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Found 3 results

  1. A port of a game is an old game modified to run on a new system, a remake is a reconstruction of an old game from a modern lens, and a remaster is something in-between. However, in recent years, I've been ever-increasingly noticing something I think should be considered a fourth category: a reskin. Basically, it occurs when a game is developed in the hopes of getting the profile and profit of a proper remake or remaster, but it only puts in the effort of a port, and to hide that fact, the game is given just enough superfluous changes that the marketing can call it a remake or a remaster, even though the game may as well just be a port. These superfluous changes being mostly visual, and usually never actually a visual enhancement; just a visual change, is the reason I thought "reskin" would be a good name for this. What do you think? Do you think it deserves its own label? Can you think of any particular examples? Also, if anyone has an idea for a better title for this topic, please let me know.
  2. For context: I recently set up my old GameCube and finished Ocarina of Time on the Collector's Edition that came with the GameCube. I figured that it would be a good idea to then move on to Majora's Mask. I haven't played the game since I was a kid, but I don't remember there ever being any problems when my brother or I played it. However, when I decided to look online to see what people had to say about the Collector's Edition, I saw a ton of complaints about Majora's Mask on the GameCube randomly freezing and crashing, which is especially bad for a game like Majora's Mask since you save by going back to the Dawn of the First Day with the owl statues enabling the player to suspend-save the game. I don't have another copy of the game (though I could probably get one via Wii U virtual console, but then I'd have to set up my Wii U; ah, the pains of moving), so I want to know: was it really that bad? Did it really have these kinds of problems, and, if so, then how frequently does it occur? Was the freezing caused by anything in particular that could be avoided, or was it completely random as I've seen quite a few people say it was?
  3. I've been wondering for a while what's next for FE and also what the fanbase is hoping for. We've got 3H DLC coming for a while still, but I have to imagine IS are already working on plans for the next entry. And with FE growing bigger than ever with each new entry since Awakening, there's quite a lot of possibilities imo. I think it's generally assumed they're working on an FE4 remake, but the director of SoV did state he wanted to do FE6 next, so it isn't a sure thing. There's also the possibility of a new Warriors game or another spinoff, remasters, and classic games being added to the Japanese Nintendo Switch Online app. That's without even considering a new game or follow up to 3H. So what would everyone prefer to see next? For the first question, try limiting yourself to your top 3 most wanted choices. Also, if discussing possible follow ups to Three Houses, please spoiler tag anything that reveals details about the story. I personally do want to see an FE4 remake next, as I feel it could build on the engine they've got for 3H and as it was sort of an inspiration for the story this time, it makes sense to remake it now. I'd also love a Tellius remaster double pack, as it's my favourite FE world. And finally, I'd love some sort of follow up to Three Houses, as I think Fódlan has a lot of potential still and we haven't really had a direct sequel/prequel in a while. Thoughts?
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