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Found 5 results

  1. Heyo! I'm on a quest to get some of the strongest kids you can get in this game, and through many threads and help from the advice people have given me on some of my other posts, I think I've got some great pairings; but alas, I have one last problem: Panne. I have every single character a partner, but her. The only men not taken are Kellam and Gregor, and I don't know who's a better Dad for Yarne. Thanks in advance!
  2. Out of a combination of curiosity and boredom, I read all of Panne's supports (and a couple of Yarne's) to see what random facts I could gather about the taguel. Note that I am separating facts into two categories: Things that could apply to the taguel as a whole, and abilities that Panne has but probably aren't universal. EDIT: I'll be editing in any facts I overlooked, as well as adding things Panne mentions in barrack events and DLC. Universal: "Taguel" is lowercase. They have strong hearing. Panne can hear heartbeats (Robin and Fredrick), and Yarne was able to tell that an ambush was arriving and even said he didn't recognize the footfalls (Female Robin). However, this seems to come at the cost of having highly sensitive ears (Ricken, Gaius, Yarne's father), which means that they hear a lot of background noise when listening to something. Loud noises also hurt their ears. There was also a shapeshifting tribe of cats and birds present in Archenea, but they may have died out by the time the game starts (Robin and Ricken). The art book for Awakening vaguely implies that the taguel may be descended from the laguz from Tellius (Thank you @Otts486 for providing this information). Taguels believe that the souls of the deceased return to the moon (Virion). Panne also mentions her ancestors when panicking over an eclipse (Gregor). They can drink (blackberry) wine without problem (Virion). They can't eat potatoes (potatoes are actually harmful to rabbits) (Stahl). They can eat firefruit safely, while it causes blisters to humans (Stahl). Taguel can track people by scent (Kellam). Apparently, taguel secure their right to wed through mortal combat (Kellam). With that said, Panne does understand the tradition of what presenting a ring to a female means. In the S-Support with Gaius, she even mentions that there is taguel ornamentation over such things. Also, Panne gives her spouse a taguel talisman as a gift in event tiles. They can climb cliff sides and trees very easily (Gaius). There is some kind of sweet-tasting fruit that grows on trees on cliffs that taguel eat in emergencies (Gaius). They can talk to animals (Cordelia). The Exalt freed the taguels from slavery thousands of years before Awakening, and treated them like equals. It is passed down among taguel that they will come to the exalts aid and repay their debt to them (Libra). This is why Panne joins in the fight against the assassins sent against Emmeryn. I used to think that warren referred to a place, but after reading her supports, out of the five times the word is mention (Frederick, Virion, Libra, and Henry), only once did it refer to a location, and all five referred to a group of people. EDIT: A warren is a interconnecting network of rabbit burrows. Looking again at how the word is mentioned, it could refer to both a place and a group of people. They can mate with humans, and produce taguel offspring. Yarne does mention that he is half-human, but what affects this have isn't explored (thank you @Dandy Druid for reminding me of this fact). Panne and Yarne are the only confirmed surviving taguel. Panne's solo ending (as well as the one with Kellam) is ambiguous about whether or not other survivors exist. Yarne's endings have him searching for a safe haven, but no mention is made of if he found other taguel on the journey (thank you @NinjaMonkey for bringing up something I overlooked). Panne: Both Panne and Yarne's fur is mentioned to be soft and fluffy (Frederick and Female Robin, respectively). Additionally, their fur keeps them warm, as they both mention that they are extremely hot during the Summer Scramble DLC, to the point that Panne almost passes out. Panne mentions that in beast form, once she cannot hold back, and thus is a reason why the only person she "trained" with is Kellam. However, seeing as she could chase Frederick down, help Gaius climb off a cliffside, transform in front of Ricken, and fight alongside Vaike without any hint of violence while in beast form, it seems that this bloodlust only applies in combat and against her enemies. Panne knows how to use a healing salve that works on animals (Cordelia) and humans (Kellam). Yarne also gives Brady a similar salve to heal his wounds. Panne can also make a potion out of herbs that prevents nightmares, but only temporarily (Lon'qu). Panne mentions that humans are different because they are fundamentally irrational creatures in the sense that they attempt the impossible while ignoring the possible. She does mention that this is not a bad thing, using Chrom's goal of ending a war and achieving peace as a noble example (Olivia). Both Panne and Yarne mention that the taguel do not use gold. About Panne's mother: She told Panne about the story of certain tribal leader back when the taguel ruled the world and lived in a paradise, but Ricken interrupts before Panne could go on. There was also the story passed down about the Exalt freeing them from slavery and how they were in his debt, as mentioned above (Libra). Her last words to Panne were that She mustn't hate all humans. That "there were good men as well as wicked, and I was never to forget it." (Lon'qu) In her support with Yarne, Panne states that her friends and kin were taken from her when she was still an infant, and she doesn't know how taguel mothers and children interact. Whether this is a plot hole or her mother simply died when Panne was extremely young is up to the reader. If I missed anything, please let me know.
  3. Lon'qu: And why did you collect them in the first place? Were they for you? Are you also haunted by nightmares? Panne: I often dream of the night man-spawn razed my village and murdered my kin. Just before she died, my mother told me that I mustn't hate all humans. She said there were good men as well as wicked, and I was never to forget it. Lon'qu: But why did you make the potion for me? Panne: I told you. I didn't want the herbs to go to waste. Lon'qu: ...You have a good heart. I've been reading over these lines in italic lately and I wonder if those lines are a bit of subtext that implies that Panne sees Lon'qu as a good person despite her trauma caused by humans. Am I reading too much into this or does anybody else see the same thing as I do?
  4. Well, I recently picked up my first FE game and I found Panne to be quite an awesome character. So I played through the campaign twice and unlocked all the children. Thus far, I have seen the vast majority of dialog between Panne and other characters, excluding the marrying parts since I married her twice =P. My primary question is this: what DLCs have the most (or at least some) Panne dialog? Sorry for my ignorance, and thanks for reading (and hopefully replying)!
  5. Hi, So basically, I have an S-support between Kellam and Panne, and for some odd reason, Paralogue 13 (where I can recruit Yarne) has not opened up. I thought that either Kellam wasn't a compatible father or that the chapter that gated the Paralogue hadn't been completed, but upon quick research, I found that wasn't the case. I am now at Chapter 19, and the Paralogue still hasn't opened up. Have I glitched the game, or can I still fix this somehow? :/ Thanks in advance, monfernova
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