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Found 6 results

  1. I made a petition. Here the link for those who want to join. https://chng.it/J6JJjmbP Please if any of guys agree to my opinion than please sign and if you don’t but know someone that does please send them this link
  2. I'm not sure whether to have put this in general gaming, general, or even serious discussion, given whats in store but here goes! http://www.dailydot.com/unclick/national-anthem-sonic-adventure-song-petition/ In light of recent news regarding NFL quarterback Colin Kapernick's refusal to stand during the national anthem in protest of ongoing oppression against African Americans, a petition was made to have the national anthem replaced by the iconic theme tune City Escape, as heard from the beloved game Sonic Adventure 2. The petition was started by Gabe Carey, and his words are as follows: Honestly, I died when it popped up on my Facebook newsfeed, that such a thing was even conceivable, let alone trending. I mean, I love the song as well and it seems like quite the joke, but the petition currently has over 9000 supporters (no meme intended). The possibility that it could actually happen, or even be considered sounds almost unreal; like a dream come true. While I personally don't think it will, if it ever DID, that'd honestly be the most hilarious news I've heard in a while. What say you, SF? How does this make you feel? For those who are't aware, this is the song in question:
  3. Hello;?, im currentky trying to bring fire emboem path of radiance and radiant adwn to wiiu and/or 3ds, but need help. Please help me by signing this petition and tell your friends. Lets bring back the real goods. https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-bring-back-fire-emblem-path-of-radiance-and-radiant-dawn
  4. As you probably already know the newest Fire Emblem game, Fire Emblem Fates, is missing an important function and that function being an option for duel audio. This may sound a little biased but the reason why I want the japanese voice acting to be in fates is honestly because the english voice acting sucks. I could spend all day ranting about how the localized voice acting is horrible but instead watch the comparison above to see for yourself. The previous Fire Emblem game, Awakening, included pretty good voice acting in japanese and in english. Even though the game probably didn't need it, Awakening included duel audio so western audiences could experience the original voice overs. This was a great decision by Nintendo, it allowed fans to make the choice of what voice acting they wanted to listen to while harming nor upsetting no one. Including Dual audio isn't that hard of a task for Nintendo, actually it's quite easy come to think of it. Join me and the thousands of other Fire Emblem fans out there and together lets make dual audio for the latest fire emblem game a reality. IT'S OUR FATE!!! Thank You, ありがとう Sign the petition at change.org: https://www.change.org/p/nintendo-fire-emblem-fates-dual-audio-option-japanese-english
  5. Without going into very many spoilers (especially as I am trying to purposefully avoid them myself), there are some aspects of Fates that I feel are held back by Japanese culture when it comes to a release in the West. I'm not saying one culture is better than the other, but I feel these two facts would not go over very well in the West (and I do think most here feel the same): *Zero and Shara are the only same-sex options. There needs to be at least a few more. Seems a shame the only options are locked into each route (at one each) and happen to be rather psychotic characters. Not to knock on them, but why are the sole two options psychotic? I don't think it would be too hard to write up some of the S conversations and one would think they would just reuse the CGs from the opposite-sex scenes. *Some of the skinship quotes. Namely, the S-rank ones. I love me some fanservice, but some of those go straight into super pervy territory. I mean, honestly, some of your siblings still call you "brother" or "sister" after you already marry them, not to mention a good deal of these quotes are really sexual. In fact, I think this will already be taken out of international releases, but you never know. Good idea? Bad idea? I'd love to hear your thoughts on this. I just hope it isn't too late, which I think it might be.
  6. This thread is about two minor aesthetic suggestions regarding the updated forum. If aesthetics do not concern you, feel free to ignore this thread. On to the suggestions. Please consider them carefully. Suggestion #1: Avatars Avatars have unnecessary borders and drop shadows that can detract from the avatar itself, particularly if the avatar is designed to blend with the forum. Users should be a given a choice to use a border and drop shadow when they create their avatars instead of being forced to use one. Please remove the border and drop shadow. Suggestion #2: Favorite Fire Emblem Game / Profile Fields The 'Favorite Fire Emblem Game' profile field stretches onto two lines no matter what you put as your favourite game, making it look tacky and unwieldy. Please make it cleaner any way you can. Preview » Left image = How things are Right image = How I think they should be (The Favorite FE text doesn't matter; just an example)
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