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Found 4 results

  1. As the title says, I am confused about how Lysithea's personal skill actually functions. The description only says it increases skill experience, but her weapon rank gain seems to be about as fast or slow as everyone else's, while it is her class EXP that increases at a faster rate, almost like she has a Knowledge Gem equipped all the time. So, my question is: is Mastermind a mixture of a Knowledge Gem and the Discipline skill I initially thought it would be or is it just an innate Knowledge Gem.
  2. We have a thread for the worst personal skill, so this is a topic for the best ones. For the Birthright campaign, I'm saying Rinkah's Fiery Blood (IMO). She's bulky enough to take a physical hit or two and it makes up for her middling Strength in some cases. Oboro's Nohr Enmity, which makes up for the averageness of her Spear Fighter class, comes in close. If there's a Nohr-heavy map, I bring Oboro along. Of course, it's not that useful in Revelation, since you fight a mix of Hoshidans and Nohrians. Pretty useful in Birthright, though.
  3. Can Quiet Strength and Inspiration work together to reduce incoming damange by -4?
  4. I think it's called "Healing Descant." I've seen a lot of people online who have Aqua with such a skill, and I was curious if Amaterasu stacks on top of Azura's personal skill, which would give allies +30% health.
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