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Found 186 results

  1. So while I'm playing Conquest blind right now and admittedly don't have a super in-depth knowledge. At a glance I'm really not sure how to use Charlotte. Like, Selena still seems useful if you decide to invest in her (albeit from what I've seen of her bases/growths. its not worth it.) Like. Is she a designated pair up bot? I've read/heard that's a good use for her. Throw her on Xander. And from what I've done in my current run (which is exactly that. backpack up Xander with a bunch of STR and SPD) But outside of that idk. It feels strange people say she's an all-star unit. Camilla is a flier+earlier+greater stats. Do fighters have like really crazy skills once they get past the gamble hurdle? (and I guess hp+5. I wouldn't call it a bad skill. But I'd buff it to +10 to be more in line with the other stat skills. Really IS needs to learn that the stats are of different values and shouldn't be 1:1. But that's a topic for another time.) Like if Fighters get galeforce at lvl 20 plz let me know. I'd like to know that. It probably help me out a lot. I'd know to stop using Arthur as a percy-production machine.
  2. What are your top 15 favorite Fire Emblem characters is general based on their personality, usefulness as a unit or design etc. I've not yet played Tharcia, Binding Blade, Sacred Stones, NMotE or Fates yet so my list isn't final since I've loved most of the characters from each of the games I've played so far. Though to be fair I kind of struggle ranking every character overall as there is a lot of great characters in the franchise. Edelgard Ike Eliwood Lucina Owain Tiki Dimitri Celica Lyn Marth Chrom Arvis Hubert Black Knight Annette
  3. I'm currently doing an FE4 ironman, and I lost Finn in Chapter 2 to Waltz's mercenaries since he couldn't dodge enough 50+ hit rate attacks. Worse, he was holding the Brave Lance, Speed Ring, and Paragon Band and took them with him when he fled to Leonster. I want to know if I can bring him back in Chapter 3 with Claud's Valkyrie staff, just so I can retrieve the Paragon Band and Speed Ring and give them to Seliph. I'm assuming I can't revive him since he's not actually dead, but the information I found on this topic is inconclusive, so I'd really like to know.
  4. Is it possible to hack the spotpass content or is it only for user-dedicated save? I'm looking for extdata for FE:A but my knowledge is limited regarding extdata files
  5. I've been looking for overhead sprites to use for some little projects. I've been unable to find any of the fan-made sprites in the resource. Are those not public?
  6. Noob question here. Does anyone have advice/tips on how to make sure Whatever Rom I'm downloading is safe? (Virus/malware free) Thanks!
  7. Hi I know there are probably tons of topics in regard of which game you should play this and this way. And i tried to check those, but it can be quite overwhelming and confusing so I thought that I might ask for bit of a specific order for me personally. To give you bit of a background to my FE experience, first one i played was Three Houses, mainly because Switch is basicaly my first nintendo console i bought and its the only FE game there (if im not gonna count Warriors spin off and remake of first game which is no longer available in the store) but recently I meddled with few emulators and was able to finish Fates Conquest (still dunno why i thought it would be great idea for that to be my next game after 3H, it was quite a leap to be honest) and then FE7. Now i cannot decide, do I wanna play FE6 now? How about Awakening? You know Path of Radiance looks interesting. Why dont i jsut play it from the first game to the last one? Oh yeah cause some of them are just better remakes. In the end i thought that for me personally what would be most interesting is to play it in chronological order in regard of timeline, but then im still bit confused which games are connected and which are not and then what is remake of what? So could i ask for bit of a guidance in this regard? Im really tempted to play Echoes which i understand is remake of FE2, but if i wanna stick to my rule of sticking to the timeline should i play Shadow Dragon first? At least I hope thats the remake of FE1. And from there how should i continue. Thanks for the tips in advance.
  8. my specs: Device name LAPTOP-TP3L5QR1 Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10210U CPU @ 1.60GHz 2.11 GHz Installed RAM 4.00 GB (3.83 GB usable) Device ID 36504285-DD24-4C9F-BB19-11598E9933D9 Product ID 00327-30809-30514-AAOEM System type 64-bit operating system, x64-based processor Pen and touch Pen support whenever i reach chapter 5 starts to get really laggy as hell
  9. Note: I've never used a site like this before, apologies if I (somehow) mess up. Hello, I'm looking for help with what build / class path I should go with for Female Byleth on the AM route. This will be my first time trying to seriously play / finish the game, and I'm at a loss for what I should do with her. I've planned out nearly everyone else's builds, but I can't think of anything concrete for Byleth. Originally I planned to go Merc / Archer > Assassin, but I'm not so sure anymore. She's pretty good with bows, and ideally I'd like to keep that in her build, but I'm open to all suggestions. Thank you in advance.😊
  10. I know it's a weird but Bishop is a best class in the game ?
  11. So i used yuzu to dump the romf for fe3h and edited the files with a randomizer. i can still play the game on yuzu but the effects of the randomizing arent there. do i need to rebuild it? if so, is there a way to do this entirely from my pc instead of using layeredfs from my switch?
  12. Hello everyone, So, I'm currently working since two months on a hacking about Sacred Stones thanks to FE Builder and I would like to implement two things that could be interesting : the freeze debuff and skill scrolls. I think that Freeze debuff is less impactful than plainly "just standing there et take hits without doing nothing" with sleep and stone so that's why. Mainly for the player since I would like to put that sort of effect on ice magic and I don't want to rendering the foe incapable to act for game balance. (I woule like something like the one which is in FE Fates : Can't move and -20 evade) Skill scrolls because it could be interesting for customizing the different characters who appears in my project. However, even if I've seen there's a possibility to implement these mecanics apparently since I had read on the tuto about skills which we can access with FE Builder on a link, I don't know if FE Builder permit this or we have to try another method. Indeed, even if I know the most things about basics (inserting music, modifying classes, map creation, items creation, win/defeat conditions etc), I have not again playing with code or that sort of thing to create new skills for example. I have also searched on different others hack ROM, without success. So if we could help me on how to this, thanks for your help. Also, if you have advices about skill creation, I'm also interested, even for replace with some existing skills which are not in the 255 basic skills, which I don't know how to do currently. Others things I would like to know if it's normal but here that is mainly about the system, it's : -I've seen that if a foe have the same character ID but different classes, their first skill learned on lvl 5 tends to change and be one which is allocated to one class but not for its own (example, I had soldier and knight sharing the same character ID in an experiment and the knight had their skill Strong Ripost learned on the lvl 5 replaced by Silent Pride of Soldiers) -Since I've done a Str/Mag split on my game, I would like to separate the energy ring in two items, one which raises strenght the other magic. But when I've tried to create the item for raising magic, the item can not just be used in the game (they have the same effect so energy ring effect, is that because of that ?). So for the moment, I'm sticking with a item which give +2 Str/Mag but I would like to separate the two if possible. -Finally, it's about promotion item and it's a case similar to the energy ring. I have done a special class on an important character of my story and I've seen the Terra Seal not used in the promotion item. So I thought "Hey it could be interesting to use this instead of the Solar/Lunar Brace that I could give instead for my main character and a potential second "Lord" Character". I have placed the effect Orion Bolt on the Terra Seal since the character is an archer and I have put her in the classes that could be evolved with that item but here, when I have tried it, the game just freeze when I tried to open the inventory of the character. With an Orion Bolt, however that worked. So can I think that in FE GBA, effect items can not be shared on multiples items ? I hope that my questions were not already answered in the past, if yes sorry about that. Anyways, thanks for reading and have a good day !
  13. I have been making a Rom hack, and have experienced an issue where textboxes after conversations don't disappear after the conversation ends. They only disappear when the next conversation starts, or the chapter itself starts. This is strangely only happening in the first half of my event, and I don't know what's causing it because it just started out of seemingly nowhere. If anyone else has had this problem while working with FEBuilder please tell me a fix or workaround. Thanks! Hello all! I found a solution to my problem here, What it was is that when you move a portrait in a conversation it is registered as them saying something. Since the portraits in my cutscene moved after they spoke, the textbox stayed even after the conversation ended. The solution to this was making a characters spoken text happen after they move, or simply removing the character moving in the conversation.
  14. anyone have a link to a growth chart for this hack? wanna know how i can expect a unit to perform. I can always just make guesses based of class and personality but I want something concrete just to be sure. Thank in advance.
  15. I'm currently running a semi-blind normal mode iron man run of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and I've just completed chapter 20 but tragedy has struck and both of my thieves are now dead. The only ways I can open chests now are with the 2 droppable chest keys in chapter 21 and any chests that thieves can open and then drop their loot. Are there any other ways that I could possibly open chests? And if not, which chests are the most valuable to use my limited supply of keys on. Right now I'm looking at the resolve scroll but other than that I don't really know what's worth getting. Try to avoid spoilers please but any advice is greatly appreciated, thanks.
  16. Does anyone here have the tools to hack a generic Kitsune or Wolfskin into their My Castle so that I can recruit them? I really like the designs, and it’s a shame they aren’t capturable in the games.
  17. I recently saw those ads that popped up on YouTube showed Honey that helps bring Discounts and Coupon Codes on alot of websites such as Best Buy website for example. I was thinking of entering their site and register so that I can use it to buy some used games and accessories from eBay and Amazon and maybe some food like Pizza when I order it online. Before I sign up, has anyone used Honey that might know how does Honey tracks those discount and coupon codes so fast since the ad showed the guy registered on their website and it did said he saved around less than $100? Does it track new and old codes or does it save up when you waited around weeks or months before you used the codes that the Honey app tracks it down to buy stuff from online?
  18. I'm just wondering what everyone's favouriite characters supports were from Awakening and Fates. I have not been able to go through much of the supports in each game and I really want and idea of the funnest or sweetest supports are since it'd take forever to individually achieve each one.
  19. I used a Berserk staff on Reinhardt with a 20+ magic Sarah, but I never saw this happening before... Does the AI of the enemy changes to kill the berserk unit or hitting a berserk unit recovers them from the status? I never tested it with my units because I prioritized using Restore staves.
  20. So, I want to do some cosplay one day. This had been a thing at least since Momocon last year. Now, I have some series that I feel I could do as of now (as in, I have experienced them to a good extent): -Fire Emblem (obviously) -Kingdom Hearts -Fullmetal Alchemist (might start after watching Brotherhood) -RWBY (though, I kind of lost interest) -Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid -Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Here are the characters I am considering: -Link w/Champion’s Tunic and black hood (BotW) [Think of the horse-riding Link Amiibo without the horse. Might do this one first.] -Fafnir (Dragon Maid) [Might need something to temporarily pale my skin, as well as some red contacts.] -Zexion (Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories) [Just thought he would fit my body type well.] -Vanitas (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep) [I’d feel comfortable with a mask. Might do him in the Organization XIII garb like in that one KHIII trailer.] -Leo (FE: Fates) [May need brown contacts. This would be a later project.] -Spider-Man Noir [Spiderverse design (complete with a Rubix Cube), not the one from Scattered Dimensions.] -Naesala (FE Tellius Duology) [Might need an extra mold to make my nose look taller. Could be among my first.] -Ike (FE: PoR) [Can do Ranger garb, Lord garb, Brave garb, and Greil’s Devoted Garb (maybe that last one during Kami-Con, which is closest to Valentine’s Day).] -Male Robin (FE:Awakening) [Can do any outfit. Since Robin is an avatar character, I do not feel the need to get contacts and hair (okay, maybe I’ll need brown contacts).] All of these are based on how well they can fit my build and complexion.
  21. Hi, I was wondering what method you have to use in order to make FEH widescreen like the attached images. I saw this in Nimi's stream and asked him how he did it, and he said that he forced FEH to use the max resolution it could. Is this something you can do on certain tablets or is it on emulators, etc? I know you probably can't do this on an iPad but if there's certain tablets like samsungs or whatever that can force max resolution, I'd like to invest in one.
  22. So I'm going to be playing Silver Snow soon and don't know the exact story but I do know that's it's church based and similiar to VW. I would like to recruit some characters outside of my house, but I would like those characters to make sense to join me lore-wise (Such as recruiting Lysithea in CF, for example Ingrid and Leonie would make no sense due to Leonie not wanting to aid people who helped kill jeralt and Ingrid is super loyal to Faerghus.) Who do you think would make sense to recruit story and lorewise?
  23. Title pretty much sums it up. I want to try giving my FE project a more subdued art style akin to fe4/fe5 (but not exactly like it).
  24. I'm going to play Genealogy, and I'm interested in reading some of the lover convos between characters. However, I can't find them anywhere. Does anyone know where I can?
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