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Found 3 results

  1. So..... anyone know if its possible in FE Fates Conquest to get corrin into the kitsune or wolfskin? leave your answer or guess down below!
  2. I've been lurking for centuries, so i finally decided to make my own profile here. So, hi. I guess. This isn't my first forum or anything, and I've already read the Code of Conduct. So hopefully I remember all that crap (reasonable and smart crap) Here's the fire emblem games i've played. -Most of Blazing Sword before i lost my save file (f**king emulators!), working my way back there. The "speed up" option on emulators really helps grind out those Nils levels. (Yes i know about the whole getting Nils to level 7 thing, a friend told me) -All of Awakening on Normal, Classic. Helped me get my motor skills back in my wrist after it snapped in half :) -All the way up to Chapter 19 of Conquest. Doing paralogues for XP. -Currently emulating Path of Radiance and i'm on the first level listening to the slightly repetitive victory theme (par for the course in FE it seems, but thats fine) while typing this as a motivation to finish typing all this
  3. I've cut off work on Dark Days (Probably permanently) because various things, including this: Endless Adventure A project on RPG Maker XP In the world of Grandia, explorers and spelunkers are extremely common. Can you stand up to the challenge of Grandia's dungeons? Will you make is out alive? Only time will tell. It's like the RPGs of old, with lots of gameplay and exploration, and not that much storyline. The story will exist, but it isn't important, nor is it good, nor is it deep and enriching. Basically an old Final Fantasy game, except obviously not 8-bit, and with no end. That's right. Just lots of dungeon-crawling, character leveling, and loot-gathering. Now, I know if you're looking for a game like this, you can get some MMO or something that's probably way better than this. But anyways, yeah, that's about it. Lots of updates can be expected soon. Thanks for your time. Also, I don't know where this should go, Rom hacking just seemed the closest to it.
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