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Found 1 result

  1. Hey everyone! Remember in like 2014 when I started like 234092 projects (I counted them, a painstaking effort) and finished precisely zero of them? No? Good. I'd prefer we leave that in the past (and if the answer is yes my apologies and please never bring it up again thank you). I've kind of got out of the trying anything creative ever scene since then and have been more or less enjoying games by myself but there are a few problems with that I've run into: 1) Buying way too many games and never committing to finishing, or hell, starting, them. 2) Spending way too many hours in a game doing monotonous tasks to no real goal or replaying games. Case in point: Now it's not that I haven't been having any fun playing Stardew Valley, and I still want to go for 100% achievements (because I obviously hate myself and don't value my time) but this is extremely excessive by my standards and I could be using the time more effectively. Like by working on school work or applying for jobs or trying to entertain friends and strangers on the internet through a web forum. Clearly the latter idea is the best one so I'm going to do that. Two weeks ago I had a cancer scare which shook me up a lot. I went in for blood screening on Friday and everything turned up negative, which is absolutely fantastic and I'm very thankful that I don't have to worry about my health more or less continuously anymore, but my mental health suffered a lot as a result and I've been thinking about a lot since then. I obviously enjoy video games, but they've been kind of taking over my life a lot lately, and I have to seriously address the two points I mentioned above. And I think a good way to do that is to make some kind of content thread. At best, I'll be regularly outputting fairly humorous content (aiming for twice a week to start) for people to enjoy. At worst, this will be a review thread where "this sure is happening all right" where I post every other week. I want to be realistic and address that sometimes life, via school work or my physical/mental health, can and does get in the way. I'm going to try to stick to something regular as best I can - no more unfinished progress, but it's a pre-warning in case things do get boring from time to time. Enough preamble though, I'm here to entertain, not depress everybody. One of my friends posted in a discord server that I'm in earlier this peculiar screenshot, in a tweet. The tweet OP seemed disgruntled but honestly, I ugly laughed. This is high art and if you disagree you are unfortunately incorrect. I was intrigued, so I found the source (slow link for some reason), downloaded it, and played the first little bit of it. It was kind of bad. Like the writing is kind of weird and the player character is kind of annoying but hey, misery makes great company and I think that a bad game can me more entertaining to write about than an acclaimed one. Also, Geodudes. So it can't be entirely awful. I didn't get far into it, so this is by and large going to be a BLIND playthrough. Which comes with its own challenges. I tend to be fairly grindy when it comes to playing Pokemon, and I won't be making an exception for this hack. I'm not going to grind up to super high levels just to beat the game, but I found myself a few levels below even the wild Pokemon by the time I reached the third route. I'll be trying to keep myself around parity and won't be documenting grinding, unless anything completely ridiculous happens. So, let's get to it, I guess. So that's that. I'm going to get started on a new project, and I'm kind of excited! At the bare minimum I'll try to upload every second Monday, but I'm going to aim for Mondays and Thursdays for the time being, or more often if motivation strikes. Please post anything you want in the thread, I love interacting with people and don't want to feel like I'm talking to a wall. Also huge shoutout to Integrity for basically showing me how to use the forums again. I've been bare effort posting lately and didn't know how images or spoiler tags even worked in this editor. I guess that makes me old or whatever. A Preview of Things to Come:
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