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Found 2 results

  1. So, what would you think the anime, manga, and the like will give our new heroes? Personally, I have this (From 20000 names): Male: Lyall (Scottish name for “Shield wolf”, after Norse name Liulfr) Female: Brenda (Scottish name of Scandinavian origin, based on Old Norse brandr, or “Sword”) Male one may just have a British origin, though, to run parallel to the female’s Scottish origin (sorry Wales).
  2. In every FE game, the protagonists, specifically the lord characters, are always young; specifically between early teens and... however old Micaiah actually is. And so FE games usually have a element of coming of age in the story: Marth having to deal with becoming ruler of Altea, Roy leading his people while Eliwood's health fails, Ike inheriting the mercenary company much earlier than anyone in the story expected, etc. Quite recently I was thinking about notable older protagonists (by this I mean at least middle-aged), such as Jean-Luc Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation, Agent Gibbs from NCIS, Eddard Stark from season 1 of GoT, etc. That got me thinking; could an older protagonist work in an FE storyline? This is something I mentioned in a reply to a forum topic but then decided it was worth making a topic on. Do you think such a character could work in an FE game, and Why or why not?
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