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Found 2 results

  1. I'm having massive issues against the boss in Okumura's palace, to be more precise against its minons. I have come to the fight against the fat green robots which have ridiculous high HP and defense. I'm suppossed to beat them all (as the all other minors) within two turns. However I have by far not enough firepower to do it. Haru (by having effective Mapsio against them) and Joker with Psio skills aren't enough by far. Even with marakunda the dealt damage is not enough. At the end a death circle is going to start. They all retreat and one of them sacrifices to deal tons of damage to my party. At the end I'm out of SP. The only thing which maybe could help finding a Persona which has Psiodyne or Mapsio, but until now I haven't seen one yet (only mapsi). Some notes: Joker and team are level 44 Personas are up to level 47 easy difficulty
  2. I mean, Persona 5 may as well be the best possible starting point, especially given how I do have a ps4. But Persona 5 Royal is coming out on the same system, and I do want to try out the two preceding games (I reckon no one wants me to start with the first two Persona games). So, I’d like to know which games I should get, how I can get them, as well as tips for getting into the games themselves. As for things I already know in terms of gameplay. General Persona 3/FES Persona 4/Golden Persona 5
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