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Found 1 result

  1. Basically, I can't push myself to chose between (mainly) Astra and Luna; I limit my units to two proc skills (as 3 or more are a waste since the skill with the lowest activation priority will have a very low activation rate), and one of these two skills is generaly Sol... Units like MU, Chrom or Lucina get Ignis/Aether respectively, but as for the others... Luna has a higher activation rate, but is only useful when you barely do any damage; Astra on one hand, has a lower activation rate, is useful in most of the situations except when you do but little damage; on the other hand, it reduces Sol's activation rate... Maybe I could use Lifetaker/Renewal instead of Sol, but Sol is definitely better. Most of the time my units end up having Sol and Astra (except for Chrom!Inigo, I wanted to give him """Sol+Luna=Aether""" just for the heck of it ^^" ) Help?
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