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Found 29 results

  1. This will be a RP/Ironman Randomizer. Call me a lunatic. Chapter 1 The Knights of the Greataxe
  2. Hello Again everyone, since now my last LP/Challenge Run is over, I decided to take a break between games in order to not get frustrated and leave everything on the floor (Especially since the 3rd can be rage inducing if not careful). So instead I decided to do an side-series, which is.... Yeah, I'm going to start playing these babies randomized to see if things get too hectic (spoiler: they got really stupid as soon as the prologue). Since I'm using one of the best utility programs out there (Yune is a fantastic thing), here are the settings I choose: Growths & Bases: Going here full random since I want units really different from the original cast (especially when it comes to parenting). Assign Holy Blood: I like this mechanics, so I went full yolo and gave everyone holy blood to see if wild things happen later down the line while also messing up the bonuses for more options later down the line Skills: This is really important because I want actual options when it comes to choose pairings, so everyone has the same chances to get really wacky stuff (outside of pursuit with a really nice 50% chance per skill roll). I turn off Charge, Renewal, Paragon and Bargain because those are either too useful, powerful or an actual nuisance to deal with (I'm looking at you charge). Classes: Everyone's outside of dancers is in the blender so of course there's a good chance I need to deal with Julius without Narga. Children Options: Since the 2nd Generation will have it easy with all the inheritance I decided to have them randomized too in order to reduce my advantage (this option just only check if the kid have a weapon that share his parent, so people with a parent in the master knight class can be whatever). Holy Blood: I went shuffle because getting the same holy weapons is a bummer (Also, the legendary weapons have random bonuses so that's a thing to watch out too). Shops/Conversation Gifts: I went ahead and tailor that depending of the party since I want to actually beat this game. Enemies Table: Everything is randomized, so I can be ambushed by the whole church or assault a kingdom of princesses at the drop of a hat, so be prepared for some weird stuff. Promotions: Everyone can be anything, so expect shit like Noish tossing his horse in order to ride a dragon or Fury chopping her ride's wing since she has nausea. Buff Enemies: 50% growths for every enemies and a 25% chance for each enemy to spawn something outright painful....I'm feeling good about this one (Famous Last Words - 2019). Forced Holy Weapon: I hope I don't get something as dumb as Thorhammer frying my team as soon as CH2 pops in. I went against randomized the rings just because I don't want something as dumb as having two bargain/pursuit rings to abuse. With these out of the way, let's start our journey into the alternate Jugdral: Prologue, Part 1 - Jungby
  3. Hello everyone and welcome to my play through of fire emblem 8 randomized just so you know this is taking heavy inspiration from the monikers old lets plays on this site i am using the fire emblem 8 self randomizer made by circles everywhere but thats enough talk lets get started prologue prelude eirika is bad thats all for this update next time we start playing the game
  4. Von Plays Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade (Hector Normal) (Randomized) Introduction Hello everyone! So I'm going to try my hand at a randomized Let's Play of Blazing Blade. This'll give me something else interesting to do while I think about Support chain ideas for Sanctaea Chronicles. Here are my settings. It won't be anything too crazy, I don't think. I'm not going to randomize items. It's too bad characters in originally gender-locked classes won't be able to use new sprites. I guess we'll just have to pretend they're in drag. So yeah... I think that's all I have to say for this intro. Anyway, let's give this thing a spin!
  5. I've been bored out of my mind lately and I've decided to start a let's play of FE7 instead. Notes I'd like to throw in: I did not save a backlog of the changes, but you will see some varying weapon types and changes throughout the run. Palettes will be altered so that they don't look like garbage. That's pretty much all. Onto the run itself!
  6. (This is for those who have finished or are doing a randomized run of Fe7) This is the first forum I started, so it might be kind of rough, but stick with me. So anyways, the way you do the logs is you say the chapter your on (please State if your on Hector or Eliwood mode. It might get kinda confusing other wise), the units your using and there classes and growth rates. For the units your not using, State there class and why your not using them wether it be you just dislike them, they have a bad growth rate, or something else. I'll do a log of my progress as an example: Current Chapter: Chapter 3 Units I'm using: Lyn (Mage): Growth rates are 10% Hp, 80% mag, 30% skl, 90% spd, 115% luck, 5% def and res Kent (Hector Lord): Growth rates are 65% Hp, 75% str, 40% skl, 30% spd, 10% luck, 70% def,5% res Sain (Thief): Growths are 5% hp, 60% str, 45% skl, 20% spd, 100% luck, 30% def, 35% res Florina (Dancer): Growths are 75% hp, 5% str/mag, 20% skl, 80% spd, 20% luck, 45% def, 65% res Units I'm not using: Wil: Everyone of his growths except spd, def and res are 15% and under Dorcas: Has a 5% in every growth rate except for str, skl, spd, and luck.
  7. okay so in my FE7 randomized playthrough, i ran into a rather bad issue. When i beat chapter 15, and i did with a green solider alive to give me the option to go to chapter 16x, I would- upon getting the option, have either yes or no. Now this is normal but it would become a black screen forever. any thoughts and tips on how to fix this? thank you for reading this if you have. i think the only thing that could have lead to this glitch could possibly be that Lucious became dart and it messed up, but i find that highly unlikely to be the cause of the glitch I have learned that even if i try to suspend the game, then it goes to a blackscreen
  8. And, I'm back with a new randomizer because my old one's save stopped working. I'm not going to bother with a long intro, so I'm just going to start again right away. Also the format for the spoiler tags is: top-screenshots/commentary middle-new units/unit ratings bottom-level ups And here's the settings I used. The growth randomization was a bit more extreme
  9. NOTE: Thread abandoned due to technical reasons, and the new thread/randomizer will be up shortly, and I'll link it when it's up. I promise I won't forget about/abandon this randomizer like just about every other one I've done. Welcome to my randomizer of Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade. It doesn't seem to be as popular as FE7 in the way of randomizers, so I figured I'd give it a try. This also happens to be my first time playing FE6 for the long run in general, so that should make this even more interesting. Here's to hoping it doesn't end up rendering this unwinnable as a result of not being able to get the Divinestone because of Fae being randomized. GENERAL RULE OF THUMB FOR STRUCTURE: First spoiler box is screenshots, second is growths/rating and commentary, third is level ups in the map. Without further ado, let's do this. Chapter 1
  10. 4 new videos for you all! In Part 6, we kill some bandits in the mountains for Chapter 5. Part 7 has us facing off against the traitorous Wagner in the easiest chapter yet. Parts 8, 9, and eventually 10 will have us going up against the dreaded Chapter 7. Man, I'm really starting to feel those increased growths, these Wyvern Knights are roided out and it's still so early in the campaign. [spoiler=All Videos] Part 1 - Raigh of Hope - Chapter 1 Part 2 - Raighdiant Dawn - Chapter 2 Part 3 - Raighzor's Edge - Chapter 3 Part 4 - Raighning Arrows [1] - Chapter 4 Part 5 - Raighning Arrows [2] - Chapter 4 Part 6 - Over the Mountain Raighnge - Chapter 5 Part 7 - Betraighal - Chapter 6 Part 8 - "Chapter 7" [1] - Chapter 7 Part 9 - "Chapter 7" [2] - Chapter 7 [spoiler=Our Elite Fighting Squad] Here's our crack team of randomized individuals FT. Dorothy the Pegasus Trash Lord Deke the Warrior Ellen the Thief Ogier the Archer Raigh the Man Mercenary Fir the Shaman Wendy the Archer Allen the Cleric Klain the Wyvern Rider Treck the Brigand Niime the Nomad Clarine the Mage (F) Tate the Myrmidon (F) Juno the Archer Lilina the Archer Bartre the Archer (F) Miledy the Thief Igrene the Mage Noah the Berserker Fae the Warrior Rutger the Mage
  11. Hey all, so i have another noob question, but how can I (if i can) make a randomized map in mappy? i usually make them by hand, but creating large mountain ranges that look good are a little beyond me... Thanks!
  12. Hello one and all to my randomized playthrough of Fire Emblem 6. I'll be going through the whole game on normal mode with 10% growths on enemies to make it more challenging. I will not be including the story in this run, mainly because I don't really care for it and the other reason being it's a randomized run and the dialogue wouldn't make much sense anyways. I have also randomized Recruitment and Classes which means our Roy could be anyone or even himself! Every character and boss will have randomized classes which could make the last boss a little interesting (unless the randomizer doesn't change the final boss). Anyways, let's get straight into this amazing game! [spoiler=The Characters!] Hp:85% S/M:45% Skl:40% Spd:45% Lck:40% Def:25% Res:10% Oh for crud sakes. Allen, the Troubadour who will be our Lord for this playthrough. Hp:90% S/M:40% Skl:40% Spd:30% Lck:35% Def:20% Res:15% Deke, the Manakete, I'm surprisingly okay with this. Hp:75% S/M:30% Skl:45% Spd:30% Lck:40% Def:30% Res:10% Noah, the Priest. I can see him being useful for a little while, but with our main lord being a healer I don't see the need for two. Hp:85% S/M:50% Skl:45% Spd:45% Lck:35% Def:15% Res:15% Speaking of unnecessary characters, Dorothy, the Soldier. Hp:60% S/M:40% Skl:45% Spd:45% Lck:15% Def:15% Res:50% Saul, the Wyvern Rider. Look at that speed! He'll most certainly be useful for now. Hp:60% S/M:55% Skl:40% Spd:30% Lck:20% Def:20% Res:55% For now also really applies to this character. Sophia, the Knight. [spoiler=The Battle] Turn 1: -Everyone huddles around Deke because none of my other troops can take down these axe wielders -Saul gets attacked for 5 damage, but Saul then crits and kills the bandit - Deke the Manakete everybody Turn 2: -Deke then kills another bandit -On Enemy Phase Deke kills another Bandit a Deke level tbh Turn 3: -Saul kills the Archer -Saul then kills the Brigand on Enemy Phase (I may have slightly underestimated Saul) Turn 4: -Dorothy gets the 5000 gold that was obviously never going to be needed by that village -Saul and Deke proceed to kill 3 Bandits Saul getting a pretty good level up Turn 5: -Allen and Company continue towards the boss Turn 6: -Saul kills another Bandit Defense! Turn 7: ​​-Deke kills the Boss Okay, this doesn't mean anything. He can still turn out good. -Allen Seizes Well then. I must say that I didn't expect some of those units to be there and I am quite pleased actually. Allen may just be the best Lord I could've gotten considering my horrible track record of killing healers. Hope enjoyed reading this first chapter and feel free to comment below telling me what I did wrong and what I should try to do next! (I'm not looking at this, but here is the changelog FE6 Changelog.html ) Death Counter: 2
  13. At this point in time, I'm finishing up my Randomized Fire Emblem 6 LP. I'm also done with the Illa route and then I'll be in Bern. I've decided that since I'm almost done with my LP, I might as well live stream the ending. I'll be live streaming my playthrough of what's left this Friday at 5:30 P.M. EST with a co-commentator or 2. I hope to see you there!
  14. As you might know, I will be finishing my Randomized Fire Emblem 6 Let's Play soon. However, at the time I want to play some other games besides just that. I have a poll that I want you guys to vote on. You can also post on this forum what other games you would like to see me play! I hope you guys vote a lot for which you would want to see me play and I hope to see you all and more in the near future! :) Here is the link to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtD_gACSlGrSaDyxtNeGTw Here is the link to my Randomized Fire Emblem 6: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLse8DG1LjyttsJzVidFColEnsbhV09H5l
  15. Its time I start a new Fire Emblem Randomized Run! This time around, I'm going to be Let's Playing Fire Emblem: The Binding Blade, but have it be randomized. I've increased the growth rates of all enemies exactly by 20%! Its going to be pretty challenging! Here is a link to my playlist. I'm going to be getting this LP done as fast as possible and always have a Co-Commentater on for each episode(mostly): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLse8DG1LjyttsJzVidFColEnsbhV09H5l Here is a link to my channel. I got other stuff there as well and you can even suggest other FE LP's and ROM Hack LP's to me if you want: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOtD_gACSlGrSaDyxtNeGTw
  16. So I recently just finished my randomized run of FE8 and decided to give the Tower of Valni a try and see if anybody you get from there is randomized, as you can see the answer is no. Then I looked at Caellachs stats. In this run he was randomized into a Mage Knight. Now he's a Hero that has 19 magic and can use tomes and staves. Anybody know the reason for this? I used this randomizer btw: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55809
  17. I am going to be starting a Fire Emblem 7 Randomized Run on Hector Normal Mode with 15% increased growth rates. I wanted you guys and anyone who comes across this trend and poll to vote for my randomized characters. This will make my run more harder and more fun for me. I will be checking the poll and trend after a certain amount of time. I will be keeping you all updated on how the run goes, what level the top characters are, and if/who died on what chapter. I thank you all for voting on this poll and I very excited to start this next run!
  18. [♥Klokinator♥ Senpai quote] Welcome to Fire Emblem 8: Hella Awesome Lightning Boots! ([H.A.L.B.] For short) This is a randomized and edited version of FE8. It was edited by Klokinator and features a number of gimmicks, though the editing is not at the level of FE7CM, and this hack is unrelated to FE8CM. Don't get it twisted. Here are the settings used for this hack: -Every character in every class, player and enemy, has 9 movement. The exception is the Demon King. -Weapon effects wasn't checked in this image, but I did check it in reality. Every weapon has a very high chance to add any 1 extra effect, such as poison, unlimited uses, a stat boost, or even the Devil effect. Watch out! -Character classes, their recruitment order, their growths are all totally randomized, and boss classes are also randomized. Character bases are also randomized, though to a smaller degree. -Every enemy and every boss has had their growths increased up to 100%. Some enemies will be very difficult, though this is subjective as I've allowed the tower and ruins grinding as needed. -Items are also randomized, though to a lesser degree. Initially I wanted to edit descriptions for the LPers but since FEditor is borked after randomizing, that won't happen. The goal of this LP is to try out a new gimmick (All units with 9 movement) but also to show off the all new (not really) WIP FE8 Randomizer Fix Patch! If you guys want to randomize with Otaku's randomizer, apply my patch and randomize! (In that order, please) Important fixes include monster weapons displaying stats properly and Eirika always being able to wield the Rapier (Provided her class can wield swords). Also if you randomize her position around (As I did) then the new not-lord won't but that's beside the point. The LPers can play Ephraim or Eirika route, though Eirika route is recommended since I have not playtested Ephraim's. Each LPer has a list of three units. They MUST use all three. They cannot use any units assigned to other LPers. These units appear at random intervals throughout the game. The LPers are only required to use the units on non-Ruins/Tower chapters. (Ie: Main story) and can grind them up if needed. Any units not listed can be used by everyone without limits. Here are the unit lists: [1] The Trifecta of Terror: Neimi, Amelia, Gerik [TAKEN BY TEQUILA] [2] Lords of Chaos: Moulder, Rennac, Duessel [TAKEN BY ECLIPSE] [3] Where's Gerik?: Innes, Tethys, Marisa [AUTO ASSIGNED TO MR. NIGHT] [4] Hardcore Heroes: Forde, Natasha, Saleh [TAKEN BY MONIKER] [5] Strength Without Power: L'Arachel, Ephraim, Tana [TAKEN BY KIRIE] Watch out for the demon king, and may the best LPer... win? I guess?[/quote] That wall of text is the rules we will be following in this massive LP. My role is to be the jaded dark hero constantly cursing his teammates for choosing better teams while I was snoozing. (best sleep I have had in awhile) Plus is not like I hate marisa or anything. First things first, I am changing that lame ass team name to Creeping Shadows, because we already know where Gerik is, he is on Tequlia's team. My girls ain't gon be riding that fuck boi Geriks nuts this time with that weak ass lizard hair. So new team name. Second, here are what the colors mean when we check stats. This is to help y'all out, it's not like I didn't know what they were and kept f-f-forgetting. Stop staring at me like that. b-b-baka! Grey = Fucking terrible White/Light Red = Pretty bad Orange = Average Blue = Pretty great Glowing green = 100%+ Third, won't be anything any extra rules because I fucked myself already. Will explain more in the LP. So without further ado, let's get this shit started.
  19. It's been like half a year since my last randomized FE, and my burnout on the series is over. I will be playing FE7, like with my fist two randomizer attempts, though this time I'm going to be more confident, and since I'm using OtakuReborn's randomizer instead of the older two, so I can do a lot more randomized stuff. First update in next post. Let's do this. This will probably make me want to end it all with some units, but whatever. Only didn't do randomized recruitment because I don't know which unit to recruit which unit with, unlike Sacred Stones.
  20. So, since I already started this, putting the introductory message in spoilers. [spoiler=Old stuff]Hey! I was just wondering how many people of you were interested in me doing a Screenshot let's play of Fire Emblem 7 Randomized. I haven't seen a lot of randomized Let's play these days, and since a lot of them are of Fire Emblem 8, I've decided to do it of Blazing Sword or whatever you want to call it. I know that almost no one knows me here because I'm rather new, I was some months on inactivity because I was tired of Fire Emblem, so I want people to know me by doing Let's Plays in my free time (right now I'm on holidays) I really think doing screenshot!Let's Play it's like my hidden forte, or maybe it's just me, but I think I'll do it fine! Also please keep in mind English is not my native language so I may have some errors in my grammar, please bear with me if that happens :P Now, there's something I would like to ask to the people that are watching this Let's Play. I'm very aware that at the start this is pretty boring, I mean the main purpose of Lyn's mode is serving as a tutorial, however, I don't want to skip those 10 chapters since y'know, this is a randomizer, different stuff happens. Things will get funnier in Eliwood/Hector mode! Anyways, I realized that there are so little people actually giving a (...) about this, and thus, the thing I wanted to ask is: What would YOU (yes, the one who's reading this) want ME to do? Since this is a public let's play, I want to hear what does the people want to see. There are a lot of randomizer let's plays hanging in the forums, so I want this to be a little different. So, if you want to help me to make this Let's Play unique and to have more people watching this, give ideas! Make this harder! Or funnier! Whatever interesting idea crosses your mind! Everything that can make this LP unique helps! And if you feel like a nice person, share this with the people you know, that would be AWESOME! [spoiler=Settings] (Yeah, not randomizing MOV because meh) So, HOW MANY COMMENTS CAN WE GET?! If I get enough comments about doing it, I'll start tomorrow! Or at least I will try to, if I don't forget, that is! Well, be sure to leave a comment, and I'll see you later!
  21. Of course I am getting in on all this FE8 action. Also no savestates, got to restart every time I die. So let's jump in shall we? Deaths: Ross Lord +1 Growths I am off to a great start it seems.
  22. There's been a huge spate of people doing randomized FE8 LPs on Serenes' Forest after Klok started one, But I'm noticing a painful dearth of other games... So, I'm going to try one myself! I actually started this LP on imgur because I couldn't figure out how to insert the screenshots, so the first three updates are going to be transposed from there. I think I get it now, though - so without further ado, let me introduce: FIRE EMBLEM SEVEN : RANDOMIZED! I'm using the Universal GBA FE Randomizer by OtakuReborn; you can find it here: http://serenesforest.net/forums/index.php?showtopic=55809&page=1 These are my settings. Seeing how characters would fare if they had been placed in different classes is one of the things I like most about randomizers, so I'm not randomizing anything except for classes, affinities, and recruitment. I'm actually not the biggest fan of random recruitment either, but I'm figuring it'll make for an interesting run. Anyways, the odds are in my favour that this'll mean getting Nino early! (I never really caught up with the tier-making fanbase's switch from growths-favouring to bases-favouring, so expect to see me babying weak units and neglecting prepromotes a lot .) I didn't randomize Thieves because I hate leaving resources un-plundered, and I didn't buff enemies because I'm not good enough at this game yet to need extra challenge. Let's jump right in! [spoiler=Prologue and Chapter One] I'm going from Lyn hard mode to either Eliwood hard or Hector normal. I've never played through Hector mode, so I kind of want to try it, but Eliwood mode is more proof against getting screwed by the randomizer in the first few chapters. Don't expect me to cover the story cutscenes. The point of a randomizer playthrough is extra gameplay for people who already know the game, and anyways, I find it jarring to have characters talking in cutscenes that don't exist in my party. Is... is that...? It is! Hector Lord Lyn! This is gonna be great, I can just feel it! Lyn's new palette seems pretty nice. Batta never stood a chance. Speed and defense... Could be better, but I'll take it. I'll also have to screenshot levels a bit later than I did here, it looks like... From what I've heard, Lyn mode characters don't get randomized recruitment, because they're actually different versions of themselves from the ones you get in Eliwood/Hector mode, so that's why nobody's been replaced by a different character so far. Annnd here are my new Kent and Sain! Funnily enough, I've had both of these versions of them before - in my first randomized run, which used Ephraim and Klok's randomizer and is currently stalled at BBD, had Troubadour Kent, and more recently I tried starting a run that got Female Archer Sain. At least this time Sain didn't spawn with a Ballista... I'm rather liking the utility of Kent's inventory here, it's a pity it'll get wiped at the end of Lyn mode. I had Lyn weaken the bandit so that Sain could finish it, and this is the thanks I get? Kent doesn't look too bad as a troubadour. That's better. It's good to know that first miss was just a fluke, and now Sain's gonna be his (her?) usual awesome self... right? ...Of course not. Operation Feed Sain Kills is not going as planned, thanks to her (his?) stupid poison bow and its terrible accuracy... At least I have an earlygame healer to make up for it. That's right, Lyn, keep luring them in... -sigh- S/he can't even kill this one if s/he hits! Sain, why would you do this to me? Annnd EXP is lost to Sain's poison bow... blast. Alright, Sain, you get one more chance... Screw it, I'm giving Lyn the kill instead. Here are our stats against the Nino-boss. Guess I'll give Sain one more shot at redemption... Huh, Zugu's palette isn't half bad. Sain, you're not supposed to be this disappointing! ...At least this might do something about that hit-rate... [spoiler=Premonition: A Glimpse of Friends to Come] I decided to make a little mini-update to show off our other two Lords so that you can select which route I'll be taking! Let's take a sneak peek at our first option, Eliwood Hard Mode. So we have a thief, a mage, an assassin, and a soldier. You're only going to learn about the thief for now, though, as everyone on this screen will join in chapter two of Hector's route, making all but our new Lord unimportant to the big decision. Besides, I have to keep up /some/ suspense, don't I? It's Jaffar! And he's looking awfully tough, too. I mean, just look at that! Only level 1, and four out of six stats are already in the double digits! While having a thief lord could be interesting, and chapter one on this route is less likely to potentially screw me over, it obviously means less chapters. Now for the other possibility, Hector Normal Mode. Sorry, HHM fans, but I like my sanity. ...Somehow I have a feeling that I won't be worrying for a lack of thieves this playthrough. It's none other than the legendary Sword Demon, here to bathe his blade in the blood of our... uh... our... banes? Nah, I can't think of a way to keep that alliteration going. Anyways, if you thought Jaffar was strong, well... it appears Karel isn't one to be outclassed. Maybe I should have buffed the enemies a little, after all... Ah, well. Karel will definitely be able to promote earlier than Jaffar could, and he's got a nifty 60-use weapon for us! He also has 10s or better across the board. He might have a bit of trouble with those pesky lance-users, though... Which route will I be going? you decide! Should I go Jaffar Hard at the expense of a few chapters and two characters, or should I go Karel Normal and hope like heck that I can get my hands on some dough? (...get it? Since one of the Hector mode exclusive characters is Fari-never mind, it was dumb.) Just vote at the poll here: http://strawpoll.me/5105764 I /would/ make it a poll on this thread, but I already have upwards of 20 votes on this one, and I'm afraid things would just get mixed up if I tried to use both. Don't get too worried about taking a while to decide, though - I won't be counting up the results until the end of Lyn Mode. Of course, constructive criticism and feedback are appreciated! There's just one more update to transpose from imgur, but it's the longest one yet, so it may take a little while.
  23. I recently tried out the FE Randomizer program, and below is a collection of images from my run for FE7. I didn't want to upload a full blown LP, but I still wanted to share some of my experiences. As for the settings, I pretty much randomized everything, including items. My settings were roughly as follows: Growth Variance: 100 Base Variance: 10 CON Variance: 10 with a Min of 5 MOV ranged from 5-9 Might Variance: 10 with a Min of 5 Hit Variance: 100 with a Min of 80 Crit Variance: 50 with a Min of 0 Weight Variance: 10, ranged from 1 to 20 Durability Variance: 49 with a Min of 50 Allow Random Traits (Best part of the item randomizer imo) Here are some of the units I ended up bringing to the endgame, in no particular order. [spoiler=Units] Hawkeye was a boss in my run. He was the Oswin replacement and started out with a base of 26 luck! Plus, he came with a 50 use iron ballista! (3-15 range lol, see weapons images) Growths: HP: 20 STR: 30 SKL: 55 SPD: 55 DEF: 40 RES: 45 LCK: 5 Priscilla's replacement. Yeah that 12 Magic sucks, but I think you can guess why I brought her to the endgame...(see weapons spoiler) Growths: HP: 30 STR: 15 SKL: 40 SPD: 90 DEF: 70 RES: 55 LCK: 5 One of my best units from start to finish. He replaced Dorcas and came with some pretty awesome bases (30 HP, 7 MAG, 16 SKL, 8 SPD, 11 LCK, 7 DEF, 11 RES) Growths: HP: 5 STR: 85 SKL: 20 SPD: 90 DEF: 55 RES: 20 LCK: 5 The Jeigan/Marcus of my run. She had moderate bases, but a good class and good growths overall. The game threw tons of axe users at me (I used 3 Berserkers, 1 Great Lord, and there were 2 Fighters and a Pirate on my bench.) Growths: HP: 65 STR:55 SKL: 40 SPD: 65 DEF:45 RES: 10 LCK: 20 Bartre/Hector also had pretty good growths aside from HP obviously. Growths: HP: 25 STR:90 SKL: 45 SPD: 85 DEF:50 RES: 40 LCK: 45 I used Kent's sub for a pretty good portion of early/midgame due to her uber bases, but had to drop her later due to that lackluster STR. Growths: HP: 125 STR:5 SKL: 80 SPD: 50 DEF:10 RES: 5 LCK: 5 Florina's sub had pretty good bases, so I used her as my primary sword user for a large portion of the run. Growths: HP: 85 STR:25 SKL: 50 SPD: 5 DEF:70 RES: 5 LCK: 90 Argh Renault, why'd you bring over your crappy STR from vanilla FE7?! Legault's replacement had pretty good bases, and I needed a flier, so I had to make do with him for a while. He wasn't useless due to being a flying tank and the fact that 20 MT spears existed. Growths: HP: 5 STR:5 SKL: 40 SPD: 75 DEF:80 RES: 35 LCK: 5 Farina's sub. It took a bit of effort to train him, but he was the best flier/lance user I had. Growths: HP: 65 STR:40 SKL: 35 SPD: 25 DEF:30 RES: 35 LCK: 10 Probably my best axe user. I ended up bringing him as my axe main to the final chapter. He came with some sick bases, with most of them in the midteens. Growths: HP: 105 STR:25 SKL: 45 SPD: 5 DEF:30 RES: 45 LCK: 30 I ended up dropping Ninian for this guy, the Hawkeye replacement. He had enough base STR and SKL to nullify his abysmal growths there. Growths: HP: 50 STR:5 SKL: 5 SPD: 80 DEF:95 RES: 80 LCK: 20 Blah. Hector's sub really didn't do much until after promotion due to his horrid bases and combo of low MAG/SPD early on. (16 HP, 2 MAG, 3 SPD, 0 LCK...ugh) He became useful when I was able to procure a Bolting Tome for him. Growths: HP: 5 STR:40 SKL: 50 SPD: 50 DEF:25 RES: 45 LCK: 45 [spoiler=Weapons] Doesn't seem special at first glance. Actually, it took me until the mid 20 chapters before I realized it had a brave effect! Whee, infinite use brave weapons are always fun! This was one of the most useful swords in the game. It has a hidden lancereaver effect as well. Silver swords aren't too bad either with 21 MT, 106 HIT, 25 CRT and 2 WT, but 1-2 range is far more useful. Infinite use bolting? Yes please! And I got two of these suckers to play with hehe. Probably the best S ranked weapon I got. It might even be better than FE4's legendary weapons due to actually having a brave effect this time! This was hands down the most useful weapon of the run, considering I had it right from the beginning. I used 2 of my Hammerne staff charges on this sucker. I don't think I would've been able to save Pent's replacement in the desert without this weapon. You'll see why at the end of this section. This doesn't look like anything special, until you realize it has an Eclipse effect. Normally Eclipse effects kinda suck since you can only whittle half of your enemy's HP and you can't crit nor double. But due to the innate brave effect, plus this extra effect...you basically OHKO every enemy in the game! Probably the most OP weapon in the entire game. The crit effect is wasted though; it would've been nice if that was added to its hit rate. I used my last Hammerne charge on this weapon, for obvious reasons. Now imagine this weapon with 1-2 range, infinite uses, and a unit with the Ambush Skill from FE5...*drools* OMG, this is probably the 2nd most OP weapon of the run. Ignore res, with uber crit, and...a brave effect!!! Besides, you get like 3 or 4 of these in the game...so yeah haha. These suckers caused me to restart a lot, and if I didn't have that iron ballista, there's no way I could've saved Pent's sub in the desert from the Luna shaman. This weapon pretty much was the reason why Fiora was a viable endgame unit despite her paltry 12 MAG. Other Notes: -One of my lords was a monk but I didn't get to promote him until way too late due to the fact I got my only thief on Night of Farewells >.< Ironically, I didn't get any S ranked light tomes in the Final Chapter, so I guess not having an S ranked light user turned out to be a blessing in disguise. -Having 2 infinite use boltings and an iron ballista really helped me out a lot. This run would've been much more difficult, perhaps impossible (in the sense of recruiting everyone, especially in the desert and Night of Farewells) without these weapons. -Luna shamans were the bane of my existence lol. I probably died like 10+ times because I forgot about them. -Lances got shafted in this run. Steel lances, Emblem lances, Javelins, and Short Spears all had the Eclipse effect. Only the Spear and Brave Lance were useful, but I didn't get many of those. Steel lances were annoying though since they had super high hit rates, so it was rarely a good idea to throw your best unit into a pack of 8 of them.
  24. Due to large amounts of peer pressure, I've decided to join in the bandwagon and make a FE8 playthrough as well! But this is no ordinary playthrough...in my epic suicidalness, I have randomized EVERYTHING!!!! Here are my insane settings :3 The chances of me being heavily RNG screwed are incredibly high, but screw it, I'M INSANE! (part 1 coming tomorrow) COMING SOON: INCREDIBLY BROKEN WEAPONS! POSSIBLY GOOD OR BAD GROWTHS! INSANITY IN GENERAL! this is my first ever LP so I'm probably going to fail a lot at many things :c​
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