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Found 24 results

  1. Hi all, I love FE very much and currently working on my own romhack. I am looking for a spriter for one of my main characters who is a martial artist/bare fist/knuckle fighter. My inspiration revolves heavily on Amy from Another Eden. Please see here. I need a Portrait, Map Animation (standing and moving), and custom Battle Animation (hand size a bit bigger since presumably she'll be wearing knuckles + wearing an outer robe/jacket). Some ideation keywords for the portrait: Amy is tough, fiery, strong-willed, not feminine but still kinda cute to look at. Please send me a message for more details. Thanks and regards LW.
  2. I honestly don't know why I made such a creature. I name it "Eg Tahnos" So the reason why i made this is because i was making a joke fire emblem hack featuring me and my friends and I decided, "hey what if I added Eirika and Ephraim, but they are generic to the roof, stats and everything?" So I started to make the portrait. Before starting, I thought, "But what if they looked stupidly funny with stick figure body, eyes far apart, and a tiny smile?" after making a little of it, i noticed that even with the cape, i didn't have enough colors (duh). So I randomly thought for some reason, "lets make the infinity gauntlet have 12 colors in it". After some editing i remembered that thanos had the chin thing too, so i made that, and the glove had 11 colors. I know its amazing. JK lol. (also that girl in the background? I'll tell who that is... after i finish the whole thing that might never actually happen.)
  3. Hello all! So for quite some time now, I have been creating my own sprites and splices of Fire Emblem characters (all GBA era) and using them for D&D characters that I write hefty backstories for. It's just one of my favorite creative outlets, and I always find it enjoyable to see a finished product ready for a campaign with my friends. I have made around 15-16 characters/sprites now including the one in my profile picture, entitled The Yeoman; The Yeoman is the character and design I am most proud of. Anyway, I've come to a point where I've written so many characters that I really only want to do one or two more, and I think it's time I really start working on my magnum opus. I'll handle the backstory all on my own, but I really want to make the sprite from scratch. This means doing more than just splicing two or three characters together and recoloring it all. However, I am not the best at drawing these from scratch, and I was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out. What I am looking for is a GBA style custom sprite based on some images that I will provide you of the character that I envision. If any of you can show me some of your previous works, and they look coolio, then I'd love to have you do the job for me, and in the end I would be willing to pay for your services no matter how much time you need (if you really impress me a lot, then I'll adjust the adjust the payment quite handsomely, say 40-50$). Alrighty, so if anyone is interested, please message me, and we can discuss further. Thanks y'all!
  4. Hi all! I posted a little under a week ago requesting a portriat of Fom and Fire Dragon. I've realized, at least with the latter, it'd be a lot of work for free. So, as I said with last post, I'd like a portrait of Fomortiis and the Fire Dragon that are like regular portraits (with talking, blinking, mini, etc.). I'm open to whatever prices y'all want since I've never commissioned GBA portraits!
  5. Hi! Would anyone happen to be willing to do up a Fomortiis and Fire Dragon portrait? Like the normal portraits I mean. (With talking, mini, etc.) I hope they aren't too difficult since they're kind of already existing just in a different format. (I really know little to nothing about Portraits)
  6. I have no computer right now so... rip If there was a program I can run on my phone that’d help
  7. Hello! I'm working on a FE GBA Project that I had to put on hold for a long time. Without getting off topic I am requesting some or will commission (references needed) unique FE GBA character portraits in the FE8 format. Normally I would sprite myself but I lack the ability for this job. I need some skeleton bros. Yep. Full on monster MUGS/portraits. Mainly as of now I only need three particular characters sprited as follows. Skeleton Skeleton Archer Skeleton Berserker I have some ideas in mind but would love to see what you guys can come up with. I should mention blinking frames are not required since skeletons don't have eyes; however, speaking frames can be a simple as just the jaw opening can closing. This is also not required but welcome to try or come up with something of your own. The mini/chibi is also not required. If you wish to discuss payment privately we can chat through PMs.
  8. Dismissed

    My Sprite Work

    I was thinking, what if there was a human version of Citron from Plants Vs. Zombies Heroes? I put together Raven's hair, Wil's face and Matthew's cloak and did some editing and recoloring. Here it is: Other Portraits Coming Soon: Draug (FE1/3/11/12), Preston Garvey (Fallout 4) (why not), Frollo (Hunchback of Notre Dame)
  9. Hello everyone, I am new on the forum and I am fan of Fire emblem games, so i am making a FE project in using Rpg Maker Xp but i have a problem with my portrait in game. =/ I tried to insert a portrait after formatting with "FEXP MUG Formatter, I inserted it with success but when I accessed for items on the map the portrait got messed up =/ ( ) My character template : FE GAME format : FEXP format after "FEXP MUG Formatter" : Where did I mess up somewhere ? =/ Thank you very much in advance.
  10. And yes, I can't draw glasses at all. I really need some tips for how to draw glasses that actually don't look like garbage. Gonna work on Futaba and the others once I'm in school.
  11. Hey! Just got my account here. Anyways, what do you think of my splices? I think my skill level is at the point where I can't do customs at all, but the splices are very well done that they look like customs
  12. So I remember stumbling upon a big thing once with (at least) the first gen and I believe second gen as GBA mugs. Unfortunately, I no longer can find it when the time calls for me to need it. I remember it having an A+++ Reptor. And I also need a really good Hannibal. Could anyone give me pointers to a good Hannibal and Reptor? I also could really use Pahn.
  13. So yeah, before you laugh, I just gotta say that it turned out A BIT better than I imagined. The app I used was fairly basic, but got the job started at least. I did not even bother with shading and all that fancy stuff yet I'm honestly a bit proud of myself! I dabbled with using unity to make basic games and could not make a basic pixel dude to save my skin. At least I can semi make faces. xD I'm totally going to be doing mote. I easily see myself being great at this if I practice. :D
  14. First of all, I'm new to this whole hacking things and to this forum, so forgive me if I did this wrong. here's the problem: I can't seems to insert my mugshot to the Portrait editor here's one of my mugshot: (yes ignore the no animation and bad spriting) is it because in the right format or too much color?
  15. This is a small tool help you to preview the character portrait without needing to import it into the FE4 rom. Just open the Preview.html and select your portraits, I've included some samples. Preview.zip
  16. Um, hello Serenes Forest! I need some help. A close friend of mine's birthday is coming up soon... Like, very soon, and I wanted to try and get him a nice image for his OC. I can't really afford to commission anyone for a special order, so I found the images that would be best used for this. I have the pictures that I need in order to create it, but the problem is is that I can't really do portraits for Fates well at all. I've tried, but I continued to mess up, so I was hoping I could be assisted. I attached two images to this forum. Portrait #1 has the head that would best represent his OC, and Portrait #2 (the dread fighter) is the body needed. I need someone to take the head of Portrait #1 and replace the head on Portrait #2 with it. If anyone could please assist me with this I will be grateful. If you really want, I could also credit you to him, but no matter what I'm not telling him that I created this. Speaking of crediting, if anyone is curious, this is where Portrait #2 is from. Thank you to anyone who decides to help me out. EDIT: For anyone wondering if I have permission to use the other portrait, I do!
  17. Hi all, you might all know about the famous Japanese hack of FE4 Remodel 2.97. While it is a very good hack, not everyone like its new version of character portraits, I myself prefer the old FE4 style. And that's what this patch does, it restores the portraits to the original style. So you can enjoy the new elements and the old portraits at the same time. Please apply this patch to a clean FE4 rom with header. You can find the read me here. Before After fe4(RR).zip
  18. So, I've finally understood how to edit the portraits and load them into the game, but I've noticed every character has a different possition for the blinking and the talking animations. How do I program this?
  19. I don't know if this will work for any of you guys ( or it is only an intentional thing) ,but this happened to me not so long ago and I found it pretty interesting. In a nutshell what this glitch did was that it replaced all the portraits (Hair color) of Xander! kana with Ryoma! Kana, except the one on the bottom screen. So I bought this Ryoma! kana from another castle ( This is lunatic conquest, chapter 27, if that has to do with anything ) and went to the rescue mission of my Xander! kana, I finished the battle ( With the outrealm kana) and the ending dialogue had the portrait of Ryoma! kana instead of my kana, support conversations(Not records hall) were the same as well, even the death portrait ( as long as the outrealm kana is present in battle) gets affected as well. Maybe is not a glitch, and its a normal thing, or maybe not. Pictures below are the support conversation of Ryoma! kana to Xander (Nohr textbox as prove), and the death of Xander! kana (the portrait doesn't match up with the sprite.)
  20. So when I went to enter my character into FEditor, it cut off the side of her hair. Below are images of her in Usenti and in FEditor. I'm not sure what's causing the problem, but the hair only gets cut off after I change the Input index and go back to it. Thanks in advance!
  21. So I added a custom portrait to a clean rom (I replaced Seth's portait) and THIS happened. Has anyone else experienced this problem before? Here's the bitmap I used for her. Thanks!
  22. Hello everyone. Today I tried making a Karla/Anna splice and I tried inserting it into FE7 with FEditor but nothing happened. Absolutely nothing. Help? Feel free to criticize. UPDATE:I used Usenti to decrease the colors, inserted it etc... BUT after trying to insert my Natasha recolor (With decreased colors) she...glitched out? I tried both FE7 and FE8 and I can move one of the tiles but the ones at the bottom stay there and glitch out everything.
  23. I am rather embarrassed to ask this, but every time I try to insert a portrait with Feditor Adv, the game refuses to load it, despite the mugs themselves matching all criteria (128x112, 16 colours). I've successfully inserted mugs before, but what baffles me the most is that this only happens in Arch's Fire Shell (Zeta), and I know this because I've inserted the mugs in a clean ROM and they work fine. To be more specific, the problem is that whenever the game has to load the mug I inserted, it restarts, and this happens with any mug I insert and point it to the character number 0x01, but more recently with 0x1A as well. Here is what happens (undoctored footage): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOkqfCsOSS0 (the pirate on the right is 0x01, and the Great Knight is 0x1A) Can anyone please help me with this one?
  24. Hi everyone! So, I am creating portraits for my characters in my hack at the moment, though I keep on having problems creating the emotional eyes and mouths on the bottom and the right. Does anyone know a certain trick to create mouths and eyes that align correctly?
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