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Found 5 results

  1. Which Fighter promotions do you prefer? Not much else to say.
  2. I'm working on a FE fan fic, and it occurred to me that I'll start promoting people mid way through, and I wanted to know if anyone had any ideas on how it would work in written form, since seals would seem a bit odd in a non-game environment.
  3. So, I changed Amelia's Recruit promotions to Soldier and Female Mercenary, just for shiggles. I also added the Female Mercenary custom animation to the appropriate class through FEditor. When I go to promote Amelia, the screen goes black. Did I do something wrong, or is FEditor being funny with me? Yet another question: How do I create a custom class in FE8? I want to have the Halberdier available as a promotion for the soldier class, but I can't figure out how to make the class and put it into the game's files.
  4. And I do mean "create." You're not dragging an old class from another Fire Emblem game and putting it in Awakening's roster. Let's say IS decided to do DLC again and add a new class to the game, and you were given creative authority on it. This class can be a standalone like the Dread Fighter or Bride or can be a new third tier class that caps at level 30. Please include Class Name, Weapons, 2 Skills (Since this is a DLC only class they'll be learned at levels 1 and 15. Just keep that in mind,) whether the class is gender exclusive or not; and finally, a brief description of the class that you would see at the promotion/reclassing screen. (If the class you create is the third tier to an existing class, please name the class it promotes from.‚Äč) Now... Let me break the ice. Class Name: Warden Weapons: Spears & Tombs Skill 1: [Impale] - Allows the user to strike three times in one attack. Activation: Skill divided by 2. Skill 2: [Beastbreaker] - Increases Hit Rate & Evasion by 20% when fighting beast units. Gender Exclusivity: None Description: Wardens are knights who've trained in the wilderness to accumulate sharp instincts. They are especially deadly when facing beast units. Promotes From: None
  5. Awakening, unlike most other Fire Emblems, encourage the player to experiment with character classes and find what works best for them. This being said, which characters who's original classes do you tend to keep the same throughout your playthroughs. And when I say original classes I'm including promotions as well. IE: Turning Severa into a Hero or a Bow Knight is still keeping her in her original class.
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