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Found 2 results

  1. Greetings all you Conquest fans! I would greet Birthright and Revelation fans as well, but their game is not the focus of this topic. I have recently had a fun idea, and was pleased to see that there were many before me several years ago with a similar idea. Of course, the idea is to do a playthrough of conquest reclassing every character with a heart seal. My own ruleset was as follows: - Use the Ghastly Gold DLC to get as much gold as necessary for heart seals (obtained primarily through online castle visit sprees) and weapons - Reclass everyone as soon as is reasonable with a heart seal. For some units that join halfway through a chapter (i.e. chapter 10 Camilla's squad), reclass them as soon as the chapter concludes. - Yes, that means Azura, too - Corrinsexuals can be reclassed to whatever I want as long as it does not belong to their original class tree (i.e. no reclassing Shura to bow knight) - Corrin must reclass to the alt class chosen by me. In my case it was fighter since Berserkers are my jam. - No child characters can be deployed after their starting battle. This was mostly a rule I self-imposed because I was sick of using Elise!Ophelia and Effie!Percy in every playthrough Difficulty is Normal Classic. I first did this during a spree of Conquest playthroughs all on normal classic, so this ended up being as such as well. I imagine it is doable on hard, but I am not sure about lunatic. This playthrough has given me some new appreciation for some aspects of Conquest, such as the value of character weapon rank bases (since most characters need to start with bronzes), as well as how every character works with heart sealing on a base level. I will say conquest feels much more like a gba fire emblem with this ruleset; some characters (Arthur, Peri, Benny) are just terrible, and other characters (Leo, Elise, Silas, Niles) end up overperforming compared to what I am used to since the competition is less fierce. Leo especially is a lot of fun to use. So go ahead: try the playthough out for yourself! You don't need to follow my rules exactly; if you want to skip reclassing Azura or use child Characters you absolutely can. If you have already done a playthrough like this, share your experience! I know that I ended up using some bad units to see how they would work, and I would love to hear other people's success stories with some units I didn't end up using, like Arthur, Peri, Mozu, and Kaze.
  2. So I have an idea for a let's idea. Tell me if you think it's a good one. So the premise is that you play fire emblem heroes and every time a unit dies, you have to send them home. To keep content consistent I thought about playing through book one on lunatic difficulty, Then go for a tier 20 arena run with the rules in play. Tell me if it sounds interesting
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