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Found 2 results

  1. Hello! This is my first playthrough, and just have a few questions in regards to the end of part 1 and taking advantage of Ilyana to load up items with. So I’m getting ready to finish part 1, and from my understanding Ilyana joins up with another group (not sure which group, as I’ve been trying to avoid story spoilers). And I just have a few questions of how to take advantage of this: 1) When do I load up Ilyana with the items I want to transfer? Do I have to do this before jumping in to the endgame chapter, or do you get access to the base again after the chapter? 2) With that said, what items should I transfer? I’m guessing money related stuff such as gems or useless skill scrolls? Besides that, is there any skills that the DB doesn’t really need, that the group Ilyana goes to can benefit from? What about weapons? Any recommendations would be greatly appreciated. 3) This next one is actually off-topic, but I’m just wondering if there is any AR/Gecko codes out there that allow you to toggle enemy attack ranges when playing on hard mode? If anybody knows of any, or if there is any way to view enemy attack ranges on hard mode, please let me know! So yeah.. I think that’s pretty much it. Just want to thank you in advance if you took the time to comment and leave me some advice, it’s much appreciated!
  2. Hi everybody, First, i'm french, my english is really bad, be nice with me please. I have a question, in the european version of the game, the DLC of 'Champions of iore 2 ' ( Heroes of past 2 ) has beean released yesterday, but i can't play at ths stage. Other people can't acces to this extra map? Thanks for your answer, i hope you understand me...
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