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Found 1 result

  1. ţ Tried to do this somewhere else, but there doesn't seem to be that many tellius fans over there, so i am hoping i would have better luck here. So I have been having this idea for a Fire Emblem roleplay that serves as a sequel for the Tellius saga (Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, Ike and Micaiah’s games) which takes place about a century after Radiant Dawn. The story has a few story arcs across the large world of Tellius, each focusing on a different group, but occurring at the same time. Anyway, here are the Arcs, each with a spot for a specific protagonist. The plot may have some tweaking to do, so I am willing to take some advice on plot ideas. You can also join more than one arc. Arc One: Rifts of Begnion: The Senate of Begnion is as corrupt as ever, and now there is a deep rift between them and the apostle. It is also discovered that a very wealthy family in Begnion had been secretly running a sanctuary for escaped Laguz slaves. But when the Senate wants to interfere, things get heated. Participators: Apostle: (1 slot Opened) The Family’s Siblings: (Me, 3 spots opened). Servants of the Empress: 4 spots opened. Servants of the Family: 4 spots opened. Laguz Slaves: 4 spots opened Most characters involved with this would be retainers or servants of the empress or the rich family, along with Laguz slaves. Arc Two: Shadow in Gallia Gallia has mostly accepted the Beorc, but there one area of the kingdom has abruptly shut itself off to any non laguz. When the king goes to investigate, he does not return, and the Gallian Prince gathers a few of his allies to see what happened to him. This would likely be a Laguz-exclusive plot. Other than the Gallian prince (with an opened slot) the other characters are other Laguz with close ties to the Prince from other nations (though dragons would have become incredibly rare at this time, and I will only allow one or two dragons as a result) Arc 3: Divide of Crimea The latest ruler of Crimea has made many choices and expressed many beliefs that has split people of Crimea, but choosing not to respond with Daein’s alleged threats of war has was the last straw caused a breakout rebellion that eventually lead to the king’s death, and the heir to the throne escapes. Needing to stop the rebellion that usurped their father’s throne, they end up having to turn to a band of mercenaries. Prince(ss) of Crimea: one spot opened Mercenary leader: me Mercenaries: 12 spots opened This is mostly a Beorc exclusive plot, though I can allow one Laguz ally of the mercenaries if any of you guys would want to be one. Fourth Arc: ???
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