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Found 2 results

  1. Warning: The following LP does not reflect on my political views. You have been warned. So the other day, I read @henrymidfields's LP of Conquest, and I laughed a lot. I was inspired to make this LP after seeing modern warfare terms used in Fire Emblem, and also because I wanted to make something involving my country. This will not be a history-based story, but a made-up story told from MU's perspective. It's also modded to make some units more viable and to add playable Ballisticians. Without further ado, I present to you: FE12: Filipino Warfare Edition! Terminology (Note: Some weapons are made-up.) Prologue 1: Entrance Exam More to come. I've already finished Prologue 2 by now.
  2. I'm planning for a Pokémon hack set in a region based in the Philippines. I tried to gather all the Pokémon that seem to fit in the country, and the result is found below. Keep in mind that some of the legendaries at the bottom of the list are placeholders. As for the setting: Now, all I need are some people to help me with ideas, such as Pokémon availability (maximum of 250), trainer teams, location themes, and sprite and artwork. I have an idea of a trainer class that paces around, sells ice cream, and uses the Vanillite line (Vanillite will be one of the few Ice types available because we have Sorbetes), and a Farmer trainer class which uses grass types. I also need someone to help with enemy team composition, as I'm planning for a Bonus Boss involving (MASSIVE SPOILERS BELOW) Aside from the main rival with the starter advantage that you can name, I'm planning for a secondary rival whose main Pokémon is Vanilluxe. I'll need some help with the script, although I will lay down some guidelines on words: Swearing will be limited to less offensive curses such as "crap" and the occasional "bastard/dastard", and some coming from the local language and its dialects, such as "buang" (look it up). These are the same basic rules I apply to my fanfic writing. I haven't decided for half of the Gym types, although the latter half (in order) will be Water, Fire, Poison, Ice. So can you guys supply me with ideas? I'll need help from my fellow Filipino users. PhilDex.txt
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