorcs. I also am debating whether to use the exalt's brand on her to give her awakening because of the insane possible crit rate I can get her at with the +30 from awakening and +10 from her personal skill, slap on gamble, death blow and a mjolnir and you have a near 100% crit rate. Nyx!Nina - N/A Nina!Kana - Kana has many possible parents and routes so this is the pairing that i'm mostly unsure about. Since my Male Avatar has a +mag boon and -lck bane, I decided to build her as a speedy mage. However, i'm not sure if this is the right way to go since this makes kana a 100% better version of nina and the fact that I can literally make kana into anything I want depending on the parent, which I am unsure of what class I really would need since I have already so many good kids. So I decided to make kana my best mage by giving her nina as her mom. Nina gives her an end total of +7 mag, +8 spd and +5 res. However, she gets -2 skl and -1 def. She also gets -3 lck which is rather unfortunate. The -2 skl is still bugging me but it's worth the sacrifice imo. I debated on givng her ophelia as a mom but the +8 spd is too good to pass up. I mostly want to hear your thoughts on what you would make a +mag/-lck kana and what parent you would give her as well as your thoughts on the other kids parents and end classes as well as suggestions for possible better pairing setups. Also, I used an inheritance planner to see my mods and possible other options so if there are any errors I made please do point them out. For those of you who also plan on optimizing children here is the planner I used https://inheritance-planner.herokuapp.com/ .
  22. Hello all. I've seen several different pairing guides for FE4, but never one that held all the information I believed was relevant at once. To that end, I've made my own personal pairing guide and would like to share it with you all. Enjoy. Please let me know if there's something anyone feels could be improved. Also, I use the official NOA names. Genealogy of the Holy War.docx
  23. So I go into multiplayer. 75% of my time is spent playing against people with normal stats. However, 25% of it is spent playing against people with: Spd stat in the 40s, sometimes in the 50s Str stat at LEAST 38 Avo above 100 Skill stat 40-45 (And then they capitalize upon this by using Hoshidan Unity) So the question is HOW do they do it? Given that: Half of their chars are able to do it without being paired up The stat caps for each class far precede what their current stats actually are And most notably: None of their units are holding any stat-boosting emblems This is very frustrating, because my unit's stats are capped out under their normal circumstances with all +7 weapons and they still do no good against these teams. The teams in question have their skills triggered almost 100% of the time (which they abuse with Lethality, something id never do), and also every time I try to make an attack, their support unit ALWAYS deflects the attack. Any answers for this ungodly phenomena?
  24. NOTICE: All the pairings have been added, so respond to this post with what you think of this idea. Recently, I learnt about a thing called PMU, or Pick my Units. And while that's cool and all, I kinda want to add to that. You have to pick (most of) my pairings. The only pairing you cannot choose is the Avatar's, since I'm going to be marrying her to Gerome no matter what. However, the rest of the units are yours. Hot Mommas what do you mean chrom isn't a hot momma Chrom X Sumia Lissa X Vaike Sully X Libra Miriel X Stahl Sumia X Chrom Maribelle X Gaius Panne X Lon'qu Cordelia X Gregor Nowi X Henry Tharja X Kellam Olivia X Frederick Cherche X Donny Children Owain X Noire Inigo X Lucina Brady X Severa M!Morgan X Nah Yarne X Kjelle Laurent X Cynthia
  25. Hi guys. I need some advice on my FE4 pairings. I'm not very good at this game's pairing system, so I would like some help. The only ones I know I'll do are Levin x Tiltyu and Claude x Sylvia. I don't like playing with substitutes.
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