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Found 2 results

  1. Which do you think is better and why? Personal weapons are prf weapons like: Marreeta's Sword (Thracia 776) Earth Sword Lughnasadh Caladbolg or (Thracia 776) Brave Lance. And class only weapons are weapons like: Tower Bow - Archers and Snipers only. Wo Dao - Myrmidons, Swordmasters and Lyn only. Amatsu - Myrmidons and Swordmasters only. Nosferatu - Dark Mages and Sorcerers only.
  2. Because someone suggested it in the "Best Lord's person weapon" thread and I don't see it anywhere. No real rating criteria just pick which one you like the best or which you think is objectively the best. I'll probably do another poll in like a week or something using this poll's results for best overall prf weapon. To prevent any arguments, a prf weapon is defined as a weapon that can only be used by a certain group of units or one unit as per the FE wiki's definition Shout-outs to FE5 and FE10 for having way too many prf weapons like holy crap Also Misstletainn isn't included cause I hit the option cap for swords but who likes this weapon besides Owain am I right (please don't actually like this weapon) EDIT: New polls have been added! Here are the results of the previous poll:
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