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Found 3 results

  1. Hello again! I’ve made a few posts within the last few days in regards to some questions/advice and so on, so I apologize if these have been brought up time and time again, it’s just hard to find direct answers to specific questions in regards to RD. And with RD only being my second FE game there is a lot of stuff going on.. at-least from my perspective (which I actually really enjoy). With that said, I’m currently on part 2, and I’m looking into how to get items out of part 2 into part 3 efficiently. I also have a few other questions in regards to chapter advice/strategy, BEXP, and unit viability. So here is what I’m curious about: 1) I am currently on part 2 CH.3 (2.3), the “Geoffrey’s Charge” chapter. Now from looking at the availability chart, it seems like you don’t have access to any of the characters from 2.3 (Geoffrey’s Crew) whilst at the base during 2.E. So what I want to know is, do my units in 2.E have access to everything I put in the convoy in 2.3? For example, can I take Geoffrey’s brave lance from 2.3, stash it in the convoy, and then access said brave lance in 2.E convoy and equip it on say.. Nephenee? Or does Geoffrey and Elincia’s units/team have different convoys? 2) Now I’ve also heard that some items in part 2 are rather useful in part 3 (the hammer you can buy from the bargains in 2.3 for example, along with stat boosters). I’m wondering what’s the most efficient way to get items that I want from part 2 into part 3? So back to question 1, can I just stash the hammer (among other items I want) from 2.3, and load em onto Haar/Neph/Brom/Heather from the convoy in 2.E? Or should I load up Marcia during 2.3 (as I heard she joins in on Elincia the first turn of 2.E) and when she joins trade it to Haar, Nephenee, and Brom? Or is this something that’s not even that beneficial and it’s not worth going through the hassle? 3) Back to Chapter 2.3: Geoffrey’s Charge. I’ve been trying to maximize BEXP by killing the least amount of enemies as possible. My current strategy is utilizing the reinforcements by having them charge up as meat shields (by targeting an area so they only do damage on enemy phase) and bringing up Kieran, Geoffrey, Makalov, Devdan, and Marcia to cut off chokepoints and use as additional meat-shields, and only killing enemies if I’m fully boxed in. My issue is every time I get close to the boss (which I get there fairly quick) everything just becomes so cluttered and I’m forced to kill quite a few enemies just so I can get to the door/boss, so I end up restarting (I’m playing on normal atm, but I avoid battle save for the extra challenge). I feel like I could just take the small BEXP loss by killing the enemies and go straight for the boss, but then I miss out on the stat booster from the enemy. So any advice or tips for this chapter to maximize BEXP gains and get the stat booster from the enemy would be awesome. 4) Lastly, some questions on BEXP and units. Once I successfully finish 2.3, I’m going to have a bunch of BEXP (I earned max BEXP on the other chapters up until this point), and I’m wondering what should I do with it? Should I spend it all prior to 2.E, or should I just hold onto it until it eventually pools together with everyone else? With that said.. if I was to spend any, who is worth using it on in part 2? I am really enjoying Nephenee (regret not using her in PoR as I feel like a speed boost would be really good for her), I loved Marcia in PoR (and I capped 4 stats on her for the data transfer but didn’t realize you had to be 20/20!!) but she doesn’t feel as powerful as she was (although it’s probably because it’s still early) and I know Haar is a straight beast, so are they worth dumping it on.. or should I just keep saving it? Okay, so I think that’s it. Once again, I do apologize if these are repeated questions, as I did try googling extensively for these and found so many mixed results or halfway answers. The thing is I really enjoy maximizing my gameplay, and as soon as I finish RD on normal I’m jumping straight into HM and want to be as optimized as possible for this run and my next run. So any answers, advice, and so on would be much appreciated and want to thank anyone in advance that does comment. But yeah, I’m truly glad I got into fire emblem, and have been having a blast with PoR & RD, and I can’t wait to try out some other titles. Any recommendations for which FE to play after RD (preferably one with a good storyline and challenging gameplay) would be awesome. Thanks again!
  2. Wonder twin powers...activate! Feel like starting another topic about it since the first one is dead. lol That said, which is your favourite twins?
  3. Hey so I was stuffing around in RD part 2 and I noticed that if you disarmed the myrmidon on top of the staircase you can steal and use the venom edge
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