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Found 3 results

  1. My brother happened upon a Twitch plays Fire Emblem stream, problem is, no one seems to be there with him. He's trying to slowly progress, though it seems every recruited character before the chapter you recruit Lyn in is dead except for Oswin and it's progressing slowly. If you feel like helping out a bit or troll my brother for shits and giggles, here's the link: http://www.twitch.tv/TheHartTech
  2. Because this totally hasn't been done before. ...Wait, I'm doing something productive with my time?! WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-
  3. kk so i've been like working on this for a while and it's not completely finished The aim of the team is to kill things. To kill things,it uses good offense. Defenses are generally neglegible as i see no reasonable way i'm surviving hits from paired up things Speed is similarly useless since there's no point in trying not to get doubled Priorities: Luna > Aggressor > --faire > Counter > Breakers > Lethality for all combinations (this doesn't really matter though) Breaker priority: Tome (res+10 also works) > Axe > Sword > Lance > Bow Notes::assume all forgable weapons are +3 mt/+25 hit and that all units have LImit Breaker My Unit: Assassin +STR,-HP Swordfaire,Luna,Axebreaker,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Vaike!Gerome: Berserker Aggressor,Axefaire,Counter,Swordbreaker Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Vaike!Gerome!Morgan: Berserker Aggressor,Axefaire,Counter,Luna Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Olivia!Lucina: Assassin (maybe Great Lord? not sure if it's worth it though) Luna,Lethality,Rightful King,Swordfaire Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Frederick!Yarne: Berserker Luna,Axefaire,Aggressor,Counter Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Stahl!Severa: Assassin Luna,Swordfaire,Lethality,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Gregor!Nah: Hero (probably my biggest mistake) Axefaire,Axebreaker,Swordbreaker,Astra Inventory: Helswath Brave Axe Brave Sword Gaius!Noire: Assassin Swordfaire,Luna,Counter,Tomebreaker Inventory: Ragnell Brave Sword Brave Bow Henry!Cynthia: Sage Tomefaire,Tomebreaker,Luna,Acrobat Inventory: Celica's Gale Rescue Libra!Brady: Sage Tomefaire,Aggressor,Luna,Tomebreaker Inventory: Celica's Gale Rescue Another question wrt the AI: It will attack with the Brave Swords/Axes over the 1-2 range weapons (solely there to counter 1-2 range turn one but it's not really nessecary I guess?)
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