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Found 2 results

  1. Also a poll. So we already had a thread about whether or not we liked the voice acting (I'm pretty sure), but this is a bit different. Which parts do you think are as good as they are because the voice acting really drives them home? Parts that would still be good without but not as good, or maybe meh without? My two are Berkut's rant around the time Nuibaba gives him that "break this and Duma will summon zombies to tear your foes apart" mirror, and Boey screaming off screen about the necrodragons in the graveyard. For the former, that voice actor really nailed that performance, and the latter I cracked up at because he sounded like somebody screaming in a cartoon and you know he probably literally pissed himself in fear, which is hilarious. The first one would still be decent without the voice acting, but the second absolutely needs it imo, or else it's meh. A simple "blaaaagh!" in text form just doesn't do it justice. I wish I would've recorded it lol.
  2. According to the recent Nintendo Direct.... February 19th! I am so hyped.
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