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Found 6 results

  1. I have a question for you all, has there ever been a character that you genuinely like-love personality wise but only gets appreciated for gameplay by the majority? If so, who is it and why, I'd love to hear what you all have to say! For me, it's Canas, he's genuinely such a goodhearted and sweet person, he pursues the horror's of Elibe's dark magic not for power, but for knowledge, resisting the temptations of such. It's also a very nice touch that his affinity is Anima to reflect his pursuit of knowledge.
  2. Perhaps you are lost regarding how you should spend your lazy afternoon? Or perchance, you are merely curious as to how your personality compares to those of fictional characters? Regardless, this topic is based upon "personality quizzes" of the internet. If one must know, I am referring to those of websites such as Playbuzz and Quotev contrary to the well-known Myers-Briggs personality test. These quizzes are often generated by users and thus, their quality most certainly varies from that of a shameful state to a most impressively devised test. This thread is dedicated to the users of Serenes Forest to recommending and posting these quizzes here for other users to discuss and answer together. As such, this post shall record the results underneath this section. If you ever wish to share your multiple results or those your score is close to, you may also have these included. Mind you, commenting on the result of others is strongly encouraged and supported—especially if one is to be surprised by another individual's result. If I may add, you may simply retake a quiz if you disagree with your result. As to what you are permitted post here, I would advise to keeping recommended quizzes to that of acceptable quality. As such, the quiz should be presentable and include comprehensive results so the users may easily understand just what their result truly means. Of course, there are no restrictions as to what the theme of the quiz may be—whether it may be one based upon a video game, a trope-based quiz or perhaps one based upon a film. The only exception are those containing overly inappropriate content, of course. But I must say, do refrain from recommending quizzes requiring an extensive amount of knowledge regarding the subject. To commence this thread, you may answer this mildly casual quiz regarding the classes of Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia. It may require mild knowledge of the video game but this one is overly simple. As for my result, mine happens to be a Mage with a close score to a Cleric. May you be entertained. Needless to say, one ought to be honest with these quizzes. Otherwise, there simply is no true reason for answering them. Your may also submit a personality quiz recommendation here. Results Database:
  3. So I've been juggling a few ideas for the affinities in my hack, Book of Eden, and I was wondering what you guys think about the affinities? In the few games that had affinities in them, there were generally two versions of them: GBA era: Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Anima Tellius era: Fire, Thunder, Wind, Ice, Light, Dark, Earth, Water, Heaven In my hack, much of the lore is inspired from things like Golden Sun, Avatar (element bending one), The Forbidden Kingdom, Chinese Zodiac, and Sun sign horoscopes. I wanted to come up with a 'horoscope' system of sorts for my universe and so far, thinking of sticking with just Earth, Wind, Water, Fire, Light, and Darkness. As for the affinities stats, I'm going to change them for each affinity so they better match the element in my opinion. Currently for the GBA era, stat wise, I noticed each affinity always have two sections that are always empty. For example, Fire has 0's in both Def and Critical Evasion bonuses, where as, Light has 0's in Evasion and Critical Evasion. Should I stick with this or go with something else? In your experience of the games, do you think the affinities accurately reflect the characters, their personalities, and their stats? Though, I know most people don't give much thought to the affinity system, much less their impact on the character's personality and related. It's just something that's always been interesting to me, kind of like the Myers Briggs personality charts, nothing to live by but fun to think about. What do you guys think? I'm eager to hear what everyone else's thoughts on this are.
  4. So, based on the reactions and attitudes of the characters, here is an analysis of their personalities. (These are only guesses.) Kamui(Avatar): Kamui, both male and female versions seem serious, and haunted by their past. there is evidence of a tragic story, since in the trailer, a character that could potentially be Kamui's dad is killed by Nohrians in a Nohrian city. Garon *Cough* evil bastard *cough* then looks and reaches toward the camera, an effect used in awakening when people interacted with robin in cutscenes. He basically tells Kamui that he'll let them live and they will learn... I have a feeling that Kamui still remembers the day they were taken by Garon. Garon: He is generic. Sorry, but it looks that way. Luckily, blatantly evil characters make the best villains... I certainly won't feel bad about taking Garon down... He is definitely the antagonist, and i get the feeling that he forces Aqua(the dancer girl with blue hair) to perform for his amusement. He is obviously what drives Nohr to attack their neighbors, as i do not get the vibe from any of the characters that i get from Garon.(Ganz being an exception) Aqua: She is the dancing girl, and definitely shy. While she sings to herself, sadly wishing for a better world, her dancing probably brings her no pleasure. She most likely associates her art form with the unfavorable Garon, since he is the one who makes her do it in the first place. She is most definitely a character that is intended to make us all feel like a hero... since she is such a grim soul almost in need of "saving". Ganz: I mentioned him before, and while he is evil, i don't think he is motivated by glory, as Garon is. Ganz obviously is an important character for the villains, but he chose not to wear elaborate clothing... or even take care of his skin. It almost seems to me as though he is on the verge of death, and is motivated to simply drag anyone else he can with him to the grave. Ryouma: He seems quiet and serious. Definitely focused on being a warrior first, and a human being second. Don't get me wrong, he seems like a very good man, but when Kamui is going to choose a side, he only extends the left hand. As a martial artist myself, i know that this means he is focused, and not letting his guard down. He doesn't even say anything if you choose Nohr, instead, he decides to attack his own flesh and blood. Again, he isn't a bad guy, but perhaps too serious for his own good... Marx: He is serious, but very different from Ryouma, in that he will let his guard down. Marx had passed his lance to his off hand, and extended his right arm to Kamui. He definitely feels a close bond to the main character that Ryouma just does not have(because he didn't grow up with Kamui), and leans forward, almost more desperate to keep his surrogate brother. He is loyal to a fault it seems, especially because he views Kamui choosing blood over bond as a betrayal. He is most likely the hardest person to turn against Garon in the Nohr story. Hinoka: Umm... she's a pegasus night? honestly, she seems to be such a tom-boy that having her ride a magical horse is a little amusing to me. She is probably hot-headed, and doesn't understand humor. Sakura: Yay! another pink-haired girl named Sakura to hate!(just kidding) Unfortunately, she is kinda depressing to me. she is the kind of girl who constantly needs cheering up. She definitely expects the worst, since before Kamui even chooses, she looks like someone just kicked a kitten(And i love kittens). Tsubaki: He is boring to me. Is that mean? he just seems like another soldier... of course, we haven't seen much. I can't guess too much, but maybe you have an idea. Camilla: Many people seem to think she is a sly, almost seductive character in the game. that would be wrong, and here is why. She is one of the most caring characters in the game, aside from her twin-tailed little sister(just assuming). She is very concerned with the well-being of Kamui, as we have seen so far. She looks like she is pleading just as much as little miss "Onii-chan"(twin-tails) when Kamui is choosing sides. Also, the first words we hear her say to Kamui are: "Are you alright?" she is not some evil seductress, you make her one. Let me explain. The clip of her walking toward the camera is probably her walking toward Kamui. I think that she takes the almost mocking pose and expression because that clip is before you fight her after choosing Hoshido. She probably undergoes huge personality changes after Kamui chooses the other side. How would you feel if your family chose your "enemy" over you? Twin-tailed sister character: Generic loli-con character. Unfortunately, it is true from what we know. She will be both annoying and amusing, irritating and... well, just irritating. gosh, it's hard to guess her hopes and dreams, wait, it is probably something like: "When I grow up, i want to marry my Onii-chan!" I'm going to go throw up now. Sorry if you like her, just not my thing. Dark knight blonde Nohrian brother mage-thing guy: I want this guy's name. he looks awesome. I am leveling him up all the way. I think he'll be apathetic, sociopathic, and sadistic. what a different character! I love it, plus he is probably like a little brother type character. He looks like a one-hit killer. when charging up a magic attack, rocks fly everywhere... and the dude is obviously not trying at all. enough said. Kazehana: she is a confident myrmidon. I get the feeling of Sumia(Awakening) crossed with Joshua(sacred stones), and that sounds interesting... She might not be the best, but she knows that if she doesn't try, she never will be. Raizou: the only reason i have him here is because he is a ninja. I love ninjas, you love ninjas, everybody loves ninjas. So, this guy should be similar to the legendary Hanzo Hisashi from the Sengoku period. This man is the main reason to play through Hoshido for me. I am not listing characters that have pretty much nothing to go on. Let's hope for more news in the future. what do you think? agree? disagree? tell me why. :)
  5. Based on your personality which pokemon do you relate to the most (behavioural wise). People always say that I'm like a Wigglytuff .
  6. Might have already been done, but I can't find it. This is a personality poll, so base your choice off support conversations/personality. Feel free to support your choice of wife. Personally, I choose Anna, because everything she says is like gold to me and her A support with Avatar is hilarious.
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