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Found 2 results

  1. Is power creep an objective term? If so, would you assign your own definition to the term power creep or would you take the definition from professional game designers with lots of experience from the gaming industry? Here are Extra Credits' videos explaining power creep: Power Creep - The Trouble with Expansions and Time - Extra Credits Power Creep in Hearthstone - What It Teaches Us About Games - Extra Credits If you say it is not an objective term, why is that? I would say yes, it is an objective term, and I would take the definition from Extra Credit since they are game designers and I am not.
  2. The main page has an article by @VincentASM https://serenesforest.net/2017/10/19/heroes-opinion-ayra-sets-dangerous-precedent/#disqus_thread that discusses the questionable practices of releasing Ayra in a repeatie banner. I wanted to focus a bit on a coinciding aspect of the problem. This new questionable marketing strategy also coincides with the blatant power creep going on in the past couple months. We had 7 months or so where IS was pretty good about keeping things in check. No game breaking skills and each movement type had a set BST to work with. After CYL, that went all out the window. Legendary weapons went above their second rung skill on top of 16 Might to now having the equivalent of two third rung skills for no apparent reason. On top of that Ike and Lyn got a 5 BST bonus for no apparent reason. If it was a one time thing awarded to the CYL winners, I could have lived with it, but now both Sigurd and Ayra got the BST bonus and overpowered Legendary weapons for and I'm worried this is going to be a new trend which will make all the old units overshadowed in every way. They could have made good units staying within the established parameters of the game. This level of power creep when the game isn't even a year old is concerning, they could have at least waited for the game to settle or stagnate and need a kick in the knees to rejuvenate it, but it was still going strong and all these changes are too soon and unnecessary.
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