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Found 6 results

  1. I've been trying to get a Manakete palette to work properly in FE Builder, and despite my best efforts of changing animations and messing with palettes, it's pretty much stuck like this. The actual transformation animation works well, but the attack is what's not working for me. I'm new to making things, working on a one or two map hack for a Discord server I'm in, so sorry if this is a question that gets asked often.
  2. Title pretty much sums it up. I want to try giving my FE project a more subdued art style akin to fe4/fe5 (but not exactly like it).
  3. Hey everyone! After so many years of being a lurker, I decided to join Serenes and this is my first thread here. So, onto the topic I am here for: I am working on a small project on FEBuilderGBA and I decided to add in a couple of changes in the chapter 3 map of Fire Emblem 6 (Sword of Seals). For this, tho, I had to add some tiles to the tileset. The tileset I am trying to use is attached to this post if you want to try it by yourself. However, for some reason, whenever I import this tileset into the game, this happens: https://imgur.com/AuVc1a1 This happens with almost every single palette when I import a tileset. And yes, I encounter this error with any tileset I try to import into the game. I have tried to: - Insert the palettes' codes manually. - Export the palettes beforehand and then import them when I imported the tileset. - Import the tileset with and without importing the palettes. - Use this tileset in black and white, or with only one of the palettes. All of this is to no avail: The palettes end up messed up regardless and after racking my brain for a while, I realized this was a problem I could not solve by myself with my limited knowledge in coding. Do any of you know of any workarounds for this problem? Have any of you experienced it? Do you know of a solution (even if it means using a different software for this particular issue)? I would greatly appreciate any help I can get. Thank you all in advance!
  4. So I've been looking away from the hacking scene for ages now, the last time I had any substantial awareness of it whatsoever was around the time The Last Promise was finished, and even then I had minimal actual experience, simply using FEditor to change some portraits and Nightmare to mess with stats and item slots. I wanted to mess around with FE6 somewhat to better suit my tastes. (I have no intention of releasing the mod unless I was asked for it for some reason) Adding Al, Gant, Tiena, an OC, and moving characters I want in my army sooner than later into an earlier chapter to be recruited. Does this sound too "ambitious" for someone who won't be trying to put a whole lot of effort into learning how to hack? Or have advances in tools made it a lot easier not to mess up? I can make do with replacing existing characters for the ones I want in, but I mostly want the events to remain consistent. So I wouldn't replace for instance, Merlinus' portrait because then anytime Merlinus shows up in a cutscene, he's going to be using the replaced portrait. I've seen a reverse recruitment hack where they kept things consistent in this sense, but the actual characters' supports and such were tied to who was replaced rather than the replacement, (Karel would have Roy supports with Alan and Lance for example) and I want to totally replace the character instead. Here is a list of things I want to do: (that I don't already know how to) Move Lilina's recruitment to the first chapter, and if it's not a pain to do so, add a small event explaining why. Move Cecilia's recruitment to the end of Chapter 7 and replace Treck with my OC. Either add Al, Gant, and Tiena as completely new characters recruited in Chapter 12, or have them replace existing ones I won't care about who don't have any story involvement anyway. Have Douglas take Cecilia's place when Zephiel attacks in Chapter 13, and rewrite the event accordingly to excuse Cecilia being already in Roy's army. Recolor map palettes to be less saturated, create some battle palettes for the new characters, and replace some backgrounds with ones I've darkened in Photoshop. Create support conversations for the new characters. Increase Roy's level cap to 30 and remove his promotion. (The least necessary one but nice to do if I can)
  5. Hello, I'm doing a hack of FE8, and currently I'm editing palettes but the Shaman, Summoner, Druid won't change even after changing the palettes with BSPalette Assembler and doing the required modifications on nightmare. And (I don't know if this is related) but when Ewan hit lvl.10 the game softlock (Blackscreen after the dialogue but nothing else shows up) and I'm unable to continue the game since Ewan promotes at the start of a chapter. I'm using FEditor Adv, Nightmare, Fe_Recolor, BSPalette Assembler and HxD. What could I do do resolve those problems ?
  6. So yeah I've got two questions: 1) How do I edit generic palettes like in Elibian Nights and TRTR? I'd like to have different palettes for different groups of enemies/allies (NPC ones). 2) After a scripted fight without an animation a unit dies, and then I have to use KILL command to kill him properly, in the events it looks a bit stupid. How do I make it so a unit dies in a scripted fight without animations?
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