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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone! I am Duck, and it's been a long time since I made a topic. Since the last pokemon tournament withered away and died, I have come to see if there's interest in making a new one. I don't know if the people here are still into Pokémon or not, so this topic is to see if I can get people to join an organized tournament. Ideally, I'd like 16 people to enter, but we can work with different numbers if necessary. I don't really care for Challonge, but if that's the best way to do it I will be glad to use it. Anyway, here are the rules (these are subject to change if there's lots of complaints): Single Battle, best two out of three, double elimination The only banned pokemon are the ones banned from in-game battle facilities (major legendaries and that stuff; this can be changed) ORAS exclusive pokemon megas/moves are allowed, and if you only have X/Y, please inform us so your opponents can change their team if necessary You may change teams between opponents, not between battles Both you and your opponent must confirm that you won or lost after each battle (It might be easier to just post the replay code/replay link) That said, showdown is allowed if it's the only option you have Please give feedback and enter if you are interested! Current entries: Duck Comet (Tentatively) Blah2127
  2. Hello there, and welcome! It's me, Iggy Koopa! And this is a special challenge of Black 2, called the FE11 challenge. Now then, what is an FE11 Challenge? Well then, in this challenge, I must catch a number of 'mons equal to the available units in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. [spoiler=Pokes I'll use during the challenge]Oshawott>Dewott>Samurott, named Marth. Sawk, named Frey. Sewaddle>Swadloon>Leavanny, named Abel. Growlithe>Arcanine, named Cain. Lillipup>Herdier>Stoutland, named Jagen. Skitty>Delcatty, named Norne. Maractus, named Gordin. Aron>Lairon>Aggron, named Draug. Pidove>Tranquill>Female!Unfezant, named Caeda/Shiida. Koffing>Weezing, named Wrys. Elekid>Electabuzz>Electivire, named Ogma. Riolu>Lucario, named Barst. Timburr>Gurdurr>Conkeldurr, named Bord. Axew>Fraxure>Haxorus, named Cord. Dunsparce, named Castor. Basculin, named Darros. Shelmet>Accelgor, named Julian. Audino, named Lena. Pawniard>Bisharp, named Navarre/Nabarl. Sigilyph, named Merric. Karrablast>Escavalier, named Matthis. Bouffalant, named Hardin. Gligar>Gliscor, named Wolf. Larvitar>Pupitar>Tyranitar, named Sedgar. Skorupi>Drapion, named Roshea. Scraggy>Scrafty, named Vyland. Elgyem>Beeheeyem, named Wendell. Croagunk>Toxicroak, named Rickard. Mienfoo>Mienshao, named Athena. Druddigon, named Bantu. Mareep>Flaaffy>Ampharos, named Caesar. Rattata>Raticate, named Radd. Bronzor>Bronzong, named Roger. Vulpix>Ninetales, named Jeorge. Larvesta>Volcarona, named Maria. Skarmory, named Minerva. Grimer>Muk, named Jake. Eevee>Espeon, named Linde. Ducklett>Swanna, named Midia. Onix>Steelix, named Dolph. Nosepass>Probopass, named Macellan. Carnivine, named Tomas. Solosis>Duosion>Reuniclus, named Boah. Ferroseed>Ferrothorn, named Horace. Remoraid>Octillery, named Beck. Joltik>Galvantula, named Astram. Petilil>Lilligant, named Palla. Azurill>Marill>Azumarill, named Catria. Seviper, named Arran. Zangoose, named Samson. Zorua>Zoroark, named Xane. Litwick>Lampent>Chandelure, named Etzel. Cleffa>Clefairy>Clefable, named Est. Trapinch>Vibrava>Flygon, named Tiki. Klink>Klang>Klinklang, named Lorenz. Darumaka>Darmanitan, named Ymir. Sawblu>Altaria, named Elice. Baltoy>Claydol, named Gotoh. Deino>Zweilous>Hydreigon, named Nagi. Phew, finally finished the list of mons I'll use! Expect to update soon!
  3. So like im reading up on whats been going down with the Twitch Plays Pokemanz thing. The memes are getting stale, but the whole idea around it is pretty cool. And some skype friends were talking about FF14 and stuff. So i got to thinking, wait a sec, why doesnt Nintendo make a full blown Pokemon MMO? Like a real one. Either on a console or on a PC. And people can create their own Pokemanz Religions and stuff. The whole Webz is really enjoying the TPP in some form. Nintendo should capitalize on the idea of MMO Pokemanz.
  4. Because yes. I am a fan of the pikachu. I am training it to DESTROY MINE ENEMIES! LOOK OUT, BROTHER!! Totally top percentage. Isnt he cute!? Stop looking at me like that. Ive really never played Red in its entirety. Show off your pokemanz for all to see!
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