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Found 1 result

  1. Exactly as the title says, take a scene out of context in a movie, videogame, anime, web-video, or book, and then poorly describe what happens. Then put the title of the actual movie, anime, videogame, etc. in a spoiler. Feel free to link the original scene if you want. THE ONLY RULE I would like to lay down is if the video features swearing, blood, gore, and/or sexual content, PLEASE provide a WARNING! To provide some examples: After a practice spar, two friends describe their lack of success in gaining allies to prevent a coup. Desperate, the first friend deicides to cast a powerful illusion spell on a village in hopes to dissuade the dissidents from enacting their plot. As he goes to do this, however, he is attacked by ninjas wearing animal masks and a man with one eye and one arm. The man tells this friend that the spell will only work once, and that the coup will continue on regardless. A fight ensues, with the friend loosing his eye, and both sides retreating. The friend who lost his eye meets with his other friend, who tells him that his eyes are the only way to cast said illusion spell. He then nonchalantly rips out his other eye, gives it to his friend for safekeeping, and... dies of blood loss, I guess (it's really unclear). The other friend then turns evil. What I'm actually talking about: A ninja decides to fight a fox alone, although he accepts advice from a rapper. A boss battle ensues, the ninja converses with his deceased mother, and the fox wonders why there was a 6 minute cutscene in the middle of their fight. What actually happened: After the party suffers the bag of kidnapping trope, the rouge tries to tell their kidnapers that they have a contagious disease. Strangely, an argument about cooking ensues instead. With (only slightly) better context: A pair of friends decide to spend the day watching a play. To their horror, they realize that the play is a comedy about terrorists who share their likeness. The Actual Scene:
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