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Found 6 results

  1. Okay so… I’m arena grinding my Fiora on the chapter where you get Ninian and she is at this point her statistically average self as is per the effect of the Tony mode patch which is essentially a Fixed Mode for FE7: Blazing Sword. However upon approaching level 18, something bizarre happens… all of her stats jump to 20 except luck which jumped to 29… Wtf just happened? Is there a more updated version of Tony Mode that doesn’t have this issue?
  2. I've recently played FE 7 and 6 using average stats patches and I gotta say, I really enjoy playing with these patches since it makes it so none of my units get rng screwed. Basically as the title suggests I was wondering if there are average stats patches for some of the non GBA games. I would be particularly interested in average stats patches for some of the harder FE games like New Mystery and Conquest for example.
  3. Hi Milanor here, I'm new to the rom hacking community and I'm trying to figure out how to create a completely new ups patch file from a clean rom and an hex editor. My first mini project would be to create an easy mode of fe6, from the original vanilla version of the game. I have the original fresh copy of FE6, and I plan to use the nightmare editor to modify all the character's bases and growths (essentially buff them), and then creating a patch on that. The program that I'm using is NUPS which should create ups files, however, when I go to create a patch, it asks for the original file, edited file, and then the New UPS file. I'm confused about what it means since I've already have a fresh copy. Does this mean that I would first have two fresh copies of FE6 (respectively A and B where B is the edited file), then edit the B file with nightmare, then after making the changes to B, create a patch from both files A and B? Then the next issue I have is that since the game is only released in Japan and no English version of the game exists (except for fan translation patches), I have to find a way to get the translate the text and menu items. I'm thinking of either two choices: A) Use an old translation patch that already exists from 2006 or whenever (I will make sure to have permission from them as well as credit them), then apply it to my newly created patch? In other words, I don't know if I can tack on a existing patch to another existing patch together? Or what about applying two different patches to the same rom? (One is a translation patch and the other one is the modified base/growth rates patch.) B) Rewrite the entire game script (which includes the menu items, item descriptions, character texts, and all of that) which is A LOT of work for just a mini project. Let me know how I should go about doing these things and I hope this isn't too much for someone who is still a newbie in the world of rom hacking. I also hope I did not sound too confusing as my wording can be awkward at times. -Milanor
  4. I am new to hacking, so forgive me if these are basic questions that I have. I have looked through some tutorials and have a very basic grasp on what some of the more important programs do (Event Assembler, Nightmare, FEditor, etc.), but there's something I don't quite get: It's stressed that ROMs are illegal to send and not to do it, yet all that I have seen regarding making edits to FE7 involve altering a ROM of the desired game. Is there a way to compile these edits into a patch? So far, I have seen nothing that says/shows how to do this. Second: As I understand it, pointers refer to specific resources within the game's data (Character portraits/descriptions, conversation images, etc.) and therefore to change say, the background when Lyn is talking to you in the FE7 prologue, you change the pointer from the tent background to whatever you want it to be. My question: Is there a way to view a coherent/indexed list of pointers and what they refer to? How do I know to change the pointer in Event Assembler from 0x00 to 0x18 in order to have Lyn speak against the backdrop of a castle garden instead of her tent? Any help with these two questions would be most appreciated!
  5. Hi to all, just started tinkering around with Nightmare Editor and 2 issues-questions popped: 1>--- I've made various changes to all weapons, growths and stat bases, I have confirmed the changes are in effect as the Hex Editor does show the new parameters on the items and starting a new file does show the changes in the base stats BUT i can see these changes in-game only on a New Game file. If I load a save file (either a normal save file or a savestate) from a clean ROM into the hacked ROM, the game just loads the parameters of the clean ROM and ignores everything from the hacked one. Also, if I start a new file on the hacked ROM, save and close the emulator, go back to Nightmare and do some extra changes and load the previously hacked save file of the same but newly altered ROM the result is as before: the file will load with the old settings and for the new changes/settings I'll have to do a new game file again to see them in-game. So, If I wanted to do "event or whatever" changes in a far away chapter (ex. Ch.20) do i have to actually play that far? I don't know how else to say it but how can you see + check your modifications (through whatever tool/program you've done them) without having to always start a new file ??? 2>--- I've seen many other patches like "ASM patch that does this" or "extra music tracks" or "extra space" for various FE games. Do you have to apply these patches only on a clean ROM? Or can you apply them right on top of your own hacked ROM? Can they alter your own changes on the ROM or can they corrupt your game? In general, are there limitations on applying a patch in an already patched ROM? Thx in advance.
  6. Hey guys I've been wondering how do you load the patches for fire emblem games? I really want to get a hack rom patch for either Sacred stones or even Blazing Sword. I have a mac laptop and I use the Openemu as a emulator.
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