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Found 1 result

  1. How about a quiz? Quizzes are always fun, right?! ...No? Wait, don't close the topic yet! The Political Compass is a pretty well-known test that basically examines your opinions on a variety of topics and then places you somewhere on a two-axis graph based on your positions. The two axes are left-to-right (assessing your economic opinions) and libertarian-to-authoritarian (assessing your social positions). Of course, it's not a perfect test, as political opinions are often complicated and involve a lot more than just these two factors, but it's better than the typical left-to-right labels that just throw everything into one big one-dimensional pot. Similar tests include the World's Smallest Political Quiz and the Nolan Chart, but I think this one is best since it's the most comprehensive that I've seen. The test is here (and also linked above :I) if you want to try it out and post your results, though it is a little lengthy. Here are my results. I'm suppose I'm just interested to see the variety of views that exist here on the forum.
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