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Found 3 results

  1. So I went to my first (and last) high school prom last weekend. No dates for me, but I had a fun time with my friends and such, who did. The only problem was that a thunderstorm came in around two hours in as some of us were walking on the red carpet for an event (the prom’s theme was vintage 50s Hollywood). I was able to walk the carpet alone and stuff, and enough people liked me to not make it feel bad. None of this was as bad to me as it sounds. So, what experiences do you guys have with prom?
  2. Hello there, this is my 2nd post on the forum. I haven't been online much, sorry about that I almost forgot that I made an account here lol. I know Japan doesn't have the same school culture as we do in Canada and the States but how about we have some kind of graduation + prom night themed banner held in like late June or somethng? Since Graduations are typically held in June as well as prom nights. I even have ideas for character outfits and skills. I made up some skills myself, the hero types, weapons, outfits and portraits. My job starts June 14th (training week) and then we officially start June 27th but we have other things to do before then so I'll be making some extra money. Also I get paid for training week (bonus points :D) so I'll be commissioning an artist that I have in mind to draw these pictures mimicking the different art-styles as she is very good at it. When the portraits are drawn I will post them here. So for the characters, I was thinking for the hypothetical banner would be: 1.) Corrin (Male) Type: Green Breath (We need more Green Dragons) Outfit: Grey Graduation Gown Weapon: Confetti Breath+ (Pink Dragonstone, a way to celebrate the grads as he is activating his special there would be confetti flying around the stone) Title: Graduating Dragon Skills: Dance Breathbreaker (Something similar to the other [insert weapon type here] breaker abilities, only this would have an effect on the dragons in the game) Congratulations (Special Skill): Boosts damage dealt by 70% of DEF, gives ATK/DEF +4 at the end of combat. Defiant ATK (1,2,3) Corrin would be a tank, and would also be high on RES but low on DEF. If this unit came to life, in my opinion you'd want a +ATK - HP Grad!Corrin 2.) Camilla Type: Red Sword Title: Bewitching Dancer Weapon: Prom Night+ (Black and Purple Color schemed Rapier) Outfit: Purple Prom Dress Skills: Rally Attack Swordbreaker Dancing in The Night (Special Skill): Gives ATK/SPD+5 and boosts damage dealt by 60% of ATK Turncount:2. ATK+1 ATK+2 ATK+3 Escape Route (1,2,3) This unit would be high on ATK, but low on SPD. If this unit was real, you would want to go for a +ATK - HP Prom!Camilla 3.) Roy Type: Red Tome Outfit: Blue and Red color schemed graduation gown (it would compliment his original color scheme) Weapon: Graduating Cap+ Skills: Defiant Atk (1,2,3) Tomebreaker (1,2,3) Graduation (Passive Skill A Slot): If unit initates combat with 100% HP, the unit receives ATK/DEF/RES/SPD+8 Resistance +1 Resistance +2 Resistance + 3 This unit would be high on RES, but low on HP. You'd want to go for a +HP - ATK version of Grad!Roy 4.) Lilina: Type: Blue Lance Title: Delightful Dancer Outfit: Red Prom Dress Weapon: Fancy Pencil+ Skills: Rally Resistance Lancebreaker Night of The Dance (Special Skill): Gives ATK/DEF+2 and boosts damage dealt by 80% of SPD. Turncount: 4. SPD+1 SPD+2 SPD+3 Breath of Life (1,2,3) Lilina would be high on SPD but low on RES, if this unit was real you'd want to go for a +RES - HP Prom!Lilina. What do you guys think of the unit choices? These characters will be definitely drawn, the artist is going to be drawing Camilla's weapon tomorrow. Anything I need to improve? Critiques are always welcomed! Have a good day, I just think this would be really cool. It'd be awesome to see Roy and Corrin in Graduation Gowns. Camilla would be a prom date for Corrin while Lilina would be Roy's prom date. Anyway, that's it for now let me know what you guys think.
  3. Let's play The Last Promise. The title's Pretty straightforward. But yes, after many failed attempts of playing this, (Ending giving Ace way too much XP) (Having 1 23-use Iron sword when more than half of my party is sword-users, etc) I will be LP-ing this. And not in video format. Like this guy. http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=38705 Which by the way is a way better LP than this will ever be. Let's get on with it. [spoiler=Prologue] Starting a new game. If you're legitimately interested in the story, then just play the hack. But basically this country Magnus is being a dick. Secondary main lord, Shon. Pretty much a piece of trash, but he's fast and skilly. He's much better after he promotes. Siegfried, our MAIN MAIN lord. And he lives in Maine. On to gameplay. I'm not using Siegfried during this chapter at all. Or at least not fighting with him. That's because I get a SUPER-SPECIAL prologue gaiden for that. Siegfried gets to go back home and gets: Aw yissssss. Slicey slicey. 1000 gold. Lotsa good stuff. Now Mr. Shon shall take on an influx of axe users. But first: equip dat Iron Sword. I don't want you wasting no Cav/Knights Pref. Weapon. Shon stays on that tree and the enemies draw close. The fighter winds up a 27%! And misses. Shon hits for 6 and gains 10 XP. The rest of the chapter is pretty boring... Except 2 things: It's so... GENERIC And Mr. Obvious Batta splice over down by the south. Shon's gonna wipe that frown of of your dirty face. He equips his special Piercing Sword and waits in front of Byron. The results of the first round: Shon does 11 damage Byron does 9 Shon does 11 Shon levels up! And no, Shon doesn't start at Lv. 2. I missed his first levelup. And Shon beats Byron with an Iron Sword. I hope you find minor enjoyment from reading this. Because I know you won't
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