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Found 5 results

  1. So yea, Personal skills, what if Awakening also had those? The main goal of this thread is to find the perfect (or not so perfect) personal skill for each of the Awakening. Example Name of the character Name of the personal skill: Description of the skill (What it does in battle) You can add a quick explanation of what gave you this idea (if you want) I'll start with Robin Robin Tactical advice: If this unit supports another one, the other unit deals + 1 dmg and gets + 25 hit Pretty straightforward, Robin is a tactician, he/she should gives advice to his/her ally You can also post jokes/fake personal skills, you can even give personal skill to someone like Grima. Feel free to also post a personal skill to a unit even if someone already did on the same character.
  2. If you could have a skill besides the ones made for Hoshido and Nohr, what would the name be, and what would it do? Mine would be Last Words, and I would deal 30 percent damage to enemies in 2 spaces but kill my unit, activates at when my Unit is at 10 percent or less.
  3. (Look at what the personal skill does here for Hoshidan characters, here for Nohrian characters and here for other / DLC characters) So basically this thread is about discussing the personal skills of the Fire Emblem Fates characters. Some of these skills are unique such as Odin's Aching Blood, while others are really similar to each other (Orochi's Capture and Niles' Kidnap). I really think Midori's Lucky Charm is probably the best personal skill. 20% is great and can make builds like 100% Miracle builds.
  4. So we have threads (that haven't been touched in a while) for the best and worst personal skills, and since we have a thread dedicated to creating a class, why not go ahead and make up our own skills? Personal skills to, since the best and worst threads got me thinking. I'm not going to do anything like scream for creativity (bring back Wrath from Awakening) or game balance (Increase damage by +5 when at weapon advantage), or hell even alter existing skills (Scarlet's personal activating at 50% hp), but I do want to request (for as long as it can stand up) that you don't try to make a CLASS at the same time. There is already a thread for that, as linked to above. Now, what will you make? What would you replace the Avatar's personal with to make them more like yourself? What personal skill would the unique characters (Kotaro, Garon, Iago, Mikoto, etc.) have in your mind? What about capturable characters (Candace, Tarba, Gazak, etc.)? Just to start, I'll throw out what I think would be Zola's personal skill. Illusional: Use as a command to change to another character deployed on the map until the next turn, at which point the illusion will wear off. All weapons, skills, and stats will copy the chosen character.
  5. I feel like at least ONE of the worst personal skills is Dwyer's Born Steward. It's useless outside of castle invasions and battles against other players. What's your opinion on the worst personal skill?
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