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Found 21 results

  1. I hope I'm putting this in the right place. I've been looking at other's art, and I thought I'd like to give it a go. First post. Okay, here goes! Here's a sketch I did of Female Corrin and Male Kana. I tried my best :P. Any feedback would be appreciated.
  2. Hey all, I’m a complete amateur (haven’t touched anything more complicated than FEBuilder and Nightmare) who’s drafting an FE8 hack. While this isn’t even a plan, I was wondering what adding RNG into combat calcs would look like. For example, what if I wanted Avoid to be calculated as AS*2 + (Luck*Random number between 1 and 2)? I’m also familiar with the concept of piecewise graphs in math, and was wondering if it’s possible to have altered damage calcs based on the participants’ current HP/max HP. Thanks to anyone who can help.
  3. This is a program that will generate a text document with randomized class changes for all of the characters in Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon. Fe 11 Randomizer.zip instructions 1. Unzip the file 2. Open the dist folder 3. Run the ShadowDragonRandomizer.exe 4. Your randomized list will be Characters.txt in the same folder Post any feedback in the comments below
  4. Hi again, I'm willing to play another run with specific units, but I don't want to be the one picking them (I feel like picking the same ones all the time). Also, I plan on using DLC for grinding but only to a certain extent (understand: reach the point where they don't need to be babysitted anymore; not when they're able to solo the game, it's not funny). I can reclass them once, only once, and like this: reach level 10/11 unpromoted, reclass, reach level 11/10, instant master seal. The goal is to have the same number of level ups than if I didn't reclass them. Another option (not as good though) is to reach level 10/11 unpromoted, master seal, reach level 11/10, reclass into a promoted class. Special classes are allowed to be reclassed at level 10 only (manakete, tagüel and villager). I prefer keeping manaketes in their original form though if they're not gonna get more than 38 level ups and a promotion. Because manakete is a good class with 6 move, great tanking ability, 1-2 range 80% hit rate base weapon and a buffed weapon available in spotpass (mostly used for grinding rather than in-game for ethics). DLC classes allowed, but I don't want to make full DLC teams, it's not funny (and brides are only useful for their skills since their weapons kind of suck for hybrid units). If I play MU, he/she is going to be played only for rally spectrum by endgame (+def/-str or something like that since it gives him/her the stats to tank late game ennemies without reclassing or getting stat boosters). This allows me to bring weaker units through the game by rallying them each turn and giving them the stats to be usable in late game (like not RNG-blessed Ricken, unlike the one I'm using in my current playthrough where he was blessed with 15 or 16 speed as a 20/1 dark knight) IF YOU WANT ME TO PLAY IN NO GRIND (story only and maybe paralogues) IT WILL BE ON NORMAL DIFFICULTY since I'm not in the mood to make shits like Miriel work without grinding and taking the 1st master seal for early bonus stats is not good since it kills the unit in late game (or even as soon as in the Valm arc). Or either way I only use strong units (units who don't suck the exp and are good to go when they join) but since I've already done this kind of run I don't want to do it again. I think it's gonna be a no support run (meaning no C-/B-/A-/S- supports) like the one I'm doing. Only Chrom is likely to get married unless I don't use any of his potential wives. Stupid auto-S support (-_-). If there are classes you want me to try for said unit, suggest them (Ricken GK XD or Zelcher Walkyrie LMAO). Spot pass is allowed for recruitment and shops (recruitment in order to complete dread knight or bride DLC, featuring Sephiran, Ike, Ashnard, Ephraim, Lyon, potentially black knight but I achieved to finish dread knight DLC with only the 5 ones written first without anyone dying and Chrom on Ashnard on the left castle) and also for the bullion at 1k renown (it saves me a gold DLC from the beginning and allows me to play it faster without my story-related units so they don't gain unwanted levels and don't waste weapons even if it's not a real problem), the second seal and any NEEDED stat booster (spotpass characters will get the spotpass legendary weapons but that's it). But no wyvern Panne, it's not funny because she's too strong. If you want me to make a spotpass units only run, suggest a game and units. I don't play uggly ones (except a few like the ones with Catria who got a graphic update, most units from games older than TSS are uggly so I won't use them because uggly isn't cool). The goal is not to play the ones with capped stats outside from DLCs. Default difficulty is hard/casual because hell no I'm exhausted of resetting for nothing. I can also play resetless (permanent death) if you want, it's up to you. PS: I'm gonna do the same for Fates later or in parallel, so if you have suggestions for Fates, go on. I have Birthright and Conquest, I'll do one for each route. Children are forbidden since they're no fun and recruiting some of them is a pain in the *ss*.
  5. Hey folks! I've been quite busy with my new job and haven't been able to work much on rom-hacking or my little merc-dude. I have been, however, been able to make nifty little fun hacks with a few wacky changes to the games balance and found that randomizing these is actually really fun! (turning the slim sword and lance into devil weapons for an example. Have fun pegasus knight Lyn that only spawned with a slim lance!) The only thing that's been bothering me is fe7's lack of female classes and a male healer. Te lack of male healer doesn't bother me much, since I still get plenty of variety in my male units, but the women have very little variety, especially in the early game! They can only be Archers, Lyn lords, Peg knights and mages for offensive classes and clerics, troubadours and dancers for support classes. That's pretty shitty for me since they almost always fill the same role as a dude when in offense. It gets a little better for pre-promotes, since they also get swordmaster, wyvern lord and paladin but I find it silly that I can't randomize it so they can also have myrmidon, cavalier and wyvern rider. At least that'd allow me to edit those classes into something else that I might want more. As of right now, there's little variety in female classes in fe7 and fe8 isn't THAT much better either, especially because of the silly generic palettes (plus, I just like playing fe7 more.) and it's not like I can edit many of the classes into something different because there's not many of them to start with. What bothers me most is how many unused classes are in the game's code as well. (fem merc, myrm, knight, cav, shaman, and their promotions) So I got to thinking. "If I could randomize this into including unused classes that aren't in the (I'm guessing) original "randomization table", would I need to alter something in the rom using nightmare, make my own randomizer that includes these classes, or both?" Also, I'm using this randomizer: https://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?/topic/55809-universal-gba-fe-randomizer-v10/ Cheers in advance for any help folks! Update on the animation coming this next weekend!
  6. Hi! I've been attempting to make a fun little romhack where I basically just dick around, changing people's classes and making dumb "Balance changes" to make the game (FE7) a little more fun for myself. In the process, I "added" (edited the peer and others) the female myrmidon, female mercenary, female brigand and a nifty little mage class and gave it to a few of the characters. My thing is that should I ever feel like randomizing this for extra fun, these classes are never going to be randomized themselves (keep in mind that I'm using the universal gba fe randomizer). Given that my knowledge of romhacking extends to Nightmare, FEditor and changing palettes, I would have no idea if it is possible to randomize them and if so, how I would go about doing it. I was thinking that perhaps there was a particular attribute in nightmare that the "usual" classes have that the others (like the peer) do not have but I noticed nothing of note. The one thing I did notice was a certain ***UNKNOWN*** attribute that most classes had a value on but stuff like the peer had a 0 value on it. However, while the mercenary (F) also had the 0x00 value attibuted to it, the female myrmidon, shaman and druid (all of which are unrandomizable as well) had actual values on them, so I guess that's not it. Plus, the values were going up with every different class so it didn't appear to be related to that at all. I'm asking this because Klokinator made a "fixpatch" for fe7 for a different randomizer and now he made one for fe8 for the universal randomizer that apparently make those classes randomizable (as long as he edits them in a specific way) but I don't think he's done that to his FE8 fix patch yet and I'm pretty sure after a several tries that the normal fe7 fix patch does not work on the universal randomizer. Any thoughts?
  7. So, this may not be the perfect place to ask this, but "people who know about the game's innards" seemed like the best bet. I'm trying my hand at LTCing for the first time with FE8 0% growths using dondon's patch(Might be relevant to the question, idk). I'm having a great time, but I don't really like searching through RNs and want to make a program to find sequences of number thresholds easily. In order to actually apply it, I need the list of RNs and I don't really want to manually go through the lua script in vba and write down hundreds of numbers. So, I want to know exactly how the RNG works. Is it calculated using a function with the same seed of 8 every time or something like that? I don't need memory address stuff, but I'm looking for something like this: https://youtu.be/MiuLeTE2MeQ?t=1m27s If I can get this information I'll post the program here when I am finished (Java, so it's all-platform and that's what I'm most familiar with) and hopefully it will help people who may want to play with RN knowledge but don't really like slogging through with the RN script to figure out how enemy phase will go.
  8. lmao, so no joke, my friend and I were playing a couple rounds of Smash 4, and I like to go random as he's still trying to come to grips with the game, right. So we pick the stage, and it gives us a tip for Palutena, and I kinda have this weak moment in my brain where I go: "Palutena.. Palutena, Palute- who is Palutena?" So the battle starts, cue her entrance animation, and my mind goes blank so I pause the game and look at him, and he mirrors my look. We both laugh in the moment, because.. Palutena is just so irrelevant in Smash 4. I COMPLTELEY forgot she existed, at all. And I secondary Pit!
  9. Hello, I have a new idea for a different type of PMU. i want to hear you guys' thoughts. The idea in short is that you put up a topic just like other PMU's and that people randomize the units you will use. What this means, is that if you do a Revelation random PMU, the person choosing for you puts all characters in a list, and then roll. The character that is number 1 on the list, will be the person that the PMU player is going to use. But wait, you're not done yet! The class will also be randomized. Every available class for that particular character (including dlc if the challenger said he will be using dlc) will be put on a list and the class on number 1 will be the class of the character that you rolled earlier. This site will be used for this: https://www.random.org/lists/ I can't do it myself just yet, because I;m going on a holiday soon, but I will try to get around to do this after the summer. What do you guys think?
  10. I was going to start a Hector Normal Mode run, but I was kinda bored with playing the game standardly. So i thought I might start a random draft, with people replying with what characters they want me to use. Please leave your favourite in the comments! Thx.
  11. After having seen all those randomized runs and thinking it was cool I decided to make a FE8 randomized run. The setup is the following : (I minimized the weapons and con stats not to allow cheesing by simply having a boss whose weapons break in one hit) You, yes you! You will have a part in this formidable experience by choosing me 14 units. I'm obviously allowed to abuse of !Seth, !Orson and !Eirika. You won't choose though a !slot, but an unit. That means that I can actually totally get screwed because that unit will be in the tower slot. You can't give me though the boss units (Valter, Lyon, Orson, Caellach, Selena, Riev) because they're not randomized. I have no idea of the outcome of this run. Your units can either totally screw me up or be awesome simply due to the random. (I can have 255 skill growth Myrrh with 10% everywhere for instance) I'm allowed to tower grind and to arena abuse because why the hell not. Units : - !Seth (who is actually Innes) - !Eirika (who is actually Forde) - Cormag - Marisa - Amelia - NATASHA - Lute - Seth - Ewan - Ephraim - L'Arachel - Ross - Joshua - Tana - Vanessa - Ismaire Here you go! EDIT : I feel I'm already gonna regret setting the base movement to 1. What have I done. EDIT 2 : Got back to randomize movement from 7 to 9 because Forde and Innes have 1/2 move and I don't see myself playing hyper slowly.
  12. ... Will likely not be starring in this game. Pokemon Yellow Randomised Nuzlocke I'm back again, my sweet treats. I did say, after my Sacred Gold victory, that I'd return with another game. I know it's been longer than I was hoping, but I'm finally here. This time, I'll be doing a nuzlocke of the first Pokemon game I ever owned; Pokemon Yellow. There's a twist though, and that's the randomiser, which will ensure some interesting sights and battles. Because it's the yellow version, I won't get the choose my starter; what I get is what I play with. Will I win another nuzlocke, or will that Pikachu bend me over and make call him daddy? The Rules 1: Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released. 2: The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances. 3: Must nickname every Pokémon. 4: A black out/white out is considered to be "game over", even if there are Pokémon left in the PC. 5: Species/Dupes Clause. 6: Gift Pokemon can be accepted, but they count as the single encounter for that area. 7: Interact Pokemon (like Snorlax) count as the encounter for the area. 8: Battles must in be set mode. 9: Nuzlocke doesn't start until I have Pokeballs. Episode One: A Star is Born [spoiler=Episode One] Hello, old friend. A warm welcome to you, too. Only that middle egg is ready for battle. Dang straight. Lower case. I'm no shouty tosser. I mucked up in the Sacred Gold playthough. This time, I'll make no mistakes. Oak, you dirty ol' dog. Enough of this prattle. It's time to get into the game. I think I had an N64 when I first got this game. No matter. I did have Snes, too. There should be an item in this PC. I randomised items as well, so lets see what I got. Nevermind. Time to start the adventure. The music. I love this old Gameboy music. It makes me feel young again. That's right. What awaits me on this new journey? Shades of Naxxramas by the sounds of it. Time to get my Pokemon. Yes, it lets me pirate old Gameboy classics. Here we are. It's time to say hello to Nobface. Aww hello. No! That Pokemon is mine! Remove your phallus visage from my sight! I don't need him. I'll just hunt down my own Pokemon. With my bear hands! Hey, old pal, 'bout time you showed up. But we aren't out of the woods... or grass just yet. Here we go! Who's it going to be? ... ... ... I wasn't expecting that. Evolvable by Celadon, with a good typing. I think I'll get along well with you, little Staryu. Well, we are close to the sea here. So I guess that Staryu makes some sense. "Back to the studio." Ooooooo! Someone needs a Burn Heal. Let's get this formality out of the way. We all know how this is going down, ol' buddy. I hope that you'll be the one in the bin very soon, erection head. No sweat, Oak... just give me that Staryu. Oh yeah. I still have regrets over the Staryu I caught into Sacred Gold. Damn that Weezing and its critical Thunder. This time, things will be different. Me and Lazuli here are going to have a grand old time of it. I'm feeling lucky. And ready to offer some payback. [spoiler=Episode One: Vs Rival] Yeah yeah... lets see what lame Pokemon you got. Just look at penis cranium here. So smug. ... Okay. Shades for me. When does Staryu learn Water Gun again? You had to just rub in it in, didn't you. You cheesey, dastardly dick-nose. This doesn't count because I don't have any Pokeballs yet. Yeah... I think I'll skip our next battle. You'll be waiting a while before you can smell me. And there you have it, folks. It feels good to be back, and I hope for another victory in the nuzlocke challenge. I hope that you also enjoy this playthrough.
  13. Well, everyone else is doing one and the game's relatively short so hell, I might as well throw everything into the blender and see what transpires. Using the same settings as Klok's LP so...let's get this random party started! [spoiler=Prologue & Ch1: Monster Quest] Yeah, I'm no weakling. Go big or go home for challenge I say! Someone hit the red button and changed everyone. Names, classes, you name it, the jerk that hit the red button likely caused it. Apparently the enemy hates monsters. I suppose they aren't anyone we know, right? Oh hey, there's a king...who was really a monster this whole time. That being said, he doesn't seem too bad. That speed is likely going to lead him into being doubled before long, meaning he's going to need to travel very carefully as the game progress, but good starting magic & resistance scores means he's no slouch at dealing damage right out of the gate. Being a flyer gives him some utility too, allowing him to reach important points in a map before anyone else potentially. If one king wasn't enough, how about two? Fado's having none of this dying bullshit on his home turf and he too turned himself into a monster. Lots of move, acceptable bases. Should be able to help Hayden mop up the joint if needed. Just a reminder that Hayden isn't very tanky right now. Since I want to feed him as much experience as possible, I'm going to have to get a bit crafty. By crafty, I mean Fado stands in front of Hayden and trades his weapon away to him so he can act as a giant monster-esque wall to which the enemies will have to put in some serious work to break down. Like so. I've got six Vulneraries to burn so Fado can keep on tanking hits like this. Not much needs to be said about my strategy here. Hayden keeps plinking away while Fado uses a Vulnerary so he can keep up with his tanking duties. Repeat until Hayden drops the two nobodies. You know, assuming he can hit said nobodies in the first place. After a good 4-5 rounds of a giant eye nuking things, there's only the leader and...oh god that's another monster, haha. So I'm 3/3 on player units & bosses being monsters. I'd love to see this keep up honestly. In any case, O'Neill has a ton of speed, enough to double the two monster kings, but he's no stronger physically than his lackeys. All this means is that Fado will likely take 6 damage a round compared to 3 damage. Fado rushes forward into a forest and pops another Vulnerary as he's going to be tanking again. Monsters wanting to kill other monsters...oddly amusing to be honest. That high speed does mean O'Neill will be a bit tricky to hit, but luckily for Hayden, he nails both of his attacks over the next two turns, killing O'Neill. Considering he's gotten all the kills thus far, something else happens... Hayden's first level! Not that bad actually since he can now hit harder and be more accurate, two things he'll sorely need if that speed is anything to go by. Eirika really needs to lay off the drinks because monsters are appearing everywhere, but whatever, chapter 1 time now! Not much to say about the start here. Fado uses his turn to take back his Demon Surge weapon since I'm going to need him ready for offensive strikes if needed. Meanwhile, Hayden gets as close to the Soldier's attack range without being in it as he can. He'll take a hit most likely from the Fighter in the next enemy phase, but he'll be fine. I think he's even seeing through this whole farce...or maybe he's drunk too, who knows? You didn't miss much here. Just Hayden trading blows with that Fighter. Reinforcements for us, but obviously they aren't who they say they are. Oh hey Ephraim, fancy meeting you this early. Problem here is that his magic is abysmal and he's not that much faster than Hayden. Hopefully his growths don't disappoint. Please please please have awesome growths Saleh. Amazing bases, high move, and a flyer to top it all off. Ephraim's 2 magic just hurts him so badly. He needs to feed off of very low hp enemies if he wants to get anywhere. Saleh though kicks all kinds of ass. Give him some Vulneraries and he'll likely be able to fend for himself if needs to fly somewhere dangerous. Fado wipes out a Fighter while Hayden finishes off the Fighter he counterattacked last turn, picking up the same level he got in the prologue. Enemy phase highlight right here folks. Saleh promptly kills the foolish Soldier on his counterattack. Saleh still owns face as he continues to either ORKO or OHKO his opponents. He grabs a bit of an underwhelming level after counterkilling a Soldier, but whatever. Strong bases ensure he'll be pretty good up to at least lv8-10. Oh sure, more random mooks to slay. Going to let Ephraim lure in one Fighter and do some damage via a counterattack with everyone else out of range and ready to pounce on the enemy trio in the next turn. Some people can murder well enough. Others would murder if they could actually hit their targets. That's why Fado's here to correct said failure to murder. You didn't miss anything on the enemy phase aside from the Soldier & Ephraim trading blows. The Soldier is weak enough that Ephraim can finish him off on the next player phase, leaving only the boss to deal with. Another monster as a boss, fantastic. Too bad he sucks besides his modest hp total. Between just about everyone getting in some random hits for lulzs and unneeded rescue shenanigans (Fado rescued Saleh just in case someone wanted to attack the boss at melee range), the boss falls to an attack by Hayden who picks up another level. No magic in this one, but he gets some precious hp which is just as important. He then seizes on the next turn. Ephraim confirmed to be a secret agent working undercover without the girls noticing. That concludes this update. [spoiler=Growths & Comments (Hayden, Fado, Ephraim, Saleh)]Hayden's growths: Hp: 15% Luk: 20% Mag: 80% Def: 0% Skl: 100% Res: 80% Spd: 20% Eh, he's going to become more and more of a liability as the game progresses with those kind of hp & spd growths. Not as worried about him having no def growth as that simply means he'll need to ensure that there's no physical bearing enemies near him when he ends a turn. Fado's growths: Hp: 25% Luk: 30% Mag: 0% Def: 45% Skl: 60% Res: 95% Spd: 75% If there's a 0% in someone's growths, it had better not be in a stat they're going to need desperately. Fado clearly didn't get this. Hopefully the enemies don't get too resistance blessed later on. Alternatively, I get another Gorgon that rocks the house down the line. Ephraim's growths: Hp: 45% Luk: 35% Mag: 25% Def: 35% Skl: 55% Res: 70% Spd: 50% 2 magic with a 25% growth sucks, but his other growths aren't horrid. I guess I'll give him a chance and see if he gets enough lucky magic level ups for himself. May even consider promoting him if I don't run into a staff user quickly enough, just to have a staffbot available. Saleh's growths: Hp: 105% Luk: 50% Str: 25% Def: 0% Skl: 45% Res: 0% Spd : 15% Dammit Saleh, I thought we had something special going on here and you decide to have god awful strength & speed growths. Even so though, his fantastic bases coupled with flyer capabilities means he should stay relevant for awhile.
  14. So recently a bunch of screenshot LPs of FE8 using the new universal GBAFE randomizer have been popping up. I decided I wanted to do one too, but I wanted something more original, and not just the same old stuff. So I'm doing FE7 instead! Here are the settings I'll be using: Same settings Klok is using on his except I toned down the enemy growths a bit because FE7 is harder than FE8. I will be playing on Hector Hard Mode, recruiting every character that I can, and keeping everyone alive. I'll also be going for every Gaiden chapter except 19xx. Sidenote: I haven't actually played Hector mode before, or really any of the game past chapter 20, so my knowledge of those parts of the game will be vague at best. That just adds to the challenge though! Now let's get going! [spoiler=Chapter 11] And so it begins. Looks right. First chapter, and it's one I've never actually played. This should be fun. Uther doesn't want this game to happen apparently. First off we have Wallace the Shaman! He's replacing Hector. 4 move isn't great, and his stats are also pretty meh. That defense though. Wow. And of course he comes with two Lunas instead of a flux so he'll be doing five damage to everything ._. And Luna ways him down to 0 AS so pretty much anything faster than a snail will double him... Do I have to use this guy? Yes? Ok then. Hopefully his growths are stellar. Next we have...Hector actually. Mercenary replacing Matthew. 7 move is great and his stats are pretty nice as well. He can wield that Iron Sword just fine and he'd only lose 1 AS switching to steel. Plus he comes with keys since he replaced a thief. Definitely being used unless his growths suck balls. Here's the boss. He really outsteps my units. Thankfully he only has an Iron lance and I don't think he moves so Wallace can just Luna spam him. These enemies don't mess around, holy shit. Especially that knight, wow. This'll be a bit tough considering my only healing item are gonna be the couple of vulneraries some of the enemies drop. My plan is to bust down the wall, unlock this door with my key, and let the thief unlock the other door. Unfortunately it's gonna take me two turns to bust this wall down because Wallace is shit and can't do more than 5 damage. These two both attack the wall. Wallace will finish it off next turn. Positions after enemy phase. Offscreen is the thief, who's just below the bottom right pillar, the archer in the top left room, and the boss. Soldier was stupid and blocked the archer from attacking Hector. Wallace destorys the wall so Hector can attack. Hmmmmm... *Waits* Ummmm... Fuck. At least Wallace got a critical afterwards. So there is no way I'm gonna be able to beat this chapter like this. I may have set enemy growths too high. So here's what I want to ask you guys: Should I rerandomize with lower enemy growths? Or should I keep this randomization and try Hector normal mode instead? [spoiler=Resets] Game Overs (A character whose death results in a game over dies.) None yet Deaths (Another character dies.) Hector - Chapter 11 - Died to overpowered generic enemies.Also if someone could tell me how to look at a character's growths, that would be helpful.
  15. Okay, while FE Gaiden holds the spot as the first Zelda 2 for FE, I'm willing to bet FE Fates could be called the second one. First, by Zelda 2, I still mean good game, but that it will always be considered a black sheep when compared to its predecessor unless you share my opinion about FE Gaiden due to unusual design choices and fixing problems that weren't broken in the first place. See weapon durability and the weapon triangle, hot springs, and FE Amie It's no secret to say FE Awakening revived the series, and just like in Zelda 2, the decision for the sequel was to change the formula completely. We now have paid route splits, a completely revamped weapon triangle, and new weapon mechanics overall. Also of note, a large majority of mechanics seem to be taken from FE Gaiden the first FE Zelda 2 and improved upon see My Castle and weapon system. In conclusion, FE Fates is FE's second Zelda 2.
  16. Welcome to 1000 things to do in Walmart when you're bored.I saw this on another forum,which is still going strong,so I though why not bring my favourite game here,hm? Basically,you think of a think to randomly do in Walmart when you're bored.When it reaches 1000,it goes back down to 1. I'll start: 1:Tell the cashier/manager/whoever else works there that you're "Furious!Outraged!Sick with anger!" over the fact that they don't have something you want.
  17. So what if things were different in [insert franchise here]? What if Ash Ketchum won his first league? What if Ninian did not die? What if Ashnard was obsessed with unicorns? Here, we attempt to answer those questions! One person poses a what if question about a franchise, and the next poster says how things would be different if the question was true and poses their own! I'll get us started with: What if Micaiah used swords?
  18. Hi! Welcome to Motivational Quote(s) of the Day [spoiler=About Me] Most of the new guys probably don't know me, and most of the OLD guys probably won't remember me (liek if u cry everytiem) but well I joined the forest last year and was active until early this year before I went into a hiatus (needed to concentrate on real life). Granted I wasn't gone for that long, but it sure felt like a while, so Hello Serenes Forest! I hope to make great things with all of you! [spoiler=About This Topic] Recently I found out that many people have been experiencing depression (at least more than I expected), since I've been there (for quite a long time), I know how it feels like having a problem and not having a single clue about what to do. So I decided to create this topic. I know that a few quotes won't cure depression, but sometimes it gives you an idea about what to do and well, when you're depressed, it's generally things you never expected that helps the most. If this topic can help even 1 person cure depression, than I'd consider it a success. You may be asking, why did I create this here? Well I have 2 reasons. The first is because depressed people happens to be everywhere, I've met some here and I (and I hope you too) want to help them cure it. The second reason is actually a little personal, since this is the first forum I've ever joined, I want to do something here and this is what I came up with. Ever got those quotes which suddenly pops into your head? Or perhaps you're looking for motivation? Well, you've came to the right place! This place is where you can put (or find) the quotes of many people from all over the world! Of course, you can always make your own, just make sure it's motivating! [spoiler=Collected Quotes] "We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them." -Albert Einstein (posted by The Objection!) "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other." -Abraham Lincoln (posted by The Objection!) "So what if you mess up? Nothing we do in life is ever truly a waste." -Makoto's Boss from TWEWY (posted by Freohr Datia) "If you can dream, it you can do it. Always remember that this whole thing was started with a dream and a mouse." -Walt Disney (posted by The Objection!) "All that is gold does not glitter; Not all those who wander are lost." - John Ronald Reuel Tolkien (posted by Gaia) "Yes I am the Thierry now, I am their god, and I will do whassup because I am the King." -Thierry (posted by Parrhesia) (Meaning: Do what you want because no amount of haters can stop you.) "It doesn't matter if it takes a long time to wait. It will be done, sooner or later" -Anonymous (posted by JSND) "If you believe the possibility exists, then you should do whatever it takes." -Roy Mustang (Full Metal Alchemist) (posted by The Objection!) "I don't know the key to success, but I know the key to failure is trying to please everybody" -Bill Cosby (posted by AnonymousSpeed) "When life knocks you down, get back up, kindly smile at her and say "You hit like a bitch"." ~The one and only Hero-King* (posted by Sockmaster) *I'd write Marth but I'm not so sure that's something he'd say "It is better to be alone than in bad company." -George Washington (posted by The Objection!)
  19. I'm playing PoR on hard mode at the moment with random growths for the second time. I expected that random growths work like in other FE parts. The growths of the units influence their level ups. http://www.serenesforest.net/fe9/fixed.htm But in this run most of my level ups are extremly strange: Jill always level ups in magic instead of strength and defense, while Soren and Ilyana have ridiculous high strength growth. Level 19 Ilyana has almost as much strength (8) as Nephenee and Oscar (both 10). I know I could spend bexp to my units to prevent bad level ups or giving them status items, but I want to save them till the finale. And in general the level ups remind me on Shadow Dragon. Unlike in FE10 my units often get 2-3 stats in their level ups in average. The only ones good characters are Ike and Rolf at the moment. So my question is, if these growths/level ups are normal in FE9?
  20. Attention denizens of Serenes! Basically Horace and I are duking it again in a Nuzlocke where pretty much everything is randomized. Pokemon, pokemon types, pokemon learnsets, locations, TM compatibilty, stats and the like. Considering that it's gonna be hard, we might as well see how few deaths we'll get past with. Both of us have different randomized sets, so I can blame my loss on the fact his is better! Deaths Shin: 3 - Cerulean Horace: 1 - Cerulean [spoiler=Shin goes to Pewter!] What else did you expect? And who knows which Pokemon will be there? Not I! Not actually horrible choices. Considering we've made evolution random too, it would be safe to stick with something evolved! But that would be boring! Ha, take that Wigglytuff! Your ice typing is your downfall! GOD NO! I call hax. Just like with every other time I've lost to him! WHO TOLD YOU I DID POT. Oh well, it turns out that it sucks anyway! And it's a great source of XP! Speed Boost Rhydon would have been pretty bro however! He also has BONERANG. How did he find a Weedle in this MADNESS? Then I didn't catch this thing! Next time for the FOREST and BROCK.
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